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Follow this step-by-step tutorial and learn how to print any image onto scrap drop cloth fabric, and make your own printed fabric bookmarks.

DIY floral fabric bookmarks printed on drop cloth fabric

Make these pretty fabric bookmarks – in any pattern you like – no sewing required!

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Let’s Make Our Own DIY Fabric Bookmarks

Every summer, I have an ambitious summer reading list. This summer is no different.

And the only thing I love more that cracking open a new book, is pairing it with a new bookmark.

Last summer I made these DIY painted fabric bookmarks on drop cloth fabric, and they have been a joy to use:

DIY watercolor painted fabric bookmarks
Fabric Bookmarks

I decided to keep with the drop cloth fabric trend and make some more bookmarks this summer as well.

This time, though, I’m going to print images and text on them.

P.S. – Don’t have time to DIY these bookmarks? Grab some FREE printable monogram bookmarks instead!

Where can I buy drop cloth fabric?

I buy my drop cloths at Home Depot. You can buy them at any home improvement store. Be sure to buy the fabric type without any sort of backing.

How do I bleach and prep drop cloths before crafting with them?

bleaching a fabric drop cloth

I take them home, toss them in a tub with some bleach and water. After sitting out for half a day, I wash the drop cloth like normal.

From there, I can decorate with the fabric – like with these DIY drop cloth fabric curtains or these drop cloth and sharpie pillow covers.

I also like to keep extra fabric pieces and scraps in my craft stash. The beached drop cloth fabric is very similar to linen, but for a fraction of the cost.

printed fabric bookmarks

Tutorial: How to Make Printed Fabric Bookmarks

For this project I used some scrap drop cloth. I always, ALWAYS keep scraps in my craft room. In moments like this, they come in quite handy.

If you don’t have drop cloth fabric scraps, no worries, just grab a piece of any linen-type fabric and keep reading.

Follow this quick video, and then read the step-by-step directions below:

DIY floral fabric bookmarks printed on drop cloth fabric

Printed Fabric Bookmarks on Dropcloth Fabric

Yield: 3 bookmarks
Active Time: 20 minutes
Total Time: 20 minutes
Difficulty: easy

Follow this step-by-step tutorial and learn how to print any image onto scrap drop cloth fabric, and make your own printed fabric bookmarks.



  • iron
  • ironing mat or ironing board
  • pencil
  • rotary cutter and mat, or fabric scissors
  • printer
  • seam ripper, Cricut weeding tool, or safety pin - to help fray the edges


  1. Watch the video tutorial before you begin, and let that be your visual guide for this project.
  2. Cut a piece of scrap drop cloth fabric and a piece of freezer paper to approx. 9-10 inches by 12-13 inches.
  3. Lay the drop cloth fabric onto an ironing mat. Lay the freezer paper on the drop cloth, plastic coating side down. Iron (no steam) the freezer paper to the fabric, until the plastic coating is melted and the two are fused together. iron freezer paper onto the drop cloth fabric
  4. Trace a sheet of printer paper onto the freezer paper. Use a rotary cutter (or fabric scissors) to cut the freezer paper/fabric piece down to 8.5×11-inches, using the pencil marks as your guide. trim the fabric and freezer paper to size
  5. Print your bookmark design – simply run the fabric/freezer paper combo through your printer, taking care so that the edges don't curl. Watch the printer closely to prevent any jams.
  6. Peel the freezer paper away from the fabric.
  7. Use a rotary cutter to trim the fabric into three bookmarks. trim the bookmarks with a rotary cutter
  8. Use a tool of your choice to fray the edges of each bookmark. fray the edges of the fabric bookmark

My Finished DIY Printed Fabric Bookmarks – 2 Styles

And that’s it! Now I have cute little custom printed bookmarks made from scrap drop cloth fabric. I went with two styles here.

These bookmarks have quotes about reading and a watercolor background:

DIY printed fabric bookmarks with quotes about reading

The other has vintage botanicals and book page print:

DIY vintage floral fabric bookmarks

Don’t forget to PIN these Drop Cloth Bookmarks for Later:

how to print images on dropcloth

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