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Tired of stuffed and disorganized storage in your craft room? Get some yarn storage ideas here so you can make storing your yarn more efficient.

Yarn Storage Ideas

Attention all knitters, crocheters, and crafters! I’m sharing some creative yarn storage ideas to help keep your yarn stash tamed and organized.

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If there’s one thing all of us can agree on, it’s the need for an organized craft space – and that’s why these yarn storage ideas are a must-try!

No matter how much yarn you have, it can take up a lot of space. The best way to get a handle on it is to use a yarn storage solution that will make the most of your space and yarn stash.

The ideas I have rounded up below is a great way to tackle the yarn clutter sooner than later. I particularly love these ideas and chose them because they are ideal, practical, and don’t call for much building (if at all).


Absolutely not! All you need is a little bit of time and space. Depending on the solution idea you choose, you may need to purchase a few supplies, but nothing fancy.

I don’t always use a ton of yarn with my yarn crafts, but storage ideas like these have definitely come in handy. In other words, whether you have a large space or small space to work with, you are sure to find an idea just for you.


I searched the internet high and low, here are my top picks!

1. Wine Rack as Yarn Storage

Wine Rack as Yarn Storage

Source: Wine Rack as Yarn Storage by Pretty Prudent

Swap your wine rack for an eclectic yarn storage solution. The small spaces are perfect for housing one to two bundles and you can easily color-code as well.

Creative Ways to Organize and Store Yarn

2. Don’t toss that old crib! Make an Upcycled Crib Rail Yarn Storage

Upcycled Crib Rail Yarn Storage

Source: Upcycled Crib Rail Yarn Storage by Crochet by Darlene Hopkins

Think twice before throwing out or giving away your baby’s crib. Save the sides and turn them into a space-saving yarn storage solution. The railings on a crib are relatively small and close together which means your yarn can fit snuggly between each slot!

3. DIY Yarn Storage Shelves Using Wooden Crates

DIY Yarn Storage Shelves Using Wooden Crates

Source: DIY Yarn Storage Shelves Using Wooden Crates by Make and Do Crew

Depending on the space you have available, using wooden crates can be an easy and trendy way to store your rolls of yarn. The best part is they can be stacked and puzzled together to your liking and can also be painted to match your home decor.

4. Ikea RASKOG Crochet Cart 

Ikea RASKOG Crochet Cart

Source: Ikea RASKOG Crochet Cart by Repeat Crafter Me

Ikea for the win! You can always depend on Ikea to have a storage solution to fit your needs. For this yarn storage idea, you’ll want to get the RASKOG storage cart. It’s conveniently on wheels and can follow wherever you plan on knitting, crocheting, or crafting with yarn.

5. Hanging Sweater Cubby Yarn Storage Solution 

Hanging Sweater Cubby Yarn Storage Solution

Source: Hanging Sweater Cubby Yarn Storage Solution by Craft Yarn Council

Utilizing closet space is a perfect idea, especially if you don’t have room in the open areas of your craft (or any) room. Using hanging sweater cubbies will make the most of the space in your closet, while giving you ample room to store many rolls of yarn – and by color.

6. DIY Pegboard Yarn Organizer 

DIY Pegboard Yarn Organizer

Source: DIY Pegboard Yarn Organizer by Morthunder

Don’t have room or closet space? This idea by Morthunder takes your yarn organization to the wall by using a DIY pegboard yarn organizer. Not only is it easy to create, but you’ll also showcase your yarn in a stylish and organized fashion.

7. Cube Shelf Yarn Storage

Cube Shelf Yarn Storage

Storage: Cube Shelf Yarn Storage by Mama in a Stitch

If your yarn stash looked anything like Mama in a Stitch’s room, then you had it all over the place. Her idea was to use a cube shelf to keep all of her used and unused yarn in one convenient place. Using a cube shelf will also give you top storage space for your yarn accessories.

