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Follow this step-by-step tutorial to turn a cutting board, sheet music, and wood beads into a glittered whimsical Sheet Music Snowman Sign.

sheet music snowman winter sign

Make this quick and easy winter snowman craft from a Dollar Store cutting board, scrap paper, and wood beads.

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Why I love this craft

If you haven’t taken a stroll down the kitchen aisle at the Dollar Tree lately, you’re seriously missing out! Dollar Store cutting boards can be used to make some great crafts.

Dollar Tree used to sell red and white plastic cutting boards with handles. But now, it seems like Dollar Tree has been selling these little bamboo cutting boards:

make a winter craft from a dollar store cutting board

I have previously used these bamboo cutting boards to make a DIY wood bead riser, but today I’m going to make a winter craft.

Video Tutorial

Watch this quick video tutorial to see how this craft came together:

winter snowman sign with sheet music and wood beads

Sheet Music Snowman Sign

Yield: 1 craft
Active Time: 20 minutes
Total Time: 20 minutes
Difficulty: easy

Follow this step-by-step tutorial to turn a cutting board, sheet music, and wood beads into a glittered whimsical Sheet Music Snowman Sign.



  • 1" Wide paint brush
  • Small flat paint brush
  • Fine point paint brush
  • Hot glue gun and glue sticks


  1. Watch the tutorial video before you begin, and let that be your visual guide for this craft.
  2. Use a dry brush technique to lightly cover the cutting board with paint. I used DecoArt chalk paint and the dry brush method to lightly cover the cutting board. You can use any paint of your choice (acrylic, craft paint, etc.). paint the cutting board black
  3. Paint the edges. Be sure to completely paint the edges of the cutting board.
  4. Cut the scrapbook paper to the size of the cutting board. I used the cutting board to create a crease in the paper and did the tear method. You'll want to use the tear method to give the paper a distressed look. You'll want the paper torn down to give a half-inch lip on all sides.
  5. Apply matte Mod Podge. Use a brush the apply a nice even layer of mod podge all on the front of the cutting board.
  6. Affix the piece of sheet music paper to the cutting board. Apply the sheet music scrapbook paper on top of the mod pdge and smooth out any bubbles. Let it dry for 15-20 minutes.
  7. Seal the scrapbook paper. After the first application has dried, apply a coat of mod podge over the entire front of the cutting board.
  8. Apply a glitter border. Before the mod podge dries, apply a glitter border by sprinkling silver glitter along the edges of the cutting board.
  9. Paint the half wood balls. Use the same dry brush technique to paint the tops of the wood balls. Use less paint if yu want a better weathered look.
  10. Dry fit the wood balls into a snowman shape before gluing. I recommend dry fitting so you can play around with how you want them to look and get the spacing right before permanently applying.
  11. Glue the wood balls down. Using a fine-tip paint brush and wood glue, apply a generous amount the bottoms of each ball and place them down onto the cutting board.
  12. Embellish your sign. Using twine and wire, secure them onto the back of the cutting board and then begin wrapping them around the bottom of the cutting board a few times and secure it on the back with hot glue. You can also add a bow to the snowman's neck for extra embellishment.


Using wood glue instead of hot glue will give you more wiggle room with making any last minute adjustments to your snowman.

The Finished Snowman Craft:

winter snowman sign with sheet music and wood beads

With just a few simple materials and a dash of creativity, you’ve transformed ordinary sheet music into a delightful winter craft. This charming decoration celebrates both the beauty of winter band the joy of music.

So get creative, and make your own DIY sheet music snowman sign to decorate your space this winter.

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dollar store winter snowman sign

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