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Make these simple and inexpensive DIY boxwood wreaths for decor that will last from Christmas through winter time.

Simple DIY Boxwood Wreaths

I made these easy DIY boxwood wreaths last weekend, and they are one of my absolute favorite simple winter/Christmas DIYs so far!

DIY Boxwood Wreaths Method One: The Hanger Wreath Form

Supply List

  • fresh boxwood trimmings (from you yard or local nursery or garden center)
  • wire hangers
  • scissors
  • twine

how to make a boxwood wreath using a hanger wreath form

Bend your hanger into a circle.

make a simple wreath form from a hanger

Start cutting spring of boxwood.  Lay and form them around your wire hanger circle.

wire hanger wreath form boxwood wreaths

Secure the boxwood with twine every few inches as you go.

DIY boxwood wreath tutorial

Tie the twine with a double knot.  Then cut of the loose ends.

DIY simple boxwood wreath

Method Two: Dollar Store Wreaths

Follow the exact same method as above, but instead you can use a grapevine wreath from the dollar store.  It’s way too easy!

DIY dollar store boxwood wreath

DIY boxwood wreaths for winter decor

There you have it!  My boxwood wreaths – two ways.  I think they are the perfect compliment to my winter decor.  I hung them up well before Christmas, and they probably won’t come down until Valentine’s Day.  They have started to dry a bit, and they maintain their color quite well.  I will just have to be careful with the wreath in the entry as it dries – so we aren’t bumping it with coats and bags too much!

simple winter decor

boxwood wreaths and winter decor

easy DIY winter boxwood wreaths

easy and inexpensive winter decor

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DIY boxwood wreaths and simple winter decor

DIY boxwood wreaths - simple winter wreaths using a wire hanger wreath form


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