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Easily add to your Valentine’s day decorations with these DIY Valentines Garland ideas. Whether you’re decorating for a party or to create a romantic atmosphere, these adorable heart garland craft tutorials are sure to inspire you to create decor you’ll love.

DIY Valentine Garlands

No sewing machine or crazy craft skills are required to make these DIY garland projects. You’ll most likely have everything on the supply list in your craft stash!

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Where do I find the supplies for these DIY projects?

You can find a variety of Valentine-themed supplies from the Dollar Store, Dollar Tree, Hobby Lobby, Joanns, or online on Amazon. Some of the supplies you may already have on hand, which would cut out any extra cost. Think construction paper, scrapbook paper, paper hearts in different colors, pom poms, and paper heart doilies. Not to mention, each idea below comes with a materials list.

Keep reading to see how fun and simple it is to make your own DIY Valentine’s Day decoration!

Learn how to make Valentine’s Day garland the easy way!

Spread the love with this easy and colorful DIY Heart Garland for Valentine's Day. It's a sweet little way to show a little love in your home!

This DIY Felt Valentine Garland is super easy to make. At first, it looks like you’ll need to get out your sewing machine out, but you actually use glue, felt pieces, and polyfill stuffing. You can also add some felt balls for to finish off the look.

DIY Heart Garland

Although most of the garland ideas I rounded up feature hearts, these are ones that feature heart decoration only.

1. Conversation Heart Garland

Conversation Heart Garland

Source: Conversation Heart Garland by Clarks Condensed

Create your own “life-size” conversation hearts and turn them into a colorful banner for your mantel space.

2. Twine Wrapped Heart Garland

Twine Wrapped Heart Garland

Source: Twine Wrapped Heart Garland by West Magnolia Charm

This twine-wrapped heart garland is perfect if you’re looking for decor to match a farmhouse theme. It can also stay up long after Valentine’s Day!

3. Vintage Heart Garland

Valentine Tassel Garland

Source: Vintage Heart Garland by My Tuesday Therapy

Using old hymnal pages, book pages, and the like is a quick way to add a vintage look to your Valentine decor. These are cut and assembled onto a piece of yarn for a raindrop-style finished look.

4. Braided Yarn Heart Garland

Braided Yarn Heart Garland

Source: Braided Yarn Heart Garland by A Wonderful Thought

Don’t worry if you haven’t crocheted or knitted before. You’ll find a step-by-step tutorial that will walk you through creating this beautifully braided yarn heart garland.

Valentine Garland Made with Different Materials

Think felt balls, pom poms, and tassels.

1. Valentine Felt Ball Garland

Valentine Felt Ball Garland

Source: Valentine Felt Ball Garland by Joyful Derivatives

A combination of felt balls and hearts come together to create a pink and white garland that would be perfect for a party backdrop or to decorate your fireplace mantel.

2. Heart and Pom Pom Garland

Heart and Pom Pom Garland

Source: Heart and Pom Pom Garland by First Day of Home

Learn how to make big stitches to create a beautiful set of hearts that will be paired together with pom poms for a heart and pom pom garland you’ll love.

3. Valentine Rag Garland

Valentine Rag Garland

Source: Valentine Rag Garland by My Tuesday Therapy

If you have leftover Valentine-themed ribbons and rags, don’t throw them away. Instead, tie them together onto a piece of twine (or string) to create a cute rag garland.

4. Clay Heart Garland

Clay Heart Garland

Source: Clay Heart Garland by Life on Summerhill

Making clay hearts is a project you can do with your kids in tow. You can choose to keep the hearts neutral colored or paint them.

5. Valentine Tassel Garland

Valentine Tassel Garland

Source: Valentine Tassel Garland by Sweet Rose and Wren

This Valentine tassel garland adds an amazing farmhouse feel and touch to your home. It’s put together with wood beads and a gold and white beaded garland for a trifecta look.

6. Fabric Heart Garland

Fabric Heart Garland

Source: Fabric Heart Garland by Cutesy Crafts

This garland is so easy to make. All you need are swatches of fabric in different Valentine patterns. They’ll be cut out with pattern scissors before being fed onto a red rope.

More DIY Valentines Garland Ideas

These Valentine’s banners and garland are just as unique as they are cute!

1. Love Letter Garland

Love Letter Garland

Source: Love Letter Garland by Mikyla Creates

How cute are these mini love letters? And the cool thing about them is they are made with felt! They are “sealed” over the black and white rope for a cute finished look.

2. Glittery & Graphic Heart Garland

Glittery and Graphic Heart Garland

Source: Glittery & Graphic Heart Garland by I Should be Mopping the Floor

Make a bold statement of love by making a glittery and graphic heart garland. This is perfect for a Galentine party.

3. Gift Bag Heart Garland

Dollar Store Gift Bag Valentine Garland

Source: Gift Bag Heart Garland by The Crazy Craft Lady

Instead of tossing your gift bags, turn them into a gift bag heart garland. This is an inexpensive refurb craft. And if you don’t have any gift bags on hand, you can find them at Dollar Tree.

4. Valentine Garland Paper Craft

DIY Simple Valentine Garland Paper Craft

Source: Valentine Garland Paper Craft by The Crazy Craft Lady

Looking for another craft you can make with kids? This Valentine garland paper craft is the one to try!

5. Tassels & Hearts Garland

Tassels and Hearts Garland

Source: Tassels & Hearts Garland by Hometalk

This unique DIY heart garland features a row of tassels, wood beads, and hearts facing sideways, all connected to make a triple Valentine garland.


Pretty Valentine Heart Garlands


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