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Nautical jute rope is such a versatile and beautiful craft supply. Here are 15 beautiful rope crafts to decorate your home.

Creative rope crafts

DIY rope decor projects

It’s no lie that I’m pretty obsessed with the nautical rope from Dollar Tree. I have used it in SO many craft projects – I’ve made a door wreath, used it as a handle for a planter and a serving tray, I’ve used it to hang decorative signs, and I’ve even made arms on a snowman!

But I feel like whenever I pull out my nautical rope, it’s to use it as an accent or accessory. I thought it was about time my favorite rope was allowed to be the star of the show, with these DIY rope crafts.

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Jute rope crafts

These rope craft ideas all highlight a simple jute rope, using it to create beautiful, useful crafts. Some use thick rope, some use thin, but they’re all creative ways to use rope.

No matter what type of craft rope you’ve got on hand, or where you buy it from, here are some creative projects that let this humble craft supply truly shine.

1. Curtain tie-backs

DIY Rope Curtain Ties

I whipped up these DIY curtain tie backs in about 5 minutes with less than $5 in supplies. I think they are the perfect finishing touch to this little upstairs hallway space, don’t you think?

2. Use thick rope to create sturdy placemats

A floral napkin on a plate.

All you need to make these beautiful rope placemats from City Farmhouse is rope and a hot glue gun. That’s it! Just wind the rope around itself, secure it with glue, and stop when the placemat has reached your desired size.

You could even use the same method to make matching coasters!

3. Create a stunning rope bench

A wooden bench with a woven rope seat.

This DIY woven bench from The Merrythought would be stunning in any porch or hallway. The rope creates a soft and comfortable seat that’s as practical as it is beautiful.

I love the additional white details on this bench, which are created with cotton cord. With a bit of creativity, you could add all sorts of fun, contrasting patterns to your bench, or just leave it plain.

4. Upcycle a wooden stool

A white wooden bar stool with a rope seat.

If your old wooden bar stools need a new lease on life, rope is a great way to do it! This rope bar stool from Farmhouse 40 looks fresh and stylish – nobody would believe it was upcycled at home.

Just give the stool’s legs a fresh coat of paint, and wrap the seat with rope. It’s a hardwearing material that looks beautifully shabby chic.

5. Spruce up some old drawers

A navy blue chest of drawers with rope handles.

New handles are a really easy way to make an old chest of drawers feel new. These rope drawer pulls from Country Living are super easy to make. They also look really stylish, and will bring the perfect rustic touch to any bedroom.

I love the way these drawer pulls look against the deep blue drawers – perfectly nautical!

6. Make a homemade rope rug

A rope door mat with a basket of purple flowers on top.

Since rope is such a strong, hard-wearing material, it’s ideal for this homemade door mat from Tidbits. You can use it inside or out, and it has a real simple elegance about it.

All you need to do is glue some thick rope to a cheap, flimsy door mat, to instantly upgrade it into something tough and sturdy. Fray the ends for a fun, rustic look!

7. Hang a piece of wood for shelving

A piece of wood hanging from rope with a plant on it.

If your home has a rustic farmhouse vibe, this hanging shelf from The Home Depot Blog will fit in perfectly. Just hang a shelf of natural wood from some thick rope, and instantly create a beautiful, practical shelving solution.

This is such a great way to make a real feature of your indoor plants, framed photos, or any other knick-knacks that you want to show off!

8. Create a beautiful woven lamp shade

A woven rope lamp shade on a pendant light.

Here’s a really simple way to make your pendant light a beautiful feature of your room: make a woven rope lamp shade, like this one from Design Sponge. You can begin with any wire framed light shade. In fact, this one is actually made from a wire hanging plant basket!

Then, just wrap your rope round and round the wire, weaving in and out to create your desired pattern. When your weaving is complete, hold it in place with a knot or some hot glue. Your pendant light shade is complete!

9. Transform your Christmas lights

A string of fairy lights with rope-wrapped shades.

I love the festivity Christmas lights bring to my home. If you do too, there’s no reason you have to take them down once the holiday season is over! These jute light shades from Ella Claire & Co. are such a fun way to make your Christmas lights appropriate for any season.

The cute twine-wrapped light shades are actually made from cheap plastic cups, but you’d never know it once they’re all wrapped up! Keep them up permanently. Or just get them out for special occasions, to add a bit of twinkle to your home.

10. Wrap a lamp stand in rope

A lamp with a rope-wrapped base and a white shade.

You can also use rope to wrap a lamp stand, rather than the shade. Paired with a simple white light shade, this DIY rope lamp stand from Style Me Pretty Living looks super classy. It’s got just the right touch of rustic charm.

No matter what shape your lamp stand is, it will look great wrapped tightly in rope.

11. Revamp a dollar store laundry basket

A rope basket filled with pillows and blankets.

Take a cheap plastic laundry basket from the dollar store, add some rope and a bit of paint, and what do you get? This beautiful rope basket from Lydi Out Loud! Once it’s wrapped in rope and lined in soft fabric, nobody will guess how it started its life.

I’d use this beautiful basket to store blankets and throws. You could easily use it as a laundry basket too!

12. …or an old kitchen pot!

A rope-wrapped metal pot filled with towels.

Even an old metal kitchen pot can be given a new lease of life with rope! If your pot is no longer any good for cooking, wrap it in twine, and add some simple handles. You’ve instantly created a stunning farmhouse-style storage pot, like this one from Anderson + Grant.

I love the idea of using this twine-wrapped pot for bathroom storage. The metal pot conjures up images of an old washpot, so it’s perfect for storing spare face towels.

13. Wrap electrical cables in twine

A loop of rope-wrapped cable on a rug.

We all know electrical cables aren’t particularly attractive, yet they inevitably end up trailing across our homes. Wrapping in twine is an easy way to turn these eyesores into a fun feature of a room!

These twine-wrapped cables from The Vow look so much cooler than bright white wires. As an added bonus, they’re more sturdy and harder to tangle this way too!

14. Pretty up an old tire!

A stack of rope ottomans in front of a garden chair.

I bet you’ve never looked at an old tire and thought it would make a great ottoman… but add a bit of rope, and that’s exactly what you’ll get! These DIY rope ottomans from Style Me Pretty Living are simply tires wrapped in thick rope! They look far more beautiful than they have any right to.

You can use these ottomans indoors or outdoors. I think they’d make perfect foot rests for your garden furniture, or to provide extra seating when you have guests over for a picnic or BBQ!

15. Make Decorative Christmas Bells

DIY Jute Rope Holiday Bells Dollar Store Craft

Get creative with a dollar store paper cup and rope – make these DIY holiday jute rope bells to decorate for Christmas.

16. Make a Decorative Tray

Pizza Pan Decorative Tray with Wood Texture

From dollar store finds to chic home decor – learn how to create a wood-textured tray using a pizza pan, wood pattern wallpaper, and jute rope in this easy tutorial!

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Creative rope crafts

Related: If you love these jute rope crafts, be sure to check out these pretty twine crafts.

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