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Gorgeous Dollar Store Christmas Wreaths – These gorgeous DIY wreaths were all made from supplies that you can find at your local dollar store! Genius and beautiful dollar store Christmas decor ideas.

Christmas Dollar Store Wreaths

Decorating for the Christmas season can be so much fun. These wreath ideas are sure to give you a bit of joyful inspiration.

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These Dollar Store Christmas wreaths are festive and inexpensive to make.

With the Christmas holiday being one of the most expensive times of the year, you don’t want to spend bookoos of money on decorations.

That’s where these wreath ideas come in for the rescue. Between these and my other Dollar Store Winter Wreaths ideas, you won’t have to worry about breaking the bank to make your home look nice.

Using most – if not all – Dollar Store supplies, these wreath ideas are a must-try this season.

One thing I love about the Dollar Store is its ever-growing craft section. Once upon a time, they weren’t that great of a go-to place for craft supplies. Now, they are a place I purchase supplies from frequently.

One thing to keep in mind is they don’t always keep things in stock, nor can you guarantee they’ll bring something back the next season. Simply put, when you see something you like, grab a few to add to your craft stash.

You can thank me later.

Dollar Store Christmas Wreaths

I searched high and low, here are my top picks!

Dollar Store Ornament Wreaths

1. Dollar Store Square Ornament Wreath

DIY square Christmas ornament wreath - a cute silver and gold Dollar Tree Christmas ornament wreath
Square Ornament Wreath

Source: Dollar Store Square Ornament Wreath by The Crazy Craft Lady

Ornaments aren’t for trees only. They can be used to make some pretty creative crafts, like this square ornament wreath! I’ll walk you through step-by-step to create your very own.

Dollar Store Ornament Wreaths

2. Silver Ornament Wreath

Silver Ornament Wreath

Source: Silver Ornament Wreath by Daily Dose of Style

Silver is one of the classic decor colors of Christmas. So using it to create a beautiful ornament wreath would be perfect for any front door – including yours!

3. Yarn Ball and Ornament Wreath

Yarn Ball and Ornament Wreath

Source: Yarn Ball and Ornament Wreath by Sugar Bee Crafts

Yarn and glittery ornaments come together to create a texturally attractive piece of decor. Use traditional Christmas colors or experiment with using colors to match a different theme.

4. Gold Dollar Tree Ornament Wreath

Gold Dollar Tree Ornament Wreath

Source: Gold Dollar Tree Ornament Wreath by Re-Fabbed

This gold ornament wreath will surely be the topic of conversation for your guests. The best part about it is it’s really easy to make.

5. Blue and Gold Ornament Wreath

Blue and Gold Ornament Wreath

Source: Blue and Gold Ornament Wreath by Jenna Kate at Home

Step outside the traditional Christmas color box by mixing and matching other colors. This blue and gold ornament wreath does just that in a beautiful and chic way.

6. Wire Hanger Ornament Wreath

Wire Hanger Ornament Wreath

Source: Wire Hanger Ornament Wreath by Delightfully Noted

The highlight of this wreath is the wire hanger – something most of us have in the back of our closet collecting dust. All you need is the hanger, some red and silver ornaments, and a piece of winter pine for embellishing.

7. JOY Ornament Wreath Wall Decor

JOY Ornament Wreath Wall Decor

Source: JOY Ornament Wreath Wall Decor by Rosyscription

Incorporate a simple wreath into wall decor to show your joy for the Christmas season. Large wood letters, red paint, and a red ornament “O” are all you need to create this look in your home.

8. Mason Jar Lid and Ornament Christmas Tree Door Hanger

Mason Jar Lid and Ornament Christmas Tree Door Hanger

Source: Mason Jar Lid and Ornament Christmas Tree Door Hanger by Funky Junk Interiors

Put your old mason jars to use by creating a mason jar lid-inspired Christmas tree. This door hanger is stylish and unique. It’s easy to make using things you most likely already have in your craft stash.


1. Dollar Tree Candy Cane Wreath

Dollar Tree candy cane wreath

Source: Dollar Tree Candy Cane Wreath by Mother Thyme

Using a candy cane-shaped wreath form, create this big and beautiful wreath to hang on your door, wall, or even on your Christmas tree.

2. Green and White Candy Cane Wreath

Dollar Store Candy Cane Wreath

Source: Green and White Candy Cane Wreath by The Crazy Craft Lady

Try this spin on a candy cane by using green garland, white flowers, and pine cones. This wreath would go perfectly on any door or wall.

3. Gift Bow Candy Cane Wreath

bow candy cane wreath

Source: Gift Bow Candy Cane Wreath by Aubree Originals

Gift bows aren’t just for presents. If you have some leftover, use them to create a unique gift bow candy cane wreath. Aubree walks you through just how simple it is to create your own.

Dollar Store Christmas Wreaths


1. Candy Cane Wreath

Candy Cane Wreath

Source: Candy Cane Wreath by At the Picket Fence

Who doesn’t love a good candy cane during Christmastime? They can be used to inspire some pretty unique crafts, including this unique wreath.

2. JOY Christmas Wreath

JOY Christmas Wreath

Source: JOY Christmas Wreath by Domestically Creative

If you like the traditional look of evergreen wreaths but would like to give it a boost, this JOY Christmas wreath idea is for you. Plaid covered letters, a few bells, and some berry boughs make for a cute and festive wreath for your front door.

3. Peppermint Wreath

Peppermint Wreath

Source: Peppermint Wreath by White Lace Cottage

You may want to eat this wreath, so be sure to save some peppermints for snacking. You can also ensure a pleasant mint smell thanks to the number of peppermints it takes to create this wreath.

4. Greenery Swag with Dollar Store Ornaments

Greenery Swag with Dollar Store Ornaments

Source: Greenery Swag with Dollar Store Ornaments by Christina Maria Blog

Get your greenery swag on with this neat wreath made of greenery and Dollar Store ornaments. This fashionable piece adds the perfect touch to any Christmas decor.

5. Burlap Christmas Wreath

Burlap Christmas Wreath

Source: Burlap Christmas Wreath by Feeling Nifty

$8 and a little time later and you’ll have this pretty burlap wreath hanging on your door. It’s the perfect color scheme to match any of your Christmas decor.

6. Christmas Scarf Wreath

Christmas Scarf Wreath

Source: Christmas Scarf Wreath by Kimspired DIY

Put an old winter scarf to use by turning it into a Christmas scarf wreath. This is so cute and easy, you may want to make several to hang on your door, wall, and tree!

7. Red and White Berry Wreath 

Red and White Berry Wreath

Source: Red and White Berry Wreath by Artsy Chicks Rule

You can’t go wrong with red and white berries, especially on a wreath. This tutorial offers a step-by-step guide on how to easily create this beautiful wreath.

8. Christmas Hoop Wreath

Christmas Hoop Wreath

Source: Christmas Hoop Wreath by Do It On A Dime

Make your own Christmas hoop wreath using Dollar Store supplies and a few things you most likely already have on hand. This is one unique way to decorate for the Christmas season!

9. Woodland Glitter Wreath

Woodland Glitter Wreath

Source: Woodland Glitter Wreath by Prudent Penny Pincher

Create a winter wonderland right on your front door with this woodland glitter wreath. It’s bright and airy, adding the perfect touch to any space.


Christmas Dollar Store Wreath Crafts


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