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Get crafty with the whole family and make one of these kid-made keepsake ornaments to decorate your tree year-after-year.

kid-made keepsake ornaments

Sentimental keepsake ornaments for kids to make each Christmas

My kids LOVE hands-on craft projects and activities. So, I like to do my homework in advance for each season and have some crafts lined up for the family. For the winter holidays, I always try to include some keepsake ornaments kids can make as they become such wonderful memories. Plus, they are also super fun to make!

These crafts are inexpensive, easy enough for children, but they also look adorable and you will cherish them for life. From handprint and footprint crafts, to highlighting your child’s artwork, your Christmas tree will surely look amazing if you decorate it with any of these kid-made ornaments.

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Let’s grab some crafting supplies and keep the young ones occupied during the cold season with these creative keepsake ornaments!

Keepsake Ornament Crafts

1. Mason Jar Lid Photo Ornaments

Mason Jar Lid Photo Ornaments

I love upcycling, so if you have some mason jar lids and you are frugal like me, these mason jar lid ornaments are an entertaining activity your children will be excited to participate in.

Follow this step-by-step tutorial for this easy craft, and let your kids go wild customizing and embellishing their own ornament.

2. DIY Snow Globe Ornaments

DIY Snow Globe Ornaments

Now, here’s a wonderful (and SO simple) way to showcase your child’s artwork on your Christmas tree. These easy snow globe ornaments use clear plastic globes – which will allow your kid’s drawings to be the star of this craft.

3. Fingerprint Gingerbread Man Salt Dough Ornament

Fingerprint Gingerbread Man Salt Dough Ornament

Aren’t these fingerprint gingerbread man ornaments delightful? If you’ve ever made salt dough ornaments, you know the customizing possibilities are endless.

So, if you’re ready to go beyond hand prints and foot prints with your ornaments, so you should definitely include this craft on your list of kid activities for the holidays.

4. Popsicle Stick Sled Ornament With Washi Tape

Popsicle Stick Sled Ornament With Washi Tape

You have to admit: you don’t always want to bring out messy paints and glue when crafting with the kids. That’s why these popsicle stick sled ornaments are so perfect. Decorate with mess-free washi tape to a quick and easy Christmas craft.

5. Handprint Reindeer Christmas Ornament Craft for Kids

Handprint Reindeer Christmas Ornament Craft

There are many ways to preserve your little one’s precious handprints and these cute reindeer Christmas ornaments are one of my favorites!

This simple craft that would also make a wonderful gift for grandparents or other family members.

6. Reindeer Fingerprint Ornament

Reindeer Fingerprint Ornament

While we’re on the topic of Rudolph, here’s another reindeer-inspired ornament. Grab some plain Christmas bulbs, and customize them with fingerprints and paint. Too easy!

7. Laminated Photo Snowglobe Ornaments

Laminated Photo Snowglobe Ornaments

Your kiddos will be SO excited to make these adorable Photo snow globe ornaments.

Let the kids take a photo – together or individually. I think the photo-taking part would be the most fun! Let the kids get dressed up and take charge of their photo shoot.

8. Rudolph Reindeer Photo Ornament

Rudolph Reindeer Photo Ornament

Your kids will surely get a kick out of transforming their own pictures into ornaments with bright red Rudolph noses.

9. Ugly Sweater Christmas Ornament

Ugly Sweater Christmas Ornament

If your little ones aren’t so little anymore, you might be greeted with eye rolls and heavy sighs at the mere suggesting of making a craft together as a family.

My solution: let them hop on the Christmas sweater bandwagon and design their own ugly sweater Christmas ornaments.

10. Fingerprint Christmas Tree Ornament With Air Drying Clay

Fingerprint Christmas Tree Ornaments

Colorful decorations like these fingerprint Christmas tree ornaments make the perfect keepsakes for your Christmas tree. Air drying clay is super easy to use and works flawlessly for handprint and fingerprint crafts.

11. Easy Keepsake Chalkboard Ornaments

Easy Keepsake Chalkboard Ornaments

Are you planning to decorate your Christmas tree in a rustic, neutral, or farmhouse style this year? You can still let the children participate with some keepsake chalkboard ornaments made from wood slices.

Using chalk paint and a white chalkboard marker you can transform the plain wood slices and allow the kids to add their own artwork to the ornaments – without clashing with your decor theme.

12. Snow Globe Cup Ornaments

Snow Globe Cup Ornaments

Create a winter wonderland featuring your child’s picture with these Snow Globe Cup Ornaments made from plastic party cups and fake snow.

13. Santa Wish List Ornament

Santa Wish List Ornament

Display their Christmas wish list with this Christmas List Keepsake Ornament.

14. Time Capsule Ornament

Time Capsule Ornament

Have each family member gather something that is symbolic or is special from that year and add in a current family photo to create a time capsule in an ornament. Such a unique idea!

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