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Fabric can be expensive. Save a bundle on your next DIY or craft and try one of these creative drop cloth projects. How to use drop cloth fabric to make some beautiful home decor.

Fabric can be expensive. Save a bundle on your next DIY or craft and try one of these creative drop cloth projects. How to use drop cloth fabric to make some beautiful home decor.

Don’t miss these thrifty yet chic drop cloth decorating and craft projects.

Want to know one of my favorite thrifty materials to use for craft projects? The humble drop cloth! It’s such a cheap way to buy fabric, and the neutral color is perfect for using in all kinds of different crafts.

If you think a drop cloth is only good for throwing over your carpet while you’re repainting the living room, think again.

creative drop cloth projects and craft ideas

Check out these 14 inventive drop cloth projects. You won’t believe what incredible things you can make with this simple material!

1. Drop cloths are perfect for making simple pillow cases

I made these super simple DIY Christmas pillows with just a large drop cloth, a few basic sewing tools, and… Sharpies!

That’s right, you only need a couple of permanent markers to create the fun design on these pillow cases. The drop cloth works as a perfect blank canvas, and they end up looking as good as anything you’d buy in the shops.

I made my pillow cases with a subtle Christmas theme, but you could obviously use the same technique to create any design you like. The possibilities are endless.

2. Use stencils to create a simple table runner

If you’re not a great sewer, perhaps this simple drop cloth table runner from Pretty Handy Girl is more your style. When you cut drop cloths, you can fray the edges slightly to create a subtle rustic vibe, which will make your dining table look instantly well-dressed.

This version is decorated with stencils, to bring a more personal touch. They’re so easy to make, you could even make different versions for different seasons or holidays!

3. Use a drop cloth to create a moody wall hanging

batik dye tapestry diy

Many drop cloth projects focus on bleaching the fabric or getting them to look as bright as possible. This beautiful wall hanging from Kelli Murray does just the opposite. I especially love how she chose not to iron the fabric, instead of leaving it with a bit more texture.

Pick any design you like and some inexpensive fabric dye from the craft store, and you can make your very one-of-a-kind tapestry wall hanging.

4. Your kids will love this easy drop cloth play tent

There’s nothing more satisfying than creating something for someone who you know will really appreciate it, and this drop cloth play tent from Thrifty & Chic is the perfect example.

Can you imagine the looks on your kids’ faces when you present them with their very own tent! The drop cloths are an easy way to cover the tent, and you can easily customize them by dying them in your kids’ favorite colors, or adding stencils.

Even if you don’t have kids, this tent would make a great cozy reading nook…

5. Transform your drop cloths into elegant Christmas baubles

A lot of drop cloth projects require you to buy brand new, clean drop cloths. But there are also plenty of drop cloth crafts that will help you make use of the scruffy ones you’ve got stuffed in a box in your garage!

These subtle Christmas baubles from Farmhouse On Boone are a great way to transform your old drop cloths into something new.

It doesn’t matter if the cloths are torn or stained. Just rip up big strips of drop cloth (avoiding the paint stains!). Then glue the fabric strips onto styrofoam balls.

These baubles will bring a classy touch of rustic chic to your Christmas tree – nobody will guess how they began their life!

6. Make a practical apron for gardening or foraging

Drop cloth is a super practical fabric, so it’s great for making things like this foraging apron from Homespun Seasonal Living. It’s soft and comfortable to wear, but also sturdy enough with lots of pockets, so you can keep your hands free while you’re outdoors.

You could use the same pattern to make an apron for cooking, too.

7. Nobody will ever guess your curtains are made from drop cloths!

Drop cloths may be cheap to buy, but the fabric is actually a pretty wonderful value. It has a great weight and texture that drapes in such a beautiful way. It’s perfect for curtains!

I made my own living room curtains from drop cloths, dyed a beautiful blue. You can use whatever fabric dye you like to customize these DIY curtains to match your home decor style.

P.S. if you’re DIY-ing your curtain panels, why not go the same route with your curtain rods. You can save a bundle with one of these DIY curtain rod ideas.

8. Use a drop cloth’s frayed edges to create all sorts of patterns

Use the frayed edges of a torn piece of drop cloth to make the Union Jack on this simple pillow case from It All Started With Paint. Two slightly different colored drop cloths (hello, bleach!) are layered up to create a monotone pattern.

You could use this technique to create all kinds of different patterns and shapes! Drop cloths just lend themselves so well to this kind of shabby chic, farmhouse style.

9. Drop cloth rugs can be so effective!

DIY painted canvas rug for fall

Drop cloths are designed to be used on the floor, but not usually like this – this stenciled drop cloth rug from Twelve on Main flips the idea on its head! Just cut a piece of drop cloth and stencil in a design of your choice.

This version takes advantage of the latest trend of layering rugs. But if you prefer to make a regular standalone rug, just remember to add a backing.

10. Create a seasonal flag to hang outside your home

If you love changing up your home decor depending on the season, you’ll love this simple drop cloth flag idea. Decorated with a simple autumnal design, this flag is perfect to display in the fall – and you can create different versions to hang at different times of year! To help your flag stay at its best, paint it with a weatherproof paint before adding your design.

11. Make No-Sew Fabric Bookmarks

DIY watercolor painted fabric bookmarks

Grab some scrap drop cloth fabric and your favorite color acrylic paints and let your creativity flow. Follow my simple tutorial to make your own watercolor no-sew bookmarks.

12. No sew drop cloth napkins are so easy!

If your home has a rustic farmhouse feel, these drop cloth napkins from Maison De Pax will look beautiful on your dining table. They’re incredibly easy to make, with no sewing necessary, but they still add a little touch of the homemade to your table. Just tie them loosely with a piece of yarn or string, for a chic table setting.

13. Use drop cloths for upholstery

Drop cloths are a brilliant material to use for upholstery. They’re soft and easy to work with, but still sturdy enough to stand up against regular usage. Eleven Magnolia Lane used drop cloths to upholster her dining room chairs, and the end result is super effective! These ones were stenciled with numbers, but you could opt for a solid color instead by dying the fabric, or add your own choice of design.

14. Ruffled lampshades are the perfect use for drop cloths

Big on ruffles? Make this easy ruffled lampshade from Daily Dose Of Style! It takes a little while to make, as you need to glue each ruffle on individually, but luckily, it’s super simple. Just take strips of drop cloth, and glue them around a plain lampshade – there’s no wrong way to do it! The more random, the better. This is just the sort of project I like to do in the evening in front of a movie!

15. Upcycled Cardboard Hearts

upcycled cardboard hearts

These adorable upcycled cardboard hearts are embellished with scraps of drop cloth fabric, yarn, twine, and even sheet music.

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Drop Cloth Projects and DIY Decor

Have I inspired you with all these different drop cloth decorating ideas?! Whether you go for a tiny drop cloth project, like covering a lampshade, or a big one, like making curtains for your home, I’m sure you’ll never look at drop cloths in the same way again. They’re such an incredible material for crafting!