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Grab a few (fake or real) pumpkins and your favorite paint colors to make some of these bright and cheery colorful painted pumpkins.

Colorful Painted Pumpkins

Pumpkin painting ideas in all sorts of colors and styles

Pumpkins are a classic theme for fall decorating and truth be told, they look good even plain. However, if you are looking for a breath of fresh air in your fall décor, painting your pumpkins can take them to a whole new level!

Styling your home with colorful painted pumpkins is a lovely idea and the painting process is very satisfying. On top of that, you have so many design ideas to choose from: floral, botanical, paint-dripped, rainbow, galaxy, cute characters and so much more!

Grab your paint brushes and let’s have some fun decorating pumpkins! Check out some of my favorite designs below to get started. They look gorgeous and come with step-by-step tutorials so there’s no need to feel intimidated even if you don’t have any painting skills.

Colorful Fall Pumpkins

16 Colorful Painted Pumpkin Ideas

1. DIY Monstera Leaf Pumpkins

DIY Monstera Leaf Pumpkins

Here’s an easy tutorial for painting these pretty monstera leaf pumpkins that’s fit even for novice artists.

It’s not your traditional fall décor but they can last throughout the entire season, which is nice if you don’t have time to redecorate for every holiday.

2. Drip Painting Pumpkin Tutorial

Drip Painting Pumpkin Tutorial

Drip painted pumpkins are a super fun craft, and if you have kids they will surely want to participate. Feel free to experiment with several color combinations to change up the look.

3. Hand Painted Floral Pumpkin

Hand Painted Floral Pumpkin

The blogger at Craftberry Bush created some floral pumpkins that look like a work of art. You’ll find a video tutorial in the post using a similar technique so you can easily make your own set of floral pumpkins to decorate for fall.

4. DIY Caramel Apple Painted Pumpkins

DIY Caramel Apple Painted Pumpkins

I can totally see these adorable caramel apple painted pumpkins as décor for a fall party. Aww Sam shares a really easy way to make them and you can decorate them with your favorite toppings!

5. DIY Rainbow Painted Pumpkins

DIY Rainbow Painted Pumpkins

Rainbow colors will always look pretty, including on pumpkins. You don’t need any special skills to follow this tutorial with a very simple design.

Just make sure you have rainbow paint colors and use white pumpkins since they are the easiest to cover with paint.

6. DIY Galaxy Painted Pumpkin

DIY Galaxy Painted Pumpkin

This galaxy painted pumpkin is probably the most fun Jack O’Lantern you’ve ever seen! The blogger at Dream A Little Bigger had a blast painting it, and when you light it up it will definitely make an impression.

7. DIY Watercolor Pumpkins

Watercolor Pumpkins

Soft shades of pastel can make your home brighter and more inviting, so these watercolor pumpkins make a perfect craft to try this fall.

The pumpkins are painted using sponges and paper towels so there is no precision work involved. It’s so easy even the kids might want to help!

8. Colorful Floral Pumpkins

Colorful Floral Pumpkins

Flamingo Toes created this set of vibrant floral pumpkins.

You can start with white faux pumpkins or if you can only find them in different colors simply cover them with white paint before adding the flowers.

9. Painted Gingham Pumpkins

Painted Gingham Pumpkins

Gingham is such a suitable pattern for fall but you can make it a bit non-traditional by using neon or other bright colors like Club Crafted did with their painted gingham pumpkins.

Besides white faux pumpkins and paint you will also need some painter’s tape to create this design so make sure you have some on hand.

10. DIY Pastel Pumpkin Faces

DIY Pastel Pumpkin Faces

I love these pastel pumpkin characters The House That Lars Built created! They are cute , easy to recreate, and work for fall and Halloween décor, so you can keep them throughout the entire season.

11. DIY No-Carve Color-Blocked Pumpkins

No-Carve Color-Blocked Pumpkins

Here is another bright and colorful painted pumpkin idea that works for fall, Thanksgiving, and Halloween décor.

Akailo Chick Life created these modern color-blocked pumpkins you can easily paint at home. Once the paint dries, add the patterns with a gold paint pen for a touch of glam, and you’re done!

12. DIY No-Carve Popcorn Pumpkin

No-Carve Popcorn Pumpkin

The crafters at the blog Aww Sam always come up with the most original painted pumpkin ideas and their no-carve popcorn pumpkins make no exception.

They have such a fun design that will be loved by kids and grown-ups alike. However, I am sure the most entertaining part will be painting them. The faux popcorn is made using tissue paper – the little ones will likely be happy to help with this part!

13. DIY Rainbow Painted Pumpkins

Rainbow Painted Pumpkins

Rainbow painted pumpkins make a cute fall vignette for a modern home and they are so easy to paint even kids can make them.

I really like the combination of pastel colors and the dark blue accent A Bubbly Life used but you can definitely use whatever colors would match your home.

14. Make Your Own Alcohol Ink Pumpkins

Alcohol Ink Pumpkins

Alcohol ink was used to create these modern colorful pumpkins.

While it is a messy process, the results are beautiful! Lay out some plastic sheeting and wear rubber gloves before starting to paint the pumpkins to avoid staining surfaces in your home.

15. Blue Porcelain Craft Pumpkin And Free Printable

Blue Porcelain Craft Pumpkin

You will need an artist’s eye to paint these gorgeous chinoiserie-inspired pumpkins like Craftberry Bush did.

Luckily, for those of us who are not so good at painting intricate florals, there is a design available you can print, cut, and Mod Podge directly on your pumpkins for similar results.

16. Fabric Tape Pumpkins

Fabric tape mini pumpkins are a simple fall craft that crafters of all ages can enjoy. Decorate pumpkins in any color or pattern using just tape.

Brighten up your fall decor with these fabric tape pumpkins. This simple craft can be made in a variety of fun colors and patterns – and you can even make your own fabric tape.

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Colorful Pumpkin Crafts

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