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Who would have thought you could craft with basic kitchen items like dollar store placemats? Check out these surprising DIY placemat crafts that are totally genius.

Who would have thought you could craft with basic kitchen items like placemats?  Check out these surprising dollar store placemat crafts that are totally genius.

Crafting with Dollar Store Placemats

I LOVE shopping at the dollar store for craft supplies, especially when I want to make DIY home decor. I often find crafty inspiration in the most unexpected aisles. For example: the kitchen aisle. This is such an incredible place to shop for items that you can completely transform in the most unexpected of ways.

Dollar Tree has some REALLY cute placemats that are perfect to craft with. Check these guys out:

Dollar Store Placemats - crafts and DIY decor to make with dollar store placemats

How stinkin’ cute are these placemats? I love them all so much. And they’re only a dollar each!

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Crafting with Dollar Store Placemats

Here are six of my favorite ways to get crafting with dollar store placemats. You can frame them, hang them, add them to pizza pans or serving trays. These ideas are all so pretty and creative.

1 – Framed Placemat

This framed place mat is so simple – you just need dollar store place mat and frame, along with a bit of faux greenery and ribbon. This frame was a bit smaller than the place mat, so be sure to pick one than can be cut down to size – like this “home sweet home” mat.

DIY Dollar Store Wall Decor - Grab a placemat and picture frame to make this beautiful farmhouse-style wall decor

Watch this tutorial to see how to make easy DIY wall decor:

2 – Pizza Pan + Placemat Door Hanger

Another great place mat option that can be cut down in size is this “our nest is best” mat. Pair it with a pizza pan and similar greenery/ribbon to the framed project. Too cute!

Grab a plain old pizza pan and a decorative placemat to make a cute and creative pizza pan door hanger craft. An easy dollar store DIY decor project.

Skip to the second half of this video to see how this DIY door hanger came together:

3 – Fall Pumpkin Craft

DIY Dollar Store Pumpkin Placemat Craft

Watch this video to see just how easy it is to make this fall craft:

4 – Larger Framed Placemat

I don’t always find larger frames at the dollar store, but when I do I’m sure to grab several. Grab an 11×14 frame (feel free to paint it if you like) and a placemat for the easiest DIY wall decor!

Framed Dollar Tree Placemat

5 – Door Hanger

Check out this adorable door hanger. You would never guess that there’s a place mat in there! This would also make a fantastic addition to a gallery wall.

6 – Farmhouse Tray

How cute is this little tray? Grab some chalk paint and a placemat to make your own customized serving tray.

Decorative Tray from a Placemat

7 – Pizza Pan Wreath

When I think of pizza pans and place mats, I don’t naturally think of crafting… but I should probably think again. This DIY dollar store wreath is fantastic!

Don’t forget to PIN these dollar store placemat DIYs for later:

Crafts with Dollar Store Placemats


  1. I used the splatter cover instead of the pizza pan. On one, the handle was covered by hot-gluing a cross to it. I left another handle uncovered, & the black was just fine. It could be painted any color, however. For each, I had a built-in hangar!

    1. Hi Janie – I love these ideas! If you’re on instagram, will you share a picture and add #imacrazycraftlady so I can see? Happy making!

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