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These are my top tips for inexpensive Christmas decor this year – some of which cost practically nothing! Learn how to decorate on a tiny budget this Christmas.

These are my top tips for inexpensive Christmas decor this year - some of which cost practically nothing! Learn how to decorate on a tiny budget this Christmas.

Christmas decorating is fun, but can also be quite expensive. If you want to enjoy the fun, but don’t want to break the bank, I’ve got some tips for you.

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6 Tips for Inexpensive Christmas Decor

Each of these SIX tips is centered around using a certain material – something you can usually find in your home or garden already, or that you can purchase inexpensively at the dollar store.

  1. Chalkboards
  2. Natural Elements + Greenery
  3. Burlap
  4. Paper
  5. The Dollar Store
  6. Drop Cloth Fabric

Keep reading for inspiration and tips for using these elements in you home this winter.

Tips for Inexpensive Christmas Decor - Farmhouse Christmas

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1 – Chalkboards

Christmas Chalkboard Art

Anyone how has been on Pinterest in the last few years probably has at least one chalkboard in their home!  Does anyone else out there feel like chalk paint has been added to everything under the sun?  I’m still totally OK with that, for the record!

Inexpensive Christmas Decor Tips

I am by no means a chalk lettering or chalk art expert.  But, I did manage to add this little “Merry + Bright” wreath to the chalkboard in out kitchen.  PS – I DIYed this large chalkboard for under $20… no power tools required!

2 – Natural Elements + Greenery

Now is the time to shop your yard or local garden center.  I recently picked up some greenery, and went all out.

I made these simple DIY boxwood wreaths… using a wire hanger as a wreath form:

DIY simple boxwood wreath

Simple evergreen sprigs covered my sideboard and mantel.

Using greenery and chalkboard paint for inexpensive Christmas decor

Sources: globe  /  marble pedestal  //  galvanized pot

This little birch stump served as the perfect stand for my favorite Ikea faux houseplant.

Natural birch elements for inexpensive Christmas decor

Sources: NOEL  /  birch wood  /  galvanized pot  /  faux greenery

Natural elements and inexpensive winter decor

3 – Burlap

I bought a bolt of burlap nearly 3 years ago, and It’s still going strong.  I recently used burlap to make a tree skirt and garland for my Dollar store tree.  See all of the details here.

How to make a simple and inexpensive burlap tree skirt and garland

Sources: burlap

4 – Paper

Craft paper can be used creatively in home decor, too!  I covered my kitchen gallery wall in plain brown craft paper and gift wrap for a fun Christmas gift wrap gallery wall.

Gift Wrap Gallery Wall

Sources: plaid gift wrap paper

5 – Shop the Dollar Store

For my simple centerpiece, I shopped the dollar store and combined tips 2, 3, and 4 together!  Say, what?!?  I took some leftover boxwood (after I made three little wreaths) and popped them into little dollar store vases wrapped in burlap and wrapping paper.  Oh, any you may recognize those little vases from my Thanksgiving tablescape this year!

Inexpensive Winter Decor - neutral dollar store centerpiece

And have you seen my Christmas tree this year? I decorated it all for under $20!  See all of my Dollar Store Christmas Decorating Tips here.

Dollar Store Christmas Tree Decorating

6 – Drop Cloth Fabric

Drop cloths are one of my favorite inexpensive materials to work with. It bleaches well, is easy to work with, and can be way less expensive than a trip to the fabric store. Use drop cloths to make seasonal curtains or DIY Christmas pillows and save a TON of money!

How to make inexpensive DIY Christmas pillows - using a drop cloth and Sharpie markers. This budget-friendly holiday decorating idea is pure genius! How to make your own drop cloth pillow covers in any style.

(Yes – those pillows were made from drop cloths!!!)

Pro tip: buy 100% cotton drop cloths, and you will have much better results when you bleach them.

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Tips for Inexpensive Christmas Decor - 5 ways to decorate for Christmas that cost practically nothing - Full of farmhouse Christmas inspiration!


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