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When it came time to update my kitchen wall with a Christmas gallery wall update, I was inspired by this roll of plaid gift wrap that I used in my Thanksgiving Tablescape this year:

How to style a simple and neutral Thanksgiving tablescape

Christmas Gallery Wall - using gift wrap


Supply List

Here’s the easiest ever supply list:

  • scissors
  • tape
  • gift wrap – I used a patterned paper and plain brown paper, feel free to use whatever color/pattern combination makes you happy!
  • your frames (to cover)

Wrap picture frames in gift wrap for Christmas decor

Carefully take down your frames.  Cut the paper to size, and secure in the back with tape.

I opted to use two types of paper – both patterned and solid. I just thought it made the gallery wall a bit more fun.  Plus, I think a full wall of that plaid pattern would be way too busy! 

If you’re just doing one large frame, consider using only one gift wrap but then add a bow or ribbon.

Christmas Gallery Wall using gift wrapped picture frames

That’s all there is to it!  With just three simple supplies and about 20 minutes, you can create a Christmas gallery wall.  I love it so much (and I don’t think it’s too Christmas-ey) that I may keep it up through January.  What do you think?

Christmas Gallery Wall with gift wrap

Gift wrapped picture frames for a Christmas gallery wall

Simple and inexpensive dining room Christmas decor


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Simple Christmas Gallery Wall Idea using Gift Wrap and Picture Frames


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