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Add a coastal vibe to your home decor with these driftwood crafts and DIY home decor projects – perfect for putting your beach finds to use.

crafts made with driftwood

Check out these driftwood decorating ideas and craft projects

Driftwood is a wonderful crafting material you can use to make all kinds of rustic, farmhouse, coastal, and beachy décor for your home. You can find plenty of driftwood just waiting to be picked up around beaches but also along riverbanks and lakes. Then, you just need to let your imagination run wild or get inspired from these gorgeous driftwood crafts perfect for celebrating summer!

What can I make with driftwood?

Creating with salvaged materials is super satisfying and driftwood comes in so many shapes and sizes you can make interesting and unique crafts with it.

There’s so much you can craft with driftwood: planters, frames, jewelry holders, coastal hangers, wall art, wreaths, and many other lovely things. Here are some easy and creative driftwood crafts that will bring the seashore into your home and give it a beautiful coastal vibe!

Do I need to clean driftwood before crafting?

The simple answer is yes. If you found wood out in nature where it’s been exposed to the elements, there’s a good chance there are little critters (no matter how tiny to the naked eye) living in the wood. Plus, you don’t want to being any funky smells into your home.

How do I sanitize and preserve driftwood?

This process is pretty simple. Start by brushing off any visible dirt, sand, or other loose debris. Then soak your wood pieces in diluted bleach (9 parts water to 1 part bleach) for a few days. This is best to do outdoors or in a well-ventilated space away from living and sleeping areas. You may have to place a heavy object on the wood so that it remains fully submerged.

Let the wood dry completely before starting your craft project.

Creative Driftwood Crafts

driftwood crafts and decor

1. How To Make A Driftwood Planter

Driftwood Planter Centerpiece

Once you get your hands on a flat piece of driftwood you can easily turn it into a gorgeous planter you can display in your home or use it as a rustic centerpiece for a summer tablescape.

Craftberry Bush is sharing this fun tutorial and no worries if you don’t have a green thumb. Succulents are very easy to maintain.

2. DIY Driftwood Picture Frame

DIY Driftwood Picture Frame

Cashmere And Plaid turned a plain picture frame into a gorgeous driftwood frame that can fit perfectly into a summer vignette or add a coastal accent to your bookshelf décor.

3. DIY Driftwood Orb Home Décor

DIY Driftwood Orb Home Décor

A craft foam ball, a glue gun, and driftwood pieces or chips are used to create a beachy driftwood orb perfect for summer décor on a shoestring budget. Made In A Day shares all the details of this quick craft I’m sure the kids would love to help with.

4. How To Make A Clock With Driftwood

DIY Driftwood Clock

This driftwood clock can make a gorgeous statement piece for your beachy décor. Sustain My Craft Habit used a clock making kit to make a beautiful driftwood clock and it really is much easier than you’d think!

5. DIY Driftwood Sailboat Décor

DIY Driftwood Sailboat Décor

Need a quick driftwood craft to add some interest to your summer mantel or vignette? With a driftwood stick you can make Houseful Of Handmade’s DIY driftwood sailboat. I’m sure your family and guests will love this piece.

6. DIY Driftwood Jewelry Holder

DIY Driftwood Jewelry Holder

Painting some colored stripes on driftwood like Hawthorne And Main did can turn it into an eclectic jewelry holder perfect for brightening up an empty wall and displaying your favorite jewelry.

7. DIY Fish Décor Using Driftwood

DIY Fish Décor Using Driftwood

Creating a coastal gallery wall doesn’t have to cost a fortune if you’re willing to get crafty. Consumer Crafts made a lovely driftwood fish that would look great next to other coastal wall art.

8. Driftwood Sculpture Table Top Stand DIY

Driftwood Sculpture Table Top Stand DIY

A larger piece of driftwood with an interesting shape can be used to create a beachy sculpture that will highlight driftwood’s natural beauty. Even if you will need to adjust your driftwood a bit, In My Own Style offers a straightforward tutorial you can follow to make sure your statement art piece comes out perfect.

9. DIY Driftwood Wreath With Air Plants

DIY Driftwood Wreath With Air Plants

Add a bit of coastal curb-appeal to your home with a rustic beachy driftwood wreath from The Happy Housie. It’s really easy to make and looks just as nice indoors or on your front door!

10. Summer Mantel With Driftwood Crab Art

Summer Mantel With Driftwood Crab Art

Remodelando La Casa created a gorgeous driftwood crab art that looks like a match made in heaven with her coastal mantel. Using the same technique you can create driftwood wall art in all sorts of shapes.

11. Driftwood Vase DIY

Driftwood Vase DIY

You can use driftwood to embellish a plain glass vase and turn it into coastal perfection. It All Started With Paint has a really simple tutorial and you can use whatever vase you like, even a colored one