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You won’t believe how frugal these craft projects can be. Use a roll (or two) of dollar store twine to make these twine crafts and DIY decor projects.

pretty twine craft ideas

I’m always on the lookout for frugal ways to add rustic touches to my home. Twine is one inexpensive material that has a TON of creative uses.

A lot of twine crafts are also upcycled projects that can help you lower your carbon footprint and go green with your crafting. In many cases, you can use jute or hemp cord instead of twine but it’s usually cheap and pretty easy to find. I buy all of my twine at the Dollar Tree.

Most of these projects are really simple to make – so feel free to try out more than one.

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Twine Craft Ideas

1. Upcycling A Tissue Box Into A DIY Decorative Storage Box

Upcycling A Tissue Box Into A DIY Decorative Storage Box

Sustain My Craft Habit has worked wonders on these upcycled tissue boxes using cute patterned fabric and jute twine. This idea would work on any other old box, even larger ones. In fact, I did something similar with these upcycled cardboard boxes:

With a few supplies, you can easily upcycle cardboard boxes and make beautiful custom storage and organizing boxes for your home.

2. Twine Ribbon Planter Décor

Twine Ribbon Planter Décor

You’ll find some gorgeous fall décor ideas for your living room in this post from A Pretty Fix. They also show a beautiful twine ribbon planter that looks very easy to make. It’s basically wrapped in burlap and decorated with a twine ribbon.

As simple as this may be, it will add a touch of farmhouse charm to your living room!

3. Cheap And Easy DIY Twine Orb Chandelier

DIY Twine Orb Chandelier

It’s exciting to see a frugal craft that makes such a big statement – like this twine orb chandelier from Dwelling In Happiness. DIY lighting doesn’t need to be difficult or expensive. Total cost for this project came in under $20.

4. DIY Twine Wrapped Picture Frame

twine wrapped picture frame

Add a rustic picture frame to your twine décor collection following this straightforward tutorial. This twine wrapped picture frame would also make a nice addition to a gallery wall.

5. Twine Ball Ornaments

Twine Ball Ornaments

A special mixture of school glue, cornstarch, and water is used to harden these cute twine ball ornaments from Love Grows Wild.

The twine is first wrapped around a balloon which is popped once the glue mixture is fully dry. It seems like such a fun craft and the kids will surely want to help!

6. Textural, Updated Twine Tassel DIY

Twine Tassel DIY

Twine tassels can add texture to your décor and they can be used in so many ways! Stone Gable Blog made this an effortless craft with a wonderful cozy vibe.

7. Easy Farmhouse Style Braided Jute Coasters

Farmhouse Style Braided Jute Coasters

Jute twine coasters are a fun farmhouse twine craft from Ruffles And Rain Boots that will keep your hands busy in the most relaxing way. Braided jute coasters are quite resilient so you will be enjoying them for a good while.

8. DIY String Art Star

DIY String Art Star

Do you have some empty wall space that needs to be filled with a rustic piece of art? Have fun making a textural string art star from Home Made Lovely. Think of all the shapes you could make using this technique!

9. Easy Wrapped Letter – Twine Craft

DIY Twine Wrapped Letter Craft

By now, I am pretty sure that whatever you decide to cover with twine will look amazing. This easy twine wrapped letter craft from Life Is Sweeter By Design makes no exception!

10. Twine Wrapped Mason Jars

Twine Wrapped Mason Jars

Decorating mason jars with twine will quickly transform them into gorgeous farmhouse vases you can use all year round. As shown by It All Started With Paint, twine wrapped mason jars would nicely complement a neutral color scheme.

11. Rustic Wood Footstool Gets A Makeover With Twine

Rustic Wood Footstool Gets A Makeover With Twine

Jute twine is a great option when you want to update an old footstool like blogger Anderson And Grant did. Braiding the jute is actually super easy. The only tricky part: you will need to take the stool apart and then put it back together.

12. Farmhouse Easter Egg Twine Crafts

Farmhouse Twine Wrapped Plastic Eggs

Twine wrapped plastic eggs make such a lovely farmhouse Easter décor idea, and they’re just as easy to make. Wrap inexpensive plastic Easter eggs in twine and adds some metallic accents for a touch of glam.

13. Macramé DIY Plant Hanger

Macramé DIY Plant Hanger

Greenery is super important for farmhouse decorating style. Farmhouse On Boone created some gorgeous macramé DIY plant hangers that will look beautiful even with plain white pots in them.

14. Knit Twine Potholder Pattern With Leather

Knit Twine Potholder

Here is a simple knitting craft using twine that will come in handy around the kitchen. Once you learn the steps, you can make this as a gift for friends and family. The knit twine potholders from Flax And Twine are gorgeous and I would be thrilled to receive such a nice gift!

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