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Grab your Cricut machine and get ready to be inspired by these Cricut Christmas Ornaments Ideas. These creative ideas are a fun way to make DIY ornaments for your tree or great gifts this holiday season.

DIY Christmas Ornaments with Cricut



If you’re new to using a Cricut machine, then chances are you’ve been overwhelmed by all the DIY projects you can do with one. From making paper ornaments to making things with intricate designs, the possibilities are endless.

However, you don’t have to be overwhelmed! You can start with something as simple as this Christmas Tree Farm Sign and then try these DIY Farmhouse Christmas Stockings.


First, let’s talk about what you don’t need. Contrary to popular belief, you don’t need a Cricut design space or special craft room. You also will not need the most expensive Cricut maker – especially for these Cricut crafts.

At most, you’ll need some type of Cricut machine (the Cricut Explore Air is pretty popular), adhesive vinyl, a cutting mat, a weeding tool, and other similar craft supplies. In addition, most of what’s shown below also comes with free SVG files.

Glitter Ornaments

These glitter ornament ideas are sure to add some sparkle to your Christmas tree!

1. Glitter Christmas Ornament

Glitter Christmas Ornament

Source: Glitter Christmas Ornament by Create and Babble

This can turn into a fun activity to do with a craft group or as a family. These cute glitter ornaments can be labeled with any words you prefer!

2. Glitter Peppermint Ornaments

Glitter Peppermint Ornaments

Source: Glitter Peppermint Ornaments by Artsy Fartsy Mama

Turn ordinary glitter ornaments into peppermint candies with this idea. The holiday season is the perfect time to showcase all things peppermint since it’s one of the candies of the season.

3. Teacher Gift Cricut Ornament

Teacher Gift Cricut Ornament

Source: Teacher Gift Cricut Ornament by See Vanessa Craft

These ornaments make great gifts for teachers. It’s something they can hang on to and use to decorate their tree year after year.

4. Personalized Constellation Glitter Ornaments

Personalized Constellation Glitter Ornaments

Source: Personalized Constellation Glitter Ornaments by Hey Let’s Make Stuff

These ornaments are perfect if you love all thigns cellestial and would like a unique to include every family member. Use their initials in the form of constellations.

Cricut Ornaments Made with Wooden Slices

Add a rustic touch with natural elements like wood rounds, slices, and more!

1. DIY Rae Dunn

DIY Rae Dunn Ornaments

Source: DIY Rae Dunn by Honey I’m Home DIY

DIY ornaments like this DIY Rae Dunn are easier to do than you may think! Grab some wood rounds, your Cricut, and buffalo check ribbon.

2. Wood Round Ornament Tutorial

Wood Round Ornament

Source: Wood Round Ornament Tutorial by Printable Crush

Come across those mini wood rounds Hobby Lobby? Go ahead and grab a few packs and make some festive DIY holiday ornaments with this easy tutorial.

3. Silent Night Wood Round Ornaments

Silent Night Wood Round Ornaments

Source: Silent Night Wood Round Ornaments by Mad In Crafts

All you need is the free SVG file and some wood rounds to make a set of these Silent Night DIY ornaments. They can match pretty much any theme!

4. Mini Deer Pallets

Mini Deer Pallets

Source: Mini Deer Pallets by Love Create Celebrate

Little wood slices come together to create a canvas for these mini deer pallets. The perfect way to decorate for a farmhouse and hunter Christmas theme.

5. Big Wood Ornaments

Big Wood Ornaments

Source: Big Wood Ornaments by The Crafted Sparrow

Don’t hesitate to go big like these wood plaque Christmas ornaments. They are great for showcasing holiday words and sayings.

6. Block Christmas Ornaments

Colorblock Ornaments

Source: Block Christmas Ornaments by The Crazy Craft Lady

Wood ornament cutouts make a great canvas for creating these color block ornaments. You can paint the top of the ornament, middle, and/or bottom. Then, add words and sayings of your choice.

7. Buffalo Check Wood Ornaments

Buffalo Check Ornaments

Source: Buffalo Check Wood Ornaments by The Crazy Craft Lady

The buffalo plaid pattern is definitely a popular theme and one that is easy to paint on wood rounds. Once you have the buffalo check pattern painted, you can add your Cricut cutout right on top.

8. Wood House Ornaments

Mini House Monogrammed Ornaments

Source: Wood House Ornaments by Better Life Blog

These mini house ornaments can be monogrammed with your family’s initials, names, and more! It’s a great way to personalize your Christmas decor this holiday season.

Paper Ornaments

Create paper ornaments in a variety of colors to add some spice to your holiday tree decor.

1. Retro Paper Ornaments

Retro Paper Ornaments

Source: Retro Paper Ornaments by Hey Let’s Make Stuff

Easily create a retro themed with this retro paper ornaments idea. Once you have the design cutout, it’s easy peasy folding from there!

2. 3D Paper Ball Ornaments

3D Paper Ball Ornaments

Source: 3D Paper Ball Ornaments by 100 Directions

Give your Christmas tree a 3D effect with some paper ball ornaments. If you have an origami-loving child, grab their help with assembling them together.

3. Paper Gingerbread Ornaments

Skip the baking and make these cute little paper gingerbread ornaments instead. Use a few simple craft supplies to add a little sweetness to your tree.

Source: Paper Gingerbread Ornaments by The Crazy Craft Lady

These paper craft gingerbread ornaments (and other cutouts) are a creat way to decorate your child’s tree or your regular Christmas tree.

Glass Ornaments

Add pictures, names, symbols, and more to glass ornaments for some pretty elegant ornaments.

1. Easy Glass & Vinyl Ornament

Easy Glass & Vinyl Ornament

Source: Easy Glass & Vinyl Ornament by Happiness Is Homemade

You can find these glass cutouts at any local craft store. Pick up a few to showcase holiday sayings, words, family member’s names, and more!

2. Rustic Deer Head Ornament

Rustic Deer Head Ornament

Source: Rustic Deer Head Ornament by A Cupfull of Sass

Another great idea for a country-themed Christmas. Grab some glass (or plastic) ornaments and use a deer cutout to decorate it. Put some fake snow inside and fix a buffalo pattern ribbon to it and you’re all done.

3. Easy Snowface Ornaments

Easy Snowman Face Ornaments

Source: Easy Snowface Ornaments by The Country Chic Cottage

All you need are some glass ornaments and a snowface SVG printable to create these super cute snowman face ornaments.

DIY Christmas Ornaments with Cricut

DIY Woodgrain Ornaments

Woodgrain Leather Ornaments

These Woodgrain Leather Ornaments will add a great touch to your holiday decor. They are easy to do!

DIY Chalkboard Ornaments

DIY Cricut Chalkboard Ornaments

Chalkboard Ornaments make an amazing teacher gift or can help you decorate your Christmas tree in a personalized fashion.


Cricut-Made Christmas DIY Ornaments

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