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You may not believe it, but these Valentine wreath ideas all use supplies from the Dollar Store! Grab some ribbon, flowers, felt, yarn, or tulle and make one of these DIY wreaths.

Dollar Store DIY Valentine Wreaths

Love dollar store finds? You’ll love these Dollar Store Valentine’s Day wreath ideas.

A note from Aimee: This blog post first appeared on The Crazy Craft Lady in February 2017. It has since been updated to bring you the best, most current creative content.

The dollar store is my absolute favorite place to stock up on seasonal crafting supplies. Valentine’s Day crafts are no exception. I’ve gathered some of my favorite Valentine’s Day wreaths, and I’ve got options for every style! The best part? They’re ALL made with dollar store items.

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What dollar store supplies do I need to make a Valentine wreath?

Heart-shaped or foam wreath forms are always a must. Also, silk flowers at DT are awesome! Don’t forget your craft basics – think of hot glue sticks, craft foam, floral wire.

Dollar Store Valentine Wreath DIY Ideas

I searched high and low, here are my top picks!

Starting with dollar store heart wreath frames, I made heart wreaths in three VERY different decor styles.


Fuzzy White Dollar Store Valentine Wreath

Source: Heart Wreaths from The Crazy Craft Lady

Who knew mop covers could make such cute Valentine decor? A heart-shaped wire wreath form, mop covers, hot glue, and ribbon are all you’ll need to easily make this craft.


Dollar Store Floral Heart Wreath

Source: Heart Wreaths from The Crazy Craft Lady

Nothing says spring (and Valentine’s Day) like a bouquet of flowers. Instead of buying a bushel and placing them in a vase, attach them to a heart-shaped wreath form and create a flowery door hanger. The dollar store has a great variety of faux flowers to choose from, so feel free to get creative.


DIY Black and White Heart Rag Wreath

Source: Heart Wreaths from The Crazy Craft Lady

This black and white heart wreath is made from white flannel plaid fabric and will add the perfect pop of color to any door, wall, and/or space. Not to mention, it’s so easy to make!

4. Valentine Flower Door Hanger with an Oversized Bow

Valentine Flower Door Hanger

Source: 3-Tiered Flower Wreath from Restoration Redoux

If you’ve ever wanted to make a bouquet door hanger, this 3-tiered flower wreath is the perfect way to pull it off. The best part is it doesn’t cost a lot to make and it can always be refurbished into something else. Fill with roses for Valentine’s day or with tulips to last through the spring.

5. Clothespin Heart Wreath

Clothespin Heart Wreath

Source: Clothespin Heart Wreath from It All Started with Paint

Washi tape-covered clothespins attached to a wire wreath form made this super cute wall or door hanger. This is one that you can get creative with depending on the kind of tape you choose to decorate the clothespins with.

6. Paper Bag Heart Wreath

Paper Bag Heart Wreath

Source: Rustic Paper Bag Heart Wreath from Crafting My Home

This craft is so easy, your kids could make it! It’s also the perfect way to add neutral-colored decor to a door that’s already popping with color.

7. Pink Glitter Mini Foam Heart Wreath

Pink Glitter Mini Foam Heart Wreath

Source: Dollar Tree Glitter Heart Wreath from Serendipity Refined

You can’t go wrong with using glitter and this craft project has plenty of it. This beauty is so easy to make. All you’ll need are loofahs, heart picks, hot glue, and glitter.

8. Sweetheart Candy Wreath

Sweetheart Candy Wreath

Source: Sweetheart Candy Wreath from The Shabby Creek Cottage

If you can get through this project without eating any of the candy hearts – kudos to you! This project calls for 2-3 bags of candy hearts, so if you feel tempted, grab an extra bag for snacking while you craft.

9. Burlap Ribbon Valentine Wreath with a Cupid Arrow

Burlap Ribbon Valentine Wreath

Source: Burlap Valentine Wreath (for under $10) from Worthing Court

Burlap has long been one of my go-to craft supplies. There are so many things you can make with it, including wreaths. Start by wrapping a wreath form with burlap ribbon, add some pretty pink flowers, and you’ve got a fun wreath to display!

10. Playing Cards Valentine Wreath

Playing Cards Valentine Wreath

Source: Playing Card Heart Wreath from Refresh Living

Grab a deck of cards, pick out the hearts, and make your very own playing cards Valentine’s wreath. It’s a neat way to show love to all your guests who come to visit.

11. Deco Mesh and Glitter Hearts Valentine Wreath

Deco Mesh Valentine Wreath

Source: Dollar Tree Deco Mesh Wreath from Our Crafty Mom

Deco mesh has long been used to create some of the most elaborate and bold wreaths. If you’ve ever wanted to create one for your front door, this tutorial will walk you through it step-by-step!

12. Scarf Fabric Wreath

Scarf Fabric Wreath

Source: Valentine’s Day Scarf Wreath from Across the Boulevard

Making a festive Valentine wreath seriously doesn’t get any easier than this. All you’ll need is a Valentine-inspired scarf and a circle-shaped foam wreath form!

13. Burlap Fabric Heart Wreath

Burlap Fabric Heart Wreath

Source: Dollar Tree Valentine Wreath from The Latina Next Door

Here’s another way to use burlap to create a soft and chic Valentine door wreath. It’s the color of the flowers that I love most about this craft project.

14. Ribbon Loop Wreath

Ribbon Loop Wreath

Source: Ribbon Loop Wreath from My Pinterventures

Learn how to make your own Valentine’s day ribbon loop wreath with this easy tutorial. It’s an easy way to add a festive touch of love to your door (or wall).

15. Valentine Wreath with Flowers and Wood Beads

Valentine Wreath with Flowers and Wood Beads

Source: Dollar Store Valentine’s Wreath from Single Girl’s DIY

The combination of wood beads and flowers gives this wreath a unique look and feel. It’s definitely a must-try if you like to combine different fabrics, textures, and supplies!

16. Heart Door Hanger

Dollar Tree Heart Door Hanger

Source: Dollar Tree Door Hanger from DIY with Amber

Looking for a soft touch to decorate a space this Valentine season? This heart door hanger is just the craft project to try.


Dollar Store Valentine wreaths

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