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Get crafty with nautical jute rope and floral wire to make your own DIY rope curtain tie backs. These cute curtain ties cost only a few dollars to make, and they’re so cute!

DIY Rope Curtain Ties

Use dollar store nautical rope and floral wire to make simple DIY curtain ties.

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A quick overview of this upstairs hallway space:

This little upstairs wall has been a bit of a work in progress for quite a while.

Last winter, we replaced all of the upstairs doors and trim – and painted everything to really brighten the space. I took down the sad blinds and replaced them with sheer curtains hung from reclaimed wood curtain hooks.

I really do LOVE sheer white curtains instead of blinds. They instantly brighten and lighten any space – and make it feel instantly larger. I even replaced all of our living room blinds (they were beige and really beat up!!) with simple black curtain rods and sheer white curtains. Then once or twice a year, I pop the curtains in the washer. So easy!

A few weeks ago, I really made the wall pop with this sponge painting technique:

For a final accent in this little space, I decided to try my hand at making curtain ties.

To make DIY rope curtain tie backs, you only need three simple supplies:

  • jute rope, I bought mine at Dollar Tree, but you can order online here.
  • crafting shears – I LOVE these heavy-duty scissors for cutting things like cardboard, rope, and thin wire.
  • thin (22 guage) white floral wire – feel free to use any color floral wire that you like, I think silver would look nice as well.

How to make DIY jute rope curtain ties

Watch the video below to see how I whipped up this easy DIY decor project:

Here’s how I put together the reclaimed wood curtain hooks.

I LOVE how our upstairs hall looks now:

gray and white stencil feature wall with white curtains and rope curtain ties
nautical rope curtain tie backs

DIY Rope Curtain Tie Backs

Yield: 1 tie back
Active Time: 5 minutes
Total Time: 5 minutes
Difficulty: easy
Estimated Cost: $2

Follow this quick and easy tutorial to make simple and inexpensive curtain tie backs from nautical jute rope.


  • jute rope, I bought mine at Dollar Tree - 48 inches
  • crafting shears
  • thin (22 guage) white floral wire - 48 inches


  1. Cut two 24-inch lengths of jute rope.
  2. Cut four 12-inch lengths of white floral wire. Wrap one piece of white floral wire around a piece of rope, about 1/4-inch from the end. Repeat this process on the other three rope ends. wrap white wire around each end of the rope
  3. To assemble the curtain tie back: Fold each piece of rope in half. Lay them flay on your work surface, facing in opposite directions. Fold each piece of rope in half - facing in opposite directions Loop one folded rope end into the other. Lay the folded rope pieces in half - facing in opposite directions Then pull the two loose tail ends of one rope through the folded end of the second rope. pull two loose rope ends through the folded rope end Pull tight. pull the knot to secure
  4. To tie back your curtain panel: Bunch together the curtain in the middle. Secure the rope ends in the back with a simple knot. Then you can pull some slack into the inside edge of the curtain panel to create a swag.
How to Make Rope Curtain Ties


  1. Looks so great. Light and bright always makes a space pretty. Love the wall you did. Thanks for sharing..

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