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Get ready for Spring with these beautiful (and budget-friendly) Spring Dollar Store crafts and DIY decor projects.

Spring Dollar Store Crafts

A collection of beautiful spring decor crafts, to make your home feel fresh and ready for spring – on a budget!

The arrival of spring always brings me happiness. The cold days are mostly behind us, and there’s a sense of hopefulness in the air. It’s a time for spring cleaning, refreshing your home, and decorating with bright, fresh spring decor.

And, since I’m me… it’s also a good excuse to get crafting!

I love decorating my house with my DIY decor all year round (I recently did a bit of crafting for Valentine’s Day!). But even when there are no particular holidays to focus on, I just fill my house with beautiful crafts that capture the vibe of the season.

Spring dollar store crafts

If you’d love to decorate your home for spring, but don’t want it to cost an arm and a leg, these spring dollar store crafts could be the answer. They’re all easy ways to welcome spring into your home, using supplies that you can pick up at any good dollar store.

1. Create a spring Christmas tree

Decorating a tree is one of my favorite things to do at the start of a new season. Trees aren’t just for Christmas – they’re perfect to create a focal point for your decor at any time of year. I absolutely love my spring tree!

Just like my Valentine’s Day tree, my spring tree is adorned with all sorts of themed decorations. And since I can’t resist any opportunity to craft something myself, all of the decorations were made by me, using supplies I picked up at Dollar Tree. My favorites are the little hanging baskets of lavender – they’re so adorable, like little spring baubles!

And if a year-round Christmas tree isn’t your style, I also shared how I styled my spring dollar store crafts in other areas of my home decor:

4 dollar store spring crafts

2. Decorate a dollar store clipboard for spring

If I’m feeling uninspired by work, an easy way to refocus me is new stationery! And what better than a spring-themed clipboard, purchased at the dollar store, and decorated with my favorite bright and colorful craft paper.

You can, of course, use these dollar store clipboards year-round, but they are especially perfect to use in the springtime. If you’re anything like me, you might need a little extra help to refocus you after the excitement of the new year has died down. They’ll help you to feel organized and in control, keeping all your loose papers tidy.

3. Make a bunny sign to hang on your door

If an item from the dollar store isn’t quite to your taste, it’s usually pretty easy to transform it into something new! Here’s a great example: This spring bunny sign from Average But Inspired.

Just grab a bunny sign from the dollar store, and cover the design with your favorite spring-themed craft paper. You can then add text and other fun details (like the adorable little carrot!) to bring your own personality to your sign.

If your sign is made from cardboard, you’ll obviously need to hang it indoors. I think I’d hang it in my entryway to make people smile as they enter my home!

4. Hang bunting made from dollar store supplies

I love bunting so much. It’s so easy to make, you can theme it to match the season, and it looks so cute hanging anywhere in your home. This burlap and doily bunting from Lolly Jane is super fun, and is made simply from cheap doilies and burlap from the dollar store.

Just cut the fabric into a pretty shape, and string it onto cheap twine. It’s so simple, but so effective! Hang it on your mantelpiece, bookcase, doorway, or even just across the wall.

5. Use moss to make a spring-themed wreath

Spring means growth – so what better than making a wreath with real moss! This moss wreath from The Shabby Creek Cottage looks so beautiful hung up for spring.

Just cut a sheet of moss into strips, and wind it around a wreath form, like you’d do with a piece of ribbon. Both supplies can be found at the dollar store, so this is a super budget-friendly way to brighten up your home for spring!

6. Or use split peas!

Here’s another colorful DIY wreath that will look beautiful hung up for spring. This one’s made from a pretty unusual material – split peas!

This split pea wreath from Mod Podge Rocks is literally made from split peas stuck onto a blank wreath form from the dollar store. A bag of split peas also only costs about a dollar from the grocery store, so you can make the whole thing for less than a cup of coffee.

I love how effective this super simple spring decor is, and you could even try using red lentils too, for an extra pop of color!

7. Spruce up potted plants with rope

Dollar stores can be great places to find super cheap faux plants, but they don’t always come in the most attractive pots. DIY & Dinosaurs gave some faux succulents a makeover with these rope-covered flower pots.

