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Are you a book lover looking to add a personal touch to your reading experience? Grab these FREE printable monogram bookmarks today!

free printable floral monogram bookmarks

Looking for a thoughtful gift idea for the bookworm in your life? Download and print these floral monogram bookmarks.

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In this new digital age, where e-books and Kindles have gained popularity, it’s refreshing to see that the charm of physical books still endures. I’ve always been a paper-and-pencil kind of person. I honestly prefer to read from a physical book instead of on a screen.

So what better way to enhance your reading experience than with a personalized bookmark?

These past two years, I’ve made my own bookmarks to compliment my summer reading lists: both watercolor fabric bookmarks and printed fabric bookmarks.

But if you don’t have the time or desire to go the DIY route, you can still have customized bookmarks without spending a pretty penny.

floral monogram bookmark with a teal tassel

Tired of using random scraps of paper as bookmarks? Download and print these FREE printable monogram bookmarks

I recently designed these free printable monogram bookmarks. They’re the perfect accessory for bookworms who appreciate a touch of style and individuality.

floral monogram bookmarks on a pile of books

How to Use the Free Printable Monogram Bookmarks

1 – Print and Cut the Printable

Print the bookmark on high-quality paper or cardstock for durability. Use a paper cutter or scissors to carefully cut along the edges of the bookmark template.

2 – Protect Your Bookmark

I designed these printable bookmarks to pair perfectly with these plastic sleeve protectors and colorful assortment of tassels.

You could also laminate the bookmarks for added protection and longevity.

3 – Enjoy Your Personalized Bookmark

Your custom monogram bookmark is now ready to accompany you on your reading adventures. Slip it between the pages of your favorite book. Whenever you pick it up, you’ll be greeted by a touch of personalization that reflects your unique reading journey.

Free Printable Monogram Bookmarks

By creating your own custom bookmarks, you can enhance organization, express your unique identity, and even gift personalized tokens of appreciation to fellow book lovers. Happy reading!

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Free Printable Monogram Bookmarks


  1. Thank you so much. I’m just learning what you can do with the printer and fabric and need ideas on different kinds of fabric we can print on.

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