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DIY Simple Valentine Garland Paper Craft

It seems like we are barely wound down from Christmas, and I’m already seeing some super cute Valentine’s Day crafts on Pinterest.  Don’t get me wrong, I am still adamantly opposed to most instances of holiday creep.  But in this case, I’m pretty OK with it.

I’m ready to fast forward through the rest of January.  The first couple of weeks for 2015 have been rough. I don’t think we have had a complete, healthy family since before the 1st.  Seriously.  My kids are little petri dishes, and they don’t even go to daycare!  As I write tonight, I’m curled up on the couch with a feverish and coughing 2-year-old, watching Pitch Perfect and getting in plenty of extra snuggles.

Then there is the weather! Yes, I know I live in Minnesota, so I should be used to the inevitable few weeks of sub-zero temps that we get every winter, but it never gets easier.  I even started “Spring Cleaning” this weekend, complete with bright new candles and indoor bulbs.  Hey, the high today was in the 30s… That’s practically Spring Break weather!

OK, enough of that sob story!  I took a little bit of time this afternoon to whip together a quick paper craft – a simple Valentine’s garland.

I used my Slice machine to cut various hearts, and then glued them together (with both glue on the smaller hearts and double-sided tape on the larger hearts) around some white and gold twine.  Super simple!

DIY Simple Valentine Garland Paper Craft

DIY Simple Valentine Garland Paper Craft


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  2. This garland is so creative and a nice easy project to dress up for the holidays! I’ve included it in my features today at Your Turn to Shine. Thanks so much for sharing your creativity with us, Aimee!

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  4. Love this Valentine garland! Thanks for sharing at The Pin Junkie! It’s part of today’s Valentine craft roundup!

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