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These decorative baking sheet crafts are pure GENIUS! Using a few simple craft supplies, you can transform a Dollar Store cookie sheet or an old baking tray into creative home decor pieces.

decorative magnetic boards

Crafting with baking sheets

Who knew there were so many unique ways to transform a simple dollar store baking sheet!

Cookie sheet. Baking Sheet. Sheet Pan. Whatever you call it, one thing is for certain – you can definitely make a unique craft with it.

Take a look in the kitchen section of your Dollar Tree store, and you’re bound to find a variety of cooking and baking supplies. Hands-down, one on my favorite are the baking sheets. The crafting possibilities with these bad boys are endless.

So whether you’ve got a brand new dollar store baking sheet, or an old beat up one ready for an upcycle – here are some craft ideas that I think you’ll enjoy:

Creative Baking Sheet Crafts

1. Milk + Cookies Tray for Santa

Make this cute farmhouse-style enamel Santa cookie tray with a dollar store cookie sheet and chalk paint. Leave out cookies and milk for Santa and carrots for the reindeer.

Watch this video to see how to make your own “enamel style” farmhouse Christmas cookie tray for Santa:

2. Magnetic Organizer Board

How to make a magnetic organizer from a dollar store cookie sheet.

This magnetic organizer comes together in a snap with a cookie sheet, Mod Podge, and some decorative paper.

3. Decorative Serving Tray

Grab some dollar store supplies to make this DIY cookie sheet serving tray. For just a few dollars, you can make this functional and beautiful farmhouse-style tray.

Grab a cookie sheet and a handful of wooden craft sticks to make this unique decorative serving tray. Painting the wooden sticks gives this tray a fresh farmhouse feel, but this would look great with natural or stained wood as well.

Here’s how to make your own cookie sheet serving tray:

4. Faux Galvanized Tray

Cookie Sheet Serving Tray

Grab your paintbrushes, because this galvanized tray is the perfect addition to your farmhouse decor.

5. Cookie Sheet To-Do List

Cookie Sheet To-Do List

This tutorial combines some basic dollar store supplies (cookie sheet, craft paper, and rulers) to make a truly unique “to do” list or shopping list.

6. Farmhouse Sign

Baking Sheet Farmhouse Sign

Watch this tutorial to see how to transfer words to a cookie sheet – no Cricut required:

7. Make a Colorful Magnetic Memo Board

Decoupage Magnetic Memo Board Craft

Use paint, fabric, and Mod Podge to give an old baking sheet a colorful makeover – like this tutorial from Sadie Seasongoods.

8. Countdown to Christmas Dollar Store Craft

Cookie Sheet Christmas Countdown Dollar Store Craft

You all know I love a good Christmas countdown craft, and this project from Views from a Step Stool is no exception. The only thing more impressive than this blogger’s creativity is her amazing penmanship!

9. Make a Chic Gold and White Tray

These decorative magnetic boards are GENIUS ideas! Using a few simple craft supplies, you can transform a Dollar Store cookie sheet into a magnetic organizer or command center. Check out these cute and functional DIY magnetic boards.

This project uses Washi tape to make a decorative pattern on this chic DIY tray.

10. Create a Functional Family Command Center

family command center on a wall with magnetic cookie sheets to stay organized

The best way to keep a busy family organized is with a command center. Organizing solutions can often become very expensive, very quickly. This command center wall from 3 Little Greenwoods is a great way to get everyone organized without spending a ton of money.

11. DIY Travel Lap Tray

DIY cookie sheet travel lap tray

I wish I had seen this creative idea when my kids were little. With a pillow, handy carrying handles, and plenty of storage for art supplies and games, this travel lap tray will keep little ones entertained for hours.

12. Magnetic Scrabble Board

magnetic scrabble board from a cookie sheet

This DIY magnetic scrabble board would make the perfect addition to a game room or kids’ play room. What a fun craft for any Scrabble lover!

13. Magnetic Dollar Store Spice Rack

make a magnetic spice organizer from a baking sheet

Spices are notoriously difficult to keep organized, and those little spice cabinets never seem to be big enough. Take advantage of space on the back of door fronts with this magnetic spice organizer from A Cultivated Nest.

14. Make a Tropical Serving Tray

DIY Cookie Sheet Serving Tray

This blogger took upcycling to a whole new level. Grab a cookie sheet and an old poster (or decorative paper from the craft store) to make a one-of-a-kind serving tray. This tray is just begging to be used to cocktail hour with a fun cocktail or mocktail!

15. Magnetic Chore Chart

Magnetic chore chart from a painted baking sheet

I’ll freely admit that I’m not the best about being consistent about having my kids do chores. This cute chore board from See Vanessa Craft is a fantastic solution for kids of all ages, even if they are early readers. The pictures on the magnets serve as the reminders for each chore that needs to be done.

16. Modern Magnetic Board

DIY cookie sheet magnetic board

Pegboards are an incredibly versatile storage and organizing solution.  Normally, you think about adding hooks and other organizing accessories, but Sustain my Craft Habit took it to a new level by adding a magnetic board. It’s the perfect balance or decoration and functional storage.

17. Farmhouse Magnetic Board

Farmhouse style magnetic board from a dollar store baking sheet

This magnetic board from Yesterday on Tuesday is simply adorable! Skip the mess of Mod Podge on this craft, and decorate a tray with contact paper instead.

18. Cookie Sheet Perpetual Calendar

Cookie Sheet Wall Calendar

All you need is a cute calendar and magnets to make your own perpetual calendar. Each month, just re-arrange the numbers. So smart!

19. Kitchen Menu Board and Command Center

DIY kitchen command center and menu planner from a baking sheet

Keep your menu plan, shopping list, and coupons organized all together in one place with a DIY kitchen command center

20. Gold Leaf Serving Tray

Gold Leaf Serving Tray

This upcycle transformation is absolutely stunning! Take an old, beat up baking sheet and breathe new life into it with golf leaf.

21. Use a Cookie Sheet as a Canvas for a Painting

Botanical Painting Cookie Sheet Wall Art

These botanical cookie sheets are so lovely. If you’re at all artistically inclined, an old cookie sheet would make a unique canvas.

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