This craft couldn’t be easier. Just use some hot glue to wrap a cheap plastic pot in dollar store rope – that’s it! These budget-friendly supplies combine to produce something that looks really smart. Plus, they’ll fit with pretty much any style of decor in your home.

8. Use frosted spray on cheap glass vases

The dollar store is the best place to buy cheap glass vases. But if you’d like your vases to look a little more high quality, frosted glass spray is such an effective way to transform them.

I love the simplicity of these frosted glass vases from Making It In The Mountains. The subtle lines that are left unfrosted give such a beautiful effect. These would be ideal for displaying any spring flowers you pick from your garden!

9. Create a DIY greenhouse from cheap picture frames

Can you believe this stunning mini greenhouse from Ella Claire & Co. is made from dollar store picture frames?! It’s such an eye-catching way to grow your house plants – and if you’re not green fingered, you could even use faux plants! It will still be a fun feature of any room.

This version is really straightforward to make, with dollar store picture frames and hot glue. Paint the frames white for a bright, springlike vibe, or choose any other color to match the rest of your home.

10. Make ‘aged’ metal planters

Shiny metal planters from the dollar store might not be quite what you’re looking for to display your plants, but there’s an easy way to make them look more stylish. These aged metal planters from Little House Of Four look much more attractive!

All you need is a few simple household ingredients to create a product that will perfectly age your cheap metal planters. It couldn’t be easier, and the end result is a great way to add some spring flowers to your house or garden.

11. Paint a mason jar to make another spring vase

Here’s another easy way to make a beautiful vase to display your spring flowers. This painted mason jar vase from Ideas From The Home is bright and beautiful, and can be made from a cheap mason jar from the dollar store. All you need is a bit of white paint to transform the jar into a gorgeous feature of your spring decor.

I also love the leather string that’s wound around this vase. It’s amazing how such a simple addition can have such an impact on a craft like this!

12. Make a mini spring topiary

If you don’t have space for a full spring-themed Christmas tree, perhaps this smaller version will suit you better. These cute little faux topiaries from A Box Of Twine look great displayed on a coffee table or mantelpiece.

All of the supplies for this spring craft can be found at the dollar store, including styrofoam balls, moss, and cheap plant pots. All you need is a crafty touch to create these cute little trees!

13. Use faux plants to create a spring-themed wreath

This beautiful spring-themed wreath from The Happy Housie can be made in just five minutes, using dollar store supplies. Just take a blank wreath base, and wrap faux plants or flowers around it. That’s it!

You could, of course, use any colored flowers for this project. However, I do love the simplicity of this white and green wreath. It looks so bright and clean – perfect for springtime.

14. Brighten your table with floral napkin rings

If you have any faux flowers left, wrap them around curtain rings to create these stunning spring napkin rings from Shades Of Blue Interiors. They’ll bring a smile to your face every time you sit down to eat!

You only need a few flowers to give a really beautiful effect here, so it’s a perfect way to use any offcuts or leftovers from another spring project.

15. Use textured paint to create faux concrete bunnies

Take an old-fashioned ceramic bunny ornament from the dollar store, add some textured concrete-colored paint, and what do you get? These adorable faux concrete bunnies from Life Is A Party!

I love these spring-themed bunny ornaments – they’d look so cute peeping out of a spring flower display! You could also use the same paint to transform any other ornaments to match.

16. Flower Decal Mason Jars

three floral mason jars willed with greenery and wood beads

Grab a sheet of flower wall decals and dig into the recycling bin for some glass jars, and get ready to make a beautiful centerpiece. This craft comes together in just minutes, and you only need to spend a few dollars. Lovely!

17. Make a Bicycle Wheel Wreath

bike wheel wreath with wooden hello sign

Grab a few dollar store supplies and come craft with me. I’ll show you how to make a cute DIY floral bike wheel wreath to customize for any season.

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Dollar Store Spring Craft Ideas

If you enjoyed these Spring Dollar Store Crafts, you can find more inspiration in my Spring Archive.

-Happy Crafting (and Dollar Store shopping)!

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