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Pegboards have infinitely creative uses well beyond your garage. Solve your organizing problems with these 12 genius pegboard organizing ideas for all areas of your house.

Organizing with Pegboards: Pegboards have infinitely creative uses well beyond your garage. Solve your organizing problems with these 12 genius pegboard organizing ideas for all areas of your house.

Genius Organizing Solutions using Pegboards

Making your house look clean, tidy and nicely decorated is just the beginning. You also need to keep it that way!

If you have trouble keeping your house organized, these creative pegboard organizing ideas are just what you need. A pegboard helps you to give every item its own home. You always know exactly where an item needs to be returned to after it’s been used, ensuring your house stays tidy and organized.

Plus, a pegboard can actually be a really attractive feature of a room! It can be so satisfying seeing all items displayed in a beautiful, structured way.

These creative pegboard ideas will inspire you to make use of a pegboard in any room in your house.

12 Creative Pegboard Organizing Ideas + Solutions for Your Home

Replace your bedside tables with a pegboard headboard

pegboard headboard from Sugar and Cloth

If you want to free up some floor space in your small bedroom, try a pegboard headboard, like this one on Sugar & Cloth. With a couple of small shelves for your book and alarm clock, a simple potted plant and some artwork, your bedroom will not only feel less cluttered, but it will feel more beautiful too.

Keep your crockery neat and tidy with pegboards inside your kitchen drawers

pegboard crockery drawer organization

If it’s good enough for Martha Stewart, it’s good enough for me! A pegboard in your crockery drawer can be a great way to keep your dishes in neat, tidy piles. The pegs can be rearranged to suit whatever sizes of dishes you have. This is also a great way to store pan lids upright in deep drawers.

Create a crafting station, with all your supplies on show

craft room pegboard from Honey Bear Lane

It can be hard to keep craft supplies organized, but a pegboard is the perfect solution. They’re so versatile, you can find a way to display any type of item. Think about hanging scissors on hooks, creating small shelves for paints, and even hanging up your spools of thread on their own individual pegs! This example from Honey Bear Lane is so colorful, it immediately makes me feel creative!

Use your pegboard as a fun way to display your yarn

pegboard yarn wall

If you’re into knitting or crochet, chances are you have a bit of a yarn habit. Rather than stuffing it all in a drawer to be forgotten, why not display it on an incredible pegboard yarn wall? Not only does it look absolutely stunning (especially if you arrange the yarn by color!), it will also ensure you never forget what yarn you’ve bought. Here’s an example on Knits For Life!

Store awkwardly-shaped kitchen objects without taking up valuable cupboard space

kitchen pegboard vertical storage

Colanders, graters, whisks, measuring cups – they’re all bulky, they’re all weird shapes, and they all take up far more space in the cupboard than they need to, especially in a small kitchen! If you have wall space, but not cupboard space, try hanging these awkward items on a pegboard instead, like this example from Refinery29.

Make a household command center in the hub of your home

pegboard family command center

A command center is the perfect way to get your household in order. Usually located near the front door, or in the hub of your home, it’s a great way to store your keys, family schedule, meal plan, and anything else you need to keep your family organized. Addicted 2 DIY’s pegboard organizer is the perfect example!

Display your jewelry and accessories in a beautiful way

framed pegboard jewelry organizer - creative pegboard organizing solution

You buy jewelry and accessories because they look beautiful, so why not display them on a pegboard so you can look at them all the time? As an added bonus, it will also stop your necklaces from getting tangled, and help to keep your earrings with their pair. This one from The 36th Avenue looks great!

Stop your garage from becoming a dumping ground

garage pegboard organized wall

The garage doesn’t need to be a place where things get dumped, never to be seen again. It deserves to be as well-organized as any other room in your house! A pegboard (or even a whole pegboard wall) is the perfect way to store tools, biking accessories, and garden equipment in an easy-to-use way. Here’s a great example from Clean And Scentsible. You might even clear up enough floor space to actually get your car in!

Display small pieces of artwork in a structured gallery wall

pegboard gallery wall

Gallery walls have been all the rage for a long time now – lots of smaller pieces of artwork, or personal photos, displayed together like in an art gallery. If you really want to make a feature of your gallery wall, why not construct it on a pegboard. You can see one here on The Design Files. Not only does it look really cool, it also makes it so easy to move your artwork around. You can swap pictures out for new ones, or rearranging them without having to drill new holes in the walls!

Organize your laundry room odds and ends

laundry room pegboard wall - get organized with pegboards

If you think a pegboard looks a little too industrial for the aesthetic of your house, perhaps it will work better in your laundry room. Here’s an example from A Beautiful Mess. With your cloths, detergents and cleaning supplies artfully arranged on a pegboard, even doing laundry will seem more fun!

Create a show stopping vertical garden

pegboard vertical garden

If you only have a small yard or just a balcony, but still have green fingers, a vertical garden is the way to go! Hang all sorts of potted plants one above the other to create something really eye-catching. Best of all, it can work indoors or out! Here’s a beautiful example from Pistils Nursery.

Make a portable caddy

creative pegboard organizing idea: portable DIY caddy from pegboards

If you’re a crafty type who does lots of DIY and always has a project on the go, a portable pegboard caddy will revolutionize your workflow! You can use it to hang all the tools or craft supplies you’ll need for a particular project. Plus, it can follow you around your garage or studio, always on hand. Find out how to make one on Mom 4 Real.

I hope you enjoyed these pegboard organizing ideas. If you’re looking for more creative organizing inspiration, be sure to follow my “Organize Everything!” board on Pinterest.

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Creative Pegboard Organizing Ideas: Pegboards have infinitely creative uses well beyond your garage. Solve your organizing problems with these 12 genius pegboard organizing ideas for all areas of your house.

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