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These Dollar Store Halloween Decorations are sure to inspire you to decorate your home or Halloween party in a fun and festive way.

DIY Dollar Store Halloween Decorations


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Some of the most elaborate Halloween decor can seem to cost an arm and a leg. That doesn’t have to be the case when you have these Dollar Store Halloween decor options to help.


I’ve seen some pretty high-end Halloween setups. I’m talking about the ones that look like they should be charging people to see it.

Even if your goal is to have the best decor on the block, you don’t have to spend much money to make it happen. Luckily, the Dollar Store seems to constantly add to their options year after year making it even more feasible to decorate on a dime.


Absolutely! I, for one, am not all about the super scary stuff during Halloween.

One year, we did a Halloween Painted Rocks project which was nothing more than turning rocks into little cute ghosts and spider webs. This was something I could do with the kids and not worry about them having nightmares.

The ideas below are super cute, not scary, and will inspire you to create Halloween decor you can be proud of.

Dollar Store Halloween Decorations for Your Front Porch

Looking to decorate your front porch this Halloween? Here are some ideas for inspiration.

1. DIY Graveyard Porch

DIY Graveyard Porch

Source: DIY Graveyard Porch by Made in a Day

Easily turn your front porch into a graveyard with a few Dollar Store styrofoam boards, pumpkins, and lanterns. This idea works for porches of all sizes.

Dollar Store Halloween Outdoor Decor

2. Witch’s Brooms

Witch's Brooms

Source: Witch’s Brooms by Lainie 1130

Turn ordinary brooms into sparkly cool witch’s brooms with some glitter, ribbon, and embellishments. What a cool, low-maintenance way to decorate for Halloween!

3. Hanging Jackolantern

Hanging Jackolantern

Source: Hanging Jackolantern by Redhead Can Decorate

Take your jack-o-lanterns to new heights by putting them inside of a cage and dangling them on your front porch. This is a cool way to give new look to lanterns.

4. Easy Hanging Cages Halloween Prop

Easy Hanging Cages

Source: Easy Hanging Cages Halloween Prop by The Navage Patch

Pull off this look with a few Dollar Store lanudry baskets and some skeletons from the Halloween decor section. Zip tie or hot glue them together, add some chains, and you have a cute caged look.

5. Dollar Store Plastic Skull Decoration

Dollar Store Plastic Skull Decoration

Source: Dollar Store Plastic Skull Decoration by Celebrate and Decorate

This plastic skull topiary is sure to be the topic of discussion by all who visit your home. It’s simple to do and inexpensive to create.

Front Door Halloween Decorations Using Dollar Store Supplies

All of these ideas are made using Dollar Store supplies!

1. Skeleton Hands Wreath

Skeleton Hands Wreath

Source: Skeleton Hands Wreath by Eighteen 25

A unique wreath to make for Halloween. Made with skeleton hands then spray painted, this wreath is a tried and true project.

2. Halloween Bat Wreath

Dollar Store Halloween wreath.

Source: Halloween Bat Wreath by The Crazy Craft Lady

An easy way to decorate for Halloween is to create this simple – but cute – bat wreath. All you need is a circular foam wreath form, bat ribbon, and few bat embellishments. That’s it!

3. Dollar Store Halloween Wreaths

DIY Dollar Store Halloween Wreaths - You won't believe that these Halloween wreaths were made from dollar store supplies!

Source: Dollar Store Halloween Wreaths by The Crazy Craft Lady

These wreaths are listed left to right, top to bottom. Here are the links to their tutorials and descriptions:

  1. Dollar Store Halloween Wreath from Eighten25
  2. Halloween Skeleton Wreath from Lolly Jane
  3. Spooky Bookish Halloween Wreath from Raegun Ramblings
  4. Halloween Pumpkin Wreath from Eighteen25
  5. Easy Mini Halloween Wreath from The Kolb Corner
  6. Vintage Skeleton Wreath from Mod Podge Rocks!
  7. Simple Halloween Crow Wreath from Twelve on Main
  8. Skeleton Wreath from DIY Candy
  9. Pool Noodle Halloween Wreath from
  10. Rat’s Nest Halloween Wreath from Dream a Little Bigger
  11. Boo Wreath from Ribbons and Glue
  12. Tulle Halloween Wreath from Overstuffed
  13. Halloween Wreath Tutorial from Eighteen25
  14. Halloween Skull Wreath from Tried & True
  15. Halloween Wreath Made Easy from What Meegan Makes
  16. Black Cat Wreath from Shaken Together

Mason Jar Halloween Decoration Ideas

Grab your old mason jars and use them to make some of these nifty Halloween decorations.


Ghosts in a jar

Source: Ghosts in a Jar by Landee See Landee Do

These are super cute and easy to make. If you’re looking for a quick Halloween party centerpiece, give these a try!

2. Spider Web Mason Jar

Spider Web Mason Jar

Source: Spider Web Mason Jar by Mason Jar Crafts Love

Mason jars, white yarn, and black spiders come together to make the easiest spider web mason jar ever. Add a tealight candle to quickly turn it into a luminary.

3. Mini Spider Jars

Mini Spider Jars

Source: Mini Spider Jars by Mason Jar Crafts Love

A super unique way to turn mini mason jars into spiders. Spray paint the mini jars black, add googly eyes and use pipe cleaners for legs. This is a craft project perfect for kids to do.

4. Ombre Pumpkin Jars

Ombre Pumpkin Jars

Source: Ombre Pumpkin Jars by Sustain My Craft Habit

Turn your mason jars into an ombre masterpiece by painting three of them different shades of orange and one of them white. Paint the tops green and add a cork or stick from outside as a stem.

Best Dollar Store Decorations for a Halloween Party

If you’re hosting a Halloween party, here are a few ideas for inspiration.

1. DIY Skeleton Dish Candle

DIY skeleton dish candle

Source: DIY Skeleton Dish Candle by Four Front Doors

Create a bone-chilling candle dish to use as a centerpiece at your next party. You can also use it to serve beverages or candy.

2. Boneyard Lantern

Boneyard Lantern

Source: Boneyard Lantern by Oh My Creative

This boneyard lantern is a super unique way to decorate for your next Halloween gathering. Costing just pennies on a dollar, you can create several of these to place around different areas in a room.

3. Googly Eye & Spider Utensil Holder Jars

Google Eye & Spider Utensil Holder Jars

Source: Googly Eye & Spider Utensil Holder Jars by Meraki Lane

Decorate mason jars with googly eyes and spiders to hold utensils and straws for your party. Place them on a platter surrounded with brown and orange M&Ms for an added look.

4. Fabric Garland

Fabric Garland

Source: Fabric Garland by Giggle Living

Making a fabric garland is an easy way to decorate a mantel space, wall space, table, or any other area you’d like to decorate. This garland can also be used far beyond the Halloween season.

5. Halloween Party Favor Idea

Halloween Party Favor Idea

Source: Halloween Party Favor Idea by Eighteen 25

Looking for a party favor to send your guests home with? Making these gift tags for soap and hand sanitizers is the perfectly inexpensive way to make something your guests can actually use and remember. These are also a great idea if your kids need something for their class party.

6. Yarn Tassel Ghost Garland

Yarn Tassel Ghost Garland

Source: Yarn Tassel Ghost Garland by A Country Girl’s Life

Using yarn of different colors, you can create this easy yarn tassel ghost garland. The process is easy to follow and the results are super cute and non-scary ghosts that can be hung anywhere.

7. Witch Leg Planter Stakes

Witch Leg Planter Stakes

Source: Witch Leg Planter Stakes by Southern State of Minds Blog

These witch legs are sure to be the topic of the party when made and used as a centerpiece.

Unique Halloween Pumpkin Decorations Using Dollar Store Finds

Pumpkins are a big part of the season and decorating them for your Halloween decor can be so much fun!

1. Dollar Store Pumpkin Topiary

pumpkin topiary

Source: Dollar Store Pumpkin Topiary by The Kim Six Fix

This pumpkin topiary is created with Dollar Store pumpkins, paint, and peel-and-stick letters. It’s a versatile pumpkin craft project that can be changed to match your own theme and decorative style.

2. Chic Burlap Pumpkin

Chic Burlap Pumpkin

Source: Chic Burlap Pumpkin by Crafty Morning

Wrap a pumpkin in burlap, add strips of ribbon, and top of it off (literally) with a floral embellishment and you’ll have a chic burlap pumpkin of your own.

3. DIY Concrete Pumpkin Planter

DIY Concrete Pumpkin Planter

Source: DIY Concrete Pumpkin Planter by Lolly Jane

Use a concrete pumpkin planter stuff with faux fall floral flowers as a cute tablescape or centerpiece.

4. Plastic Pumpkin Topiary

Plastic Pumpkin Topiary

Source: Plastic Pumpkin Topiary by Munchkins Planet

Use a variety of jack-o-lantern style pumpkins and turn it into a topiary for your front porch or use it to decorate for your Halloween party.

5. Farmhouse Theme Painted Pumpkins

Source: Farmhouse Theme Painted Pumpkins by Home Talk

Use pumpkins to decorate with a farmhouse theme style by painting them white (or another pastel color) and using them as a centerpiece for your table.

6. Constellation Painted Pumpkins

Constellation Painted Pumpkins

Source: Constellation Painted Pumpkins by Quartz and Leisure

Use pumpkins to show off your love for the stars and constellations by painting them black (or white) and then using a paint marker to draw stars and constellations on them.

Dollar Store Pottery Barn Halloween Dupes

Here is a video with a few dollar store DIY decor ideas – black drippy wax candles, a ghost cloche, and a skeleton bowl – all inspired by Pottery Barn:


Dollar Store Halloween Crafts


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