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Gorgeous Dollar Store Spring Wreath Inspiration – These gorgeous DIY wreaths were all made from supplies that you can find at your local dollar store! Genius and beautiful dollar store spring decor ideas.

Dollar store Easter wreaths

The Dollar Store is a great place to shop when you need crafting inspiration. 

A note from Aimee: This blog post first appeared on The Crazy Craft Lady in March 2017. It has since been updated to bring you the best, most current creative content.

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Today I am sharing some GORGEOUS Dollar Store spring wreath ideas with full tutorials that you can make for your Spring Decor!

Spring is probably one of my most favorite seasons. Partly because winters, where I live, can be pretty gloomy so when the sun starts to shine more often than not and the weather gets a few degrees warmer, it’s just better.

That’s why I love decorating for the spring season as well. The decor adds all things bright, bold, and beautiful just like nature as it starts its new growth process.

Seasonal dollar store DIY projects hold a special place in my heart. As a frugal crafter, there is no greater joy than being able to spend a few dollars on supplies and then turning them into something beautiful for your home.

What are the most commonly used supplies for these Dollar Store spring wreath ideas?

You’ll notice a variety of wreath forms used for these projects. Some are wire while others may be burlap. Frames are also used in unique ways to create wreaths for the front porch.

When it comes to colors, think of all things bright and pretty like pink, purple, yellow, and white. This also means a variety of embellishments like flowers, greenery, moss, and other spring-like additions. Much of that was the inspiration behind my spring hula hoop wreath which used faux cherry blossom flowers and spring green garland.

26 Dollar Store Spring Wreath Ideas to Inspire

These spring wreath ideas are sure to inspire you to create something beautiful for your front door or any area in your home. I’ve rounded up some of the most gorgeous ideas with an easy click to their tutorials.

**Click the link under each image to read the full tutorial for all of these amazing projects.**

1. Carrot Wreath

Dollar Store Spring Carrot Wreath - Whip up this fun Easter wreath using just Dollar Tree supplies

Source: Carrot Wreath by The Crazy Craft Lady

While I used this carrot wreath to decorate my spring Christmas tree, you can create one to hang on your front door, decorate your dining room chairs, or hang on the wall in your living room. Dollar Tree twine carrots are secured on a wire wreath form and finished with a burlap bow. Super easy and cute!

spring wreaths

2. Spring Tulip Hula Hoop Wreath

Source: Spring Tulip Hula Hoop Wreath by Refresh Restyle

Not many people think of creating a wreath when looking at a hula hoop, but next time you’re at the Dollar Store, grab one and have a go at making this spring tulip hula hoop wreath!

3. Split Pea Wreath

Split Pea Wreath

Source: Split Pea Wreath by Love of Family and Home

Split peas aren’t only for cooking. They can also be used to make a one-of-a-kind spring wreath to hang on your front door. Six supplies and a little time are all you need to create this unique beauty.

4. Easy DIY Moss Wreath

moss wreath tutorial easy DIY

Source: Easy DIY Moss Wreath by The Shabby Creek Cottage

This easy DIY moss wreath can be left as is or be the base to create something elaborate. You can add bird’s nests and faux birds, butterflies, or a few sprigs of baby’s breath.

5. Green Burlap Ribbon Spring Wreath

Green Burlap Ribbon Spring Wreath

Source: Green Burlap Ribbon Spring Wreath by Creative Ramblings

Get everything you need for this green burlap ribbon spring wreath conveniently at one place – the Dollar Tree! I’m always looking for inspiration and this wreath is certainly one worth trying!

6. Five Minute Dollar Store Spring Forsythia Wreath

Five Minute Dollar Store Spring Forsythia Wreath

Source: Five Minute Dollar Store Spring Forsythia Wreath by The Happy Housie

If you’re short on time but still want to make something adorable for your front door, this five-minute spring wreath is for you. Everything comes from the Dollar Store and uses beautiful forsythia flowers.

7. Spring Tulip Wreath

Spring Tulip Wreath

Source: Spring Tulip Wreath by Follow the Yellow Brick Home

Looking for an inexpensive way to add a touch of spring to your front door? This spring tulip wreath is only a $10 investment and has a vibrant look that is sure to wow your guests.

