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If you love having a decorated house all year round, here are heaps of simple dollar store Valentine’s Day crafts to give your home a romantic vibe this February, without breaking the bank!

Dollar Store Valentine's Day Crafts

Dollar Store Valentine’s Day Crafts – Get ready for Valentine’s Day with these simple and inspiring Dollar Store Crafts!

Dollar store Valentine’s Day crafts

I love decorating my house for Christmas. It always feels a bit of a shame to take down the decorations once the holiday season is over! But there are so many other holidays worth celebrating, all year long – like Valentine’s Day!

If you’d love to bring a bit of that festive feeling to your home throughout the year, Valentine’s Day is a great holiday to decorate for. It always makes me smile when I walk through the house and see my themed decorations. If it’s pink, heart-shaped, or anything else to do with love, it’s welcome in my home at this time of year!

2021 Update: See my two latest Dollar Store Valentine DIY Signs from this year!

Despite what you might think, decorating your house doesn’t need to be expensive. These dollar store Valentine’s Day crafts are all easy to make with simple supplies that you can get from any good dollar store. You can really bring an extra bit of joy into your home, while spending just a few dollars!

Dollar store Valentine’s Day decor

Whether you’re looking to cover your entire home in Valentine’s Day decor, or just add a few subtle touches, there’s sure to be a craft project here to inspire you! Starting with my very own special project…

1. Have a Valentine’s Day tree!

After Christmas, I left a tree up in our living room, and replaced its Christmas decorations with Valentine’s Day ones! I love having a focal point for my Valentine’s decorations, and it was so fun to decorate. It’s a great project to get your kids involved in, too.

To decorate my Valentine’s Day tree, I used various items from my local Dollar Tree – they sell so many Valentine’s-themed decorations at this time of year! Since I can never resist getting my crafty fingers stuck into a good project, I upcycled each item to add a bit of my own personality.

I adapted each item with paints, ribbons, craft paper, etc. from my own stash. It was a lot of fun, and also helped to create a cohesive theme to my decor. I repeated the same color scheme across all the items I picked up, so everything goes perfectly together!

2. Hang themed Valentine pictures on the wall

Framed pictures are a great way to decorate your house for Valentine’s Day, even if you don’t have much space. To make these Valentine’s Day picture frames, I upcycled some cheap picture frames from the dollar store by painting them in a color that matched my home’s decor.

You can hang any sort of themed picture in the frames – I went for some simple Valentine’s-themed graphics. These particular frames, where the images are clipped in with pegs, are especially great, as it’s easy to swap out the pictures for different holidays!

3. Make a garland from Valentine’s gift bags

I love transforming cheap items into something completely new, and gift bags are so great for craft projects!

Here I used some Valentine’s Day gift bags to make a DIY Valentine banner to hang on my mantelpiece. Just cut the bags into a pretty shape, and thread them onto some dollar store twine. Voila! This is such an easy craft, but it looks so cute.

If you don’t have a mantelpiece, this garland would be great hung on a bookshelf instead, or even just along the wall!

4. Bring a bit of love to your dining table

When decorating your house, it’s all too easy to focus solely on your living room. But these Valentine’s Day dessert stands from Cottage At The Crossroads are a beautiful and simple way to bring some festivity to your dining table too! They’re made from simple wooden supplies from the dollar store, glued together and spray painted red or pink for a touch of romance.

These dessert stands would be perfect for sharing a sweet treat with your Valentine!

5. Decorate glass candles with vinyl transfers

If you’re looking for some more subtle ways to decorate your home for Valentine’s Day, you might like these decorated candles from A Pumpkin & A Princess.

Start with some cheap candles in glass jars from the dollar store. Then just decorate them using vinyl transfers! You can, of course, use any design you like. I love these minimalist love-themed designs. They’d look beautiful displayed on any shelf or mantelpiece.

6. Create a Valentine’s Day topiary

This cute Valentine’s Day topiary from The Latina Next Door is made entirely from dollar store finds! It’s such a original way to make a pretty Valentine’s Day decoration.

I love the creativity in this project. The plant pot is actually an old Christmas pot wrapped in rope – and the plant itself was created by gluing faux flowers onto a cheap dollar store baseball!

