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It’s time to get creative and make one of these unique embroidery hoop crafts – make wall hangers, wreaths, and so much more!

creative embroidery hoop crafts and diy projects

You can use embroidery hoops to create easy wreaths, but also wall art, organizers, signs and much more!

The versatile embroidery hoop has long surpassed it’s original purpose. The round frame serves as an excellent starting point for an endless number of crafts you can make for your home!

As a DIY enthusiast, I think embroidery hoops are nice to have on hand and they come in many sizes to choose from.

Creative Embroidery Hoop Crafts and DIY Decor

If you’d like to try a project using them I have some highly creative embroidery hoop crafts and décor ideas to share with you.

1. Embroidery Hoop DIY Terrarium Globe

Embroidery Hoop DIY Terrarium Globe

Adding some greenery accents will warm up any space, and you don’t need a green thumb for this project. Here’s a gorgeous embroidery hoop DIY terrarium globe from Lydi Out Loud that uses faux succulents and looks stunning.

You will need 3 embroidery hoops for this project as well as a hot glue gun to secure everything in place.

2. Embroidery Hoop Spring Wreath DIY

Embroidery Hoop Spring Wreath DIY

An embroidery hoop makes the perfect frame for a wreath. This spring embroidery hoop wreath from Kenarry is a quick craft that looks super stylish. Plus, it can be used on the outside or inside of your home.

3. DIY Chalkboard Embroidery Hoop

DIY Chalkboard Embroidery Hoop

This chalkboard embroidery hoop art can be reused over and over. Just wipe it off and rewrite a different message to fit any occasion.

Homemade Lovely totally succeeded in giving this craft a rustic look. This craft uses just a few items, so it’s a budget-friendly craft as well.

4. DIY Embroidery Hoop Escort Card Display

DIY Embroidery Hoop Escort Card Display

Planning a wedding on a budget is no easy feat! Some DIYing might be required and simple projects like this embroidery hoop escort card display from Green Wedding Shoes can truly save the day!

5. DIY Floral Embroidery Ring Backdrop

DIY Floral Embroidery Ring Backdrop

Sugar & Cloth came up with a fun DIY here. Use several embroidery hoops in different sizes to create easy wreaths for a beautiful floral backdrop. It’s the perfect last-minute addition to your party décor!

6. Easy Embroidery Hoop Wall Pockets

Easy Embroidery Hoop Wall Pockets

Give your office a style upgrade while also adding a bit of organization with these easy DIY embroidery hoop wall pockets from Damask Love.

Feel free to use the fabrics and embellishments of your choice to match your own unique style.

7. Modern Air Plant Orbs

Air Plant Embroidery Hoop Orb

Air plants have been super trendy lately. Display them creatively in a DIY embroidery hoop orb – just like this blogger did. How modern!

8. DIY Embroidery Hoop Door Hanger

DIY Embroidery Hoop Door Hanger

You all know how I feel about black and white buffalo check patterned…. well… anything! This embroidery hoop door hanger from Burton Avenue is perfect for any fans of farmhouse decor.

9. Minimalist Winter Boxwood Hoop Wreath

Simple DIY winter boxwood embroidery hoop wreath - Follow this tutorial and learn how to make an easy and beautiful wreath, perfect for decorating through the winter.

I made these mini winter boxwood embroidery hoop wreaths a few years ago.

By decorating for winter in general, instead of just for Christmas, your decor can last for months instead of weeks. Be sure to grab these FREE Winter Home Decor Printables to decorate your home this winter.

10. Embroidery Hoop Farmhouse Pumpkins

Embroidery Hoop Farmhouse Pumpkins

Embroidery hoops may also come in handy for seasonal decorating and crafting. Check out these unique embroidery hoop pumpkins from Tater Tots And Jello!

I love the fact they have a rustic yet modern look that was achieved frugally using decorative paper.

11. Sweet Home Embroidery Hoop Art

Sweet Home Embroidery Hoop Art

There’s always the option to use an embroidery hoop just how it was intended. Flamingo Toes reveals how to create this sweet home embroidery hoop art using just a few basic stiches with a free pattern included.

12. Reverse Embroidery Hoop Monogram DIY

Reverse Embroidery Hoop Monogram DIY

Monogram art is super trendy and is perfect for decorating nurseries as well as older children’s rooms. Flax And Twine uses just a simple stitch to create these embroidery hoop monograms that look much more complex than they actually are.

13. DIY Mini Hoop Christmas Wreaths

DIY Embroidery Hoop Christmas Wreaths

This DIY embroidery hoop Christmas wreath from Town & Country Living is rustic and adorable but also a really simple craft that allows you to use whatever seasonal decorations you have on hand.

14. Embroidery Hoop Clock Tutorial

Embroidery Hoop Clock Tutorial

An embroidery hoop clock is a creative project with an impressive result. It’s surprisingly not that difficult to make, as demonstrated by Consumer Crafts.

There are special clock kits you can purchase to make this. Then just select a favorite fabric to match your existing décor.

15. How To Make Embroidery Hoop Art Using Tulle

How To Make Embroidery Hoop Art Using Tulle copy

Here is a wonderful idea that lets you create a delicate piece of art using faux flowers. It’s perfect for spring and summer decorating. A Pretty Fix used tulle to achieve the ethereal look of this floral embroidery hoop art.

16. Eucalyptus Hoop Wreath DIY Tutorial

Eucalyptus Hoop Wreath DIY Tutorial

I love eucalyptus leaves for so many reasons. Aside from their gorgeous scent, I love the teal hue to their leaves. Make a cute Eucalyptus Hoop Wreath just this like this one from Homestead128.

17. Floral Hoop Wreath Frame

Embroidery Hoop Wreath Frame

Breathe new life into that pile of neglected embroidery hoops and make a hanging wall picture frame. Just follow the tutorial from Damask Love.

18. DIY Succulent Embroidery Hoop Wreaths

DIY Succulent Embroidery Hoop Wreaths

Words cannot express just how much I adore this feature wall from House by Hoff. She made a variety of Succulent Embroidery Hoop Wreaths to hang at varying intervals above an accent table. It’s simply stunning!

19. Spring Embroidery Hoop Crafts

Spring Embroidery Hoop Craft

Make a variety of spring embroidery hoops to decorate your gallery walls. Or just make one to add to your desk of a bookshelf for a quick and easy pop of spring.

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