8. Flower Pot Wreath

flower pot wreath

Source: Flower Pot Wreath by DIY Beautify

Show your love for spring and all things flower-related with this flower pot wreath. Small terracotta pots are secured to a grapevine wreath form to create a unique wreath for your front (or back) door.

9. Bold Floral Wreath on a Serious Budget

Bold Floral Wreath

Source: Bold Floral Wreath on a Serious Budget by A Piece of Rainbow

Skip spending hundreds of dollars on a wreath and follow this incredibly easy tutorial for making your own bold floral wreath. And yes, it is super budget-friendly!

10. Wreath of Lavender and Lambs Ear Leaves

Wreath of Lavender and Lambs Ear Leaves

Source: Wreath of Lavender and Lambs Ear Leaves by All Things with Purpose

This soft and subtle wreath is not only chic but will add a beautiful touch to any front door. It’s made of lavender and lambs ear leaves and when combined make for a super cute wreath.

11. Straw Hat Wreath

Spring Straw Hat Wreath

Source: Straw Hat Wreath by The Crazy Craft Lady

Turn an ordinary sun hat into a wreath that looks as though it came from Etsy or Amazon. All you need are a few supplies from Dollar Tree to make your own!

12. Simple Spring Grapevine Wreath

Simple Spring Grapevine Wreath

Source: Simple Spring Grapevine Wreath by Passionate Penny Pincher

Another budget-friendly wreath that adds a subtle touch of spring to your decor. The grapevine wreath is embellished with sprigs of berry bushes, easy peasy!

13. Spring Lilac Dollar Store Wreath

Dollar Store Lilac Floral Easter Wreath

Source: Dollar Store Lilac Wreath from The Crazy Craft Lady

14. Floral Bike Wheel Wreath

DIY dollar store floral bike wheel wreath

Source: DIY Floral Bike Wheel Wreath from The Crazy Craft Lady

Easter Wreath Ideas

1. Rainbow Bunny Peeps Wreath

Rainbow Bunny Peeps Wreath

Source: Rainbow Bunny Peeps Wreath by Tried and True Blog

This is another creative design that shows you food and snacks aren’t always for eating. As Easter season rolls in, pick up a few extra packs of Peeps and make a rainbow bunny peeps wreath. Try not to eat it!

2. Easter Bunny Wreath 

Dollar Tree Bunny Wreath

Source: Easter Bunny Wreath by The Crazy Craft Lady

Using a few Dollar Store mop heads, cardboard, and a flower, you’ll be on your way to making your own Easter bunny wreath. The biggest perk is it’s inexpensive to make!

3. Spring Easter Basket Wreath

Spring Easter Basket Wreath

Source: Spring Easter Basket Wreath by Fynes Designs

This spring Easter basket wreath takes wreaths to another level. Not to mention, it’s super cute and easy to make. All you need are a basket, basket filler, foam, flowers, greenery, and a few other supplies and you’re all set!

4. DIY Egg Tray Wreath

DIY Egg Tray Wreath

Source: DIY Egg Tray Wreath by Average Inspired

This design is truly unique and creative. Most people pick up these trays to carry their dressed eggs to an Easter gathering; however, they can also be used to create wreaths. Check out this tutorial to see just how easy it is to make a DIY egg tray wreath.

5. Easter Egg and Moss Wreath

Easter Egg and Moss Wreath

Source: Easter Egg and Moss Wreath by The DIY Mommy

You can’t go wrong with pairing Easter eggs and moss to create a seasonal holiday wreath. It brings together the colors of the season along with an extra holiday touch.

6. Paper Doily Easter Wreath

Paper Doily Easter egg wreath

Source: Paper Doily Easter Wreath from The Crazy Craft Lady

7. Easter Bunny + Carrot Wreath

DIY Dollar Tree Spring Carrot and Bunny Wreath

Source: Spring Carrot Wreath from The Crazy Craft Lady

8. Speckled Easter Egg Wreath

DIY Speckled Easter Egg with Spanish Moss

Source: Speckled Easter Egg Wreath from The Crazy Craft Lady

9. Easter Bunny Wreaths – 4 Different Ways

Dollar Store Bunny Wreaths

Source: Dollar Store Bunny Wreaths from The Crazy Craft Lady


Dollar store Spring wreath DIYs


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