UPDATE: I made a couple of Valentine’s Day Topiaries myself. Watch the YouTube video below:

Dollar Store Valentine Heart Topiary Crafts

7. Decorate dollar store vases

The simplicity of these dip dyed dollar store vases from House Mix is stunning. They’re simply painted on the inside with pink paint, and they look so beautiful with a single rose stem inside!

This project doesn’t require a huge amount of paint, so if you have any leftover pink or red paint in your stash, that will be perfect – no need to buy anything new. And since they’re only subtly Valentine’s-themed, you could easily leave them on display in your house once Valentine’s Day is over, too.

8. Upcycle a cheap vase with gold foil

If you love a bit of bling, this gold foil vase from Bower Power is the craft for you! It starts with a super cheap glass vase from the Dollar Tree, but ends up looking really eye-catching.

I love the subtle love-themed slogan on this vase. Add some pink or red roses, and it’s perfect to decorate your home for Valentine’s Day. It would make a great table centrepiece!

9. Add your own touch to Dollar Tree’s decor

There are so many Valentine’s themed decor items at Dollar Tree, but chances are, a lot of them won’t match your own home’s aesthetic. Luckily, it’s really easy to put your own spin on these items with some paint and extra ribbon.

Here’s a great example from Re-Fabbed – this Valentine sign makeover shows how easy it is to change the color scheme of a Dollar Tree sign! Simply paint over the original design, using your own choice of color. I love the way this sign was sanded to give a rustic, shabby chic feel.

10. Use burlap to transform a Valentine’s flag

Burlap always gives craft projects a farmhouse vibe, and it’s a great way to transform a piece of decor from the dollar store into something that fits your home aesthetic. The Latina Next Door created this Valentine’s flag from two different Dollar Tree items – a cheap Valentine’s flag, and a wooden heart.

For this craft, you can delve into your stash of craft supplies, and use whatever paints, scrapbook paper, faux plants, etc. inspire you. The cheap items will be really transformed!

11. Upcycle a dollar store wreath with moss

Wreaths aren’t just for Christmas! Dollar stores often sell heart-shaped wreaths for Valentine’s Day. But if the sparkly red razzle-dazzle isn’t quite to your taste, they’re really easy to upcycle.

These heart-shaped moss wreaths are the perfect example. Removing the red decoration from the wreath gives you a perfect heart-shaped frame to decorate however you like. These ones are upcycled with some green moss and a large pink bow.

12. Add pink and red hearts to a plain wreath

Similarly, any plain, cheap wreath from the dollar store can easily be made into a Valentine’s wreath with a few extras added into the greenery. This Valentine’s wreath is decorated with little pink and red hearts to add the perfect romantic touch.

Hanging a Valentine’s wreath on your front door will put a smile on your face every time you leave the house – and it will make anyone who passes your home smile too!

13. 3 Valentine Heart Wreaths

Dollar Store Heart Wreath Ideas

No matter what your decor style, there is a wreath here for you. There are THREE totally different heart wreathssnowy white, farmhouse black and white, and springy floral. Watch them all come together in the video below:

14. Framed Valentine Gift Bags

Dollar Store Valentine Art

Grab a couple of Dollar Store gift bags and picture frames to make adorable Valentine’s Day home decor. Follow this tutorial to make Framed Valentine Gift Bags.

15. Dollar Tree Wood Block Heart Craft

Valentine pixel heart craft

Create a wood block heart craft with just a few simple supplies from the Dollar Store. Fun for a tiered tray, teacher gift, or even a coaster!

16. Buffalo Check Valentine Door Hanger

Dollar Store buffalo check door hanger

Grab a wooden heart plaque from the dollar store and get crafting. This Buffalo Check Valentine Door Hanger will greet all your Valentine’s guests in style!

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  1. I would like to suggest Chalk Couture to you to use for your craft projects. I f you don’t know about them you should check them out.

    1. Hi Linda, I’ve heard of Chalk Couture – I just don’t have space in my craft room for any more NEW craft mediums. I do love watching the CC timelapse videos, though.

  2. Hi Amy,
    I really enjoy your blog. I also really enjoy your videos… I like that your voice is calming, and it’s relaxing watching you craft. Thanks for the inspiration to go and do some crafting myself.

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