8. Store Yarn on a Bookshelf

Store Yarn on a Bookshelf

Source: Store Yarn on a Bookshelf by Making a Home

Bookshelves are fairly easy to come by and don’t cost a fortune. Next time you’re at a yard sale or at the local thrift store, check out what they have and pick one up. Similar to the idea above, you can use it to store all of your yarn rolls in a simple way.

9. Hanging Shoe Organizer Pockets to Store Yarn or Wool Rovings 

Hanging Shoe Organizers to Store Yarn or Wool Rovings

Source: Hanging Shoe Organizers to Store Yarn or Wool Rovings by Felt4U

Another space-saving solution is to use a hanging shoe organizer to store your yarn or wool rovings. The slots are the perfect space for storing them individually by color. You may be able to fit two in one space once the yarn has been used.

10. Knitting Project Tote

Knitting Project Tote

Source: Knitting Project Tote by LTK (no-follow)

Having a project tote comes in handy if you like to do knitting and crocheting on the go. You’ll have the perfect amount of space for storing and easily carrying everything you need.

11. Store Yarn in a Vintage Suitcase 

Store Yarn in a Vintage Suitcase

Source: Store Yarn in a Vintage Suitcase by Craft and Creativity

This stylish yarn solution combines a vintage suitcase with keeping your yarn rolls nice and organized. It is also a space saver because the suitcase can be kept underneath your bed, desk, or in a closet.

12. Vintage Yarn Cabinet

Vintage Yarn Cabinet

Source: Vintage Yarn Cabinet by Wool Wool Stool

Another stylish idea for storing your yarn is to use a vintage cabinet. You’ll have plenty of space for storing all your yarn rolls.

13. PVC Pipe Yarn Organizer 

PVC Pipe Yarn Organizer

Source: PVC Pipe Yarn Organizer by Atelie Abavellar

The possibilities are endless with this yarn storage solution. By using PVC pipes, you can cut them to the exact size you need and stack them as high and wide as you prefer. Each section can hold one roll.

14. EASY DIY Yarn Shelf Divider

EASY DIY Yarn Shelf Dividers

Source: EASY DIY Yarn Shelf Divider by Hello Happy

Create your own yarn shelf divider by using cheap foam core boards. Cut and connected diagonally is all it takes to turn your bookshelf into a stylish yarn storage space.

15. Use Coffee Cans to Store Yarn

Use Coffee Cans to Store Yarn

Source: Unknown

If you’re a coffee drinker, start keeping your coffee cans and use them to store your yarn rolls. Connected by tape, you can combine as many as you’d like depending on how many rolls of yarn you need a space for.

16. Yarn Hutch with Wire Baskets 

Yarn Hutch with Wire Baskets

Source: Yarn Hutch with Wire Baskets by hiisarahrose

Turn your hutch into a yarn storage space by adding a few wire baskets. Hutches usually come with plenty of space for adding accessories, which makes it ideal for storing your skeins of yarn and more!

17. Sort balls of yarn in magazine holders

Sort balls of yarn in magazine holders

Source: Craft Room Ideas from Sew Many Ways

18. Store yarn on a shelf in clear plastic storage bins with lids

Store yarn on a shelf in clear plastic bins

Source: Spring Craft Cleaning from Laughing Purple Goldfish Designs

I love clear storage boxes and drawers – you can see everything at a glance, yet your supplies are still tucked away neatly. And when the storage boxes have lids, you can easily keep dust from accumulating on those supplies that are used less often.

Creative Ways to Store Scrap Yarn Pieces:

1. Wrap Yarn Scraps Around Clothespins and Write Labels

Wrap Yarn Scraps Around Clothespins

Source: Getting Stitched on the Farm

If you have just a little bit of yarn leftover, but you don’t want to toss it – to keep for patching or mending holes and rips later – Give this idea a try. Just wrap you bit of yarn around a clothespin and write the color and brand on the end of the wood.

2. Store Balls of Leftover Yarn in an Egg Carton

Balls of Leftover Yarn in an Egg Carton

Source: Pinterest

Wrap all of your leftover yarn into individual balls and place in an egg carton. Such a great ZERO-DOLLAR organizing idea!


How to Store Yarn


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