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These cute yarn crafts and DIY projects don’t require any knitting or crocheting skills or experience, so grab some yarn and make unique crafts and decor.

No Knitting Yarn Crafts

I’ve got TONS of craft and DIY inspiration… and they all start with one craft supply: YARN!

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I love shopping for yarn almost as much as I love shopping for new fabric or scrapbook paper. The colors and textures are so intriguing! I can understand how people end up with huge yarn stashes. But, unfortunately, I’m not much for knitting or crocheting. This just means I have to come up with other ways to use all of that pretty yarn I see at the craft store.

Easy Yarn Crafts to Try

When people think of yarn, they instantly are all for it or get intimidated at the thought of having to learn how to knit or crochet. Luckily there is so much more you can do with this versatile fabric.

I’ve done my fair share of yarn crafts and have loved how each one of them has turned out. Although it’s the same fabric (depending on the thickness), each project turns out unique in its own way. You’ll see more of that with what I’ve found and rounded up below.

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What can I make using yarn?

From a no-knit woven yarn wreath to a winter pom pom wreath, there are a lot of things you make using yarn. When it comes to crafting with yarn, it’s more about the type and size. I particularly like working with chunky, wool blend yarn.


Knitting requires a bit of skill, but you don’t have to know how to knit in order to make some cute yarn crafts and DIY projects. Here are some easy crafts and projects that you can make without knitting experience.

**Click the link under each image to read the full tutorial for all of these amazing projects.**

1. Tassel Yarn Trees – A Reverse Canvas Project

tassel tree reverse canvas project

Source: Tassel Yarn Trees from The Crazy Craft Lady

Made using just Dollar Store supplies, these cute tassel yarn trees are easy to make and ideal for keeping your home decorated in style all winter long.

Creative Yarn Crafts

2. Wrap Yarn Christmas Tree Craft

DIY yarn Christmas trees

Source: Wrap Yarn Christmas Tree Craft by The Crazy Craft Lady

Textured chunky yarn and scrap cardboard are the highlight of this super easy yarn craft project. All you’re literally doing is wrapping yarn around it (and a wooden dowel) to create yarn-wrapped trees! These are perfect to keep up all winter long as well.

3. Yarn Pumpkins

How to make cozy fall yarn pumpkins - follow this easy DIY tutorial to make yarn-wrapped faux pumpkins with chunky yarn. Neutral, farmhouse-style pumpkins for fall decorating.

Source: Yarn Pumpkins by The Crazy Craft Lady

To make these yarn pumpkins, you’ll only need a couple of basic supplies: hot glue and scissors for starters, as well as fake pumpkins and chunky yarn. Be sure to use the chunky yarn with this project so it won’t take very long to do.

4. Video Tutorial: 3 Winter Yarn Wreaths

Source: 3 Winter Yarn Wreaths Video Tutorial by the Crazy Craft Lady

Who knew yarn could be used to make three uniquely looking wreaths? Each of these wreaths uses chunky yarn in different colors and textures and add a nice update to plain wreath forms.

5. Rainbow Garland with Tassels and Pom Poms

Rainbow Tassel and Pom Pom Garland

Source: Rainbow Tassel and Pom Pom Garland by Sweet Red Poppy

Believe it or not, you only need 5 supplies to create your own rainbow tassel and pom pom garland So pick your favorite colors of yarn and get crafting.

6. Graphic Embroidered Art

Graphic Embroidered Art

Source: Graphic Embroidered Art by A Beautiful Mess

Looking to upscale a plain wall or space? Add a pop of color and unique piece of art by making a framed graphic embroidered art. Once you get the hang of it, you can create a variety of colors and designs!

7. Kid-Friendly Craft, Yarn-Wrapped Letters

Yarn-Wrapped Letters

Source: Kid-Friendly Craft, Yarn-Wrapped Letters by A Daily Something

Keywords being kid-friendly, this is a yarn craft the entire family will enjoy. Gather the letters you need and the colored yarn of your choice and let everyone design their own for their rooms. Hang them on the wall or even the Christmas tree!

8. Yarn Monogram Sign

Yarn Monogram Sign

Source: Yarn Monogram Sign by Craft Warehouse

Make a bold, yet chic statement with this yarn monogram sign. It only takes 3 supplies and the tutorial has embellishment ideas just in ace you’re looking for a way to add a bit more pizzaz. Make one for yourself and then make one to gift to a friend.

9. Loop Texture Throw Pillow

Loop Texture Throw Pillow

Source: Loop Texture Throw Pillow by It’s Always Autumn

Save your money and opt in for making your own loop texture throw pillow. It’s much easier than it looks and you may be tempted to make an entire set.

10. Weaving Project: Coasters Made on a Cardboard Loom

Woven Coasters

Source: Woven Coasters Made on a Cardboard Loom by A Pretty Fix

There’s no need to buy a loom for this project because the tutorial will walk you through how to create your own from cardboard. Once you see how easy these are to make, you may be tempted to take up looming as a new hobby.

11. Easy Homemade Trivets 

Easy Homemade Trivets

Source: Easy Homemade Trivets by Happy Hooligans

Yarn, pipe cleaners, and about 45 minutes are all you need to create your own set of trivets and coasters. This is another project that you can do with the kids.

12. Finger Knitting Project: Cowl or Infinity Scarf

Finger Knit Cowl

Source: Finger Knitting Project: Cowl or Infinity Scarf by Whistle and Ivy

Before you think knitting will never be your thing, you may want to try finger knitting (especially if you want a cute cowl scarf like pictured above). This tutorial walks you through step by step on how to finger knit and ultimately create an accessory that is sure to turn a head or two.

13. Ring Yarn Wall Art

Ring Yarn Wall Art

Source: Ring Yarn Wall Art by Delineate Your Dwelling

This is probably one of the most unique yarn crafts I’ve seen and it adds such a museum-like appeal to any space. It’s super easy and Amy walks you through how to make them effortlessly.

14. Hanging Yarn Wall Art

Hanging Yarn Wall Art

Source: Hanging Yarn Wall Art by Foxy Twine

If you’re looking for a chic boho decor style, this hanging yarn wall art is sure to be that and more. Using a stick from outside adds an extra touch and tying the yarn on is super easy.

15. Woven Yarn Wall Hanging with Tassel

Woven Yarn Wall Hanging with Tassel

Source: Woven Yarn Wall Hanging with Tassel by Gathered

Yarn wall hanging art is becoming increasingly popular, and rightfully so. For this particular project, you will need yarn, loom, and thread. But don’t be intimidated just yet, because the tutorial for this craft is detailed and easy to understand.

16. Phone Cord DIY with Knotted Wrapped Yarn

Phone Cord DIY with Knotted Wrapped Yarn

Source: Phone Cord DIY with Knotted Wrapped Yarn by Studio Knit

Give your phone cord a new look with this DIY knotted wrap yarn craft. Not only will your phone cord stand out but it will also be easy to find.

17. Boho Yarn Wrapped Pot 

boho yarn wrapped pot

Source: Boho Yarn Wrapped Pot by Plaid Online

This bohemian style upscale is a super fun plant project that uses yarn to add charm to any space. It’s the perfect way to take an ordinary pot and make it awesome.

18. Macrame Yarn Garland

Macrame Yarn Garland

Source: Macrame Yarn Garland by A Beautiful Mess

This macrame yarn garland is a creative and simple way to decorate any space. It would be super cute decor for a birthday party or to add in your new baby’s room.

19. Home Decor Project: Make a Tassel Chandelier

Yarn Tassel Chandelier

Source: Home Decor Project: Make a Tassel Chandelier by Blue Agate Abode

Want to add an entirely new look to your light fixture? This tassel chandelier is sure to do it. This tutorial is super easy to follow and may (or may not) lead to you wanting to make a chandelier for every light fixture in your home.

20. Use up Yarn Scraps with Multicolored Yarn Pom Poms

Scrap Yarn Pom Poms

Source: Use up Yarn Scraps with Multicolored Yarn Pom Poms by My Poppet

This yarn project comes in handy when you have lots of yarn scraps leftover from other crafts. Gather them together and turn them into multicolored yarn pom poms.

21. Beginner Project: Chunky Hand Knit Blanket

chunky hand knit blanket

Source: How to make DIY chunky knit blanket from Craft Mart

22. Upcycled Heart Craft

upcycled cardboard hearts

These adorable upcycled cardboard hearts are embellished with scraps of yarn, drop cloth fabric, twine, and even sheet music.


creative no kit yarn crafts


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