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Get crafty with a dollar store laundry basket! These DIY decor ideas stunning, and no one will guess that came from a cheap plastic basket.

laundry basket hacks

Grab a laundry basket from the dollar store and get crafty. These DIY decor projects are pure genius!

Hit up your local dollar store, and you’ll likely find a simple plastic laundry basket. Now, I do own a few myself. I use them (obviously) for laundry. But also for drop baskets when I’m organizing.

These baskets are also a great blank canvas for creating a totally custom DIY decor piece or storage basket. Here are some of the most creative ideas I’ve found on the internet:

Dollar Store Laundry Basket crafts + DIYs

Decorative Two-Tone Storage Baskets

Two Tone Storage Baskets from Dollar Tree Supplies

Watch the video tutorial below:

West Elm-Inspired Baskets

Check out this West Elm knock-off. Totally genius!

Knock off West Elm storage basket from dollar tree supplies

Watch the video tutorial below:

Make a Farmhouse Style Burlap Basket

Rustic Farmhouse Style Basket from Dollar Store Supplies

Check out this fantastic tutorial from Our Crafty Mom to make your own rustic storage basket.

Make a Christmas Tree Skirt

dollar tree laundry basket Christmas tree skirt

Grab a pile of chunky yarn and a dollar store laundry basket to make your own Christmas tree skirt.

This is a Christmas decor idea that I think I may have to replicate this year. I it’s just too good to pass up. And if you get creative with your craft supplies (yarn, ribbon, etc) the design and style possibilities are just about endless.

A Rustic Christmas Tree Skirt

dollar store laundry basket Christmas tree skirt

This laundry basket tree skirt is a little bit more rustic, and I’m loving it. It reminds my of my own DIY burlap tree skirt that I’ve used for several years now.

Jute Rope Basket

A rope basket filled with pillows and blankets.

I absolutely adore this decorative storage basket from Lydi Out Loud. The ombre paint technique makes this basket look a bit more modern.

Here’s a video tutorial of a similar technique:

Cheerful Rope Basket

DIY Dollar Store Rope Basket

Lined Linen Rope Basket

DIY Lined Linen Rope Basket

Organize Tub Toys

$1 tub toy storage solution. Get that tub toy clutter under control, for only a dollar!

Plant Potatoes

If your craft of choice is in the garden, apparently these laundry baskets are great for growing potatoes. Who knew!

Check out the process in the video below:

More dollar tree hacks and crafts:

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dollar tree laundry basket crafts and diys

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