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Come take a tour of my craft room and home office – it’s filled with DIY, thrifted, and inexpensive storage solutions.

Organized craft room from The Craft lady with crate shelves, painted chair and desk, and TONS of inexpensive organizing solutions

This craft room was a total labor of love, especially since I refused to spend lots of money on a fancy organizing system. Just about everything in this room was a thrift store find, garage sale buy, or hand-me-down piece.

My Thrifted Craft Room Reveal

My concrete craft desk

If you’ve been a follower of my blog for some time now, you will probably recognize my craft desk. It’s my old DIY concrete top dining table. When we moved into our new house, it became my office desk.

I also added two little white “2 cubby” organizers from Target underneath on each side to make the table feel like more of a desk.

DIY concrete overlay craft room table

This table top has seen a TON of wear and tear. It’s dented, painted, been burned with my hot glue gun, and more. So it’s the perfect work surface for my craft projects!

craft room and home office desk

Organizing a craft dresser

Ikea Hemnes dresser for craft room storage

I have had this Ikea Hemnes dresser for a few years now. It stored many of my extra craft supplies (and some clothes, too) back in our rental and I was working out of a closet office.

craft room dresser storage - Ikea Hemnes dresser for craft supply storage

Now, it’s strictly craft and office supply storage. I used my Cricut to cut out drawer labels from removable adhesive vinyl.

If you want to make your own labels, the font I used is called “American Typewriter” – it’s a free font to download. It’s probably my favorite font to use for making labels on my Cricut. I also used this same font to label my pantry jars.

Ikea Hemnes Dresser Craft Storage with Labels

A Cricut + Printer Stand

This little stand was a 50-cent garage sale find. Yep, it was $0.50 🙂

It was horrible wood patterned laminate with water damage to one leg. But with a couple coats of primer and paint, this little shelf is the perfect stand for my Cricut and my printer.

cricut, printer, and gift wrap storage

I may eventually need a new system for gift wrap and craft paper rolls, but for now that Red Wing crock is a good start. I snagged that crock for a steal at an estate sale in our neighborhood!

DIY-ing a crate storage shelf system

When my mom told me she had a handful of wooden crates that she was going to donate, I told her to hold her horses. I wanted them!

wooden craft craft room storage - DIY an open shelving system from wooden crates.

Now, they are the perfect addition to this $10 garage sale Ikea shelf. I just stacked the crates on top of the Ikea shelf for TONS of open storage. It’s a great place to keep my notebooks, vinyl, paper, camera gear, as well as my most-used craft supplies that I need to have handy when filming videos.

Ive got a hodge podge of baskets and fabric bins that I’ve collected over time. The gray fabric boxes are from Ikea. The teal fabric bin is from Target (I think!). Two of those baskets were a recent upcycle project with spray paint.

craft room tour from The Crazy Craft Lady - DIY wood crate shelves and a DIY concrete top craft table

I know you way be wondering how sturdy this thing is, or whether it may come toppling down. First, my kids are well beyond the “climbing on shelves” stage. Second, it may be hard to tell from the picture, but each level of crates is set back about 1-2 inches from the crate below it. This way the crates tend to lean back and not forward.

If you’re in doubt at all (or have very young children) I would definitely secure the crate to the wall.

A Shiplap Wallpaper Feature Wall

This wallpaper was my one big splurge for my office, but it was so worth it!

After using removable wallpaper before in the kitchen of our last house, I was a seasoned pro hanging up this wallpaper. You can watch a quick time lapse below:

You can read more about hanging removable wallpaper here.

Dog sitting at my craft desk

That’s it! Raisin (my crafty pup) and I thank you for stopping by and taking our craft room tour. Happy making, friends!


  1. great ideas. I’ve needed a sense of direction. Thanks. By the way, did you paint the chair? If so what color is it! Looking forward to more ideas.

    1. Hi Sharon,
      Yes, I painted the chair. I used Waverly chalk paint (from Walmart) in the color “Moss”. I have only used this chalk paint on smaller craft projects, so this is my first time using it on furniture. It’s very inexpensive compared to other chalky-type paints, so I’m waiting to see how well it holds up before I share a full review.

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