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From farmhouse rustic to coastal chic: creative bicycle wheel wreath ideas using both upcycled bike wheels & dollar store wreath forms.

Bike Wheel Wreath Ideas

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I’m no stranger to making wreaths from unique supplies. I’ve made a hula hoop wreath, a wood shim wreath, a wooden popsicle stick wreath, and the list goes on. You can make wreaths from pop poms, or use a fuzzy mop cover to make a wreath.

But today, I’m getting some DIY wreath inspiration from a new source: bicycle wreaths!

Bicycle wheel wreaths are trending

I’ve been seeing upcycled bike wheel wreaths when scrolling through pins on Pinterest. But how many of us actually have a rusty old bike wheel lying around? Not me!

UPDATE: You can buy bike wheel wreath forms on Etsy. Score!!

So I just chalked this trend up to “a cute idea that I’ll probably never make” and kept scrolling.

But then, things changed.

It all started with a trip to the dollar store, where I saw a new wreath form.

craft with dollar store bike wheel wreath forms

That’s right! The dollar store, and even some craft stores now, carry bike wheel (or wagon wheel) wreath forms.

So grab your crafting supplies. You’re definitely going to want to make your own wreath after you see these creative ideas!

Bicycle Wreath Inspiration

Bicycle Wheel Wreath Ideas

Grab an old bike wheel or a wire wheel wreath form from the store, and make one of these creative DIY bicycle wheel wreaths!

DIY Bike Wheel Wreaths using Dollar Store Wreath Forms

DIY Inspiration: Bike Wreaths using Old Bike Wheels

If you're lucky enough to stumble across an actual old bike wheel, here are sume great ways ro recycle and reporpose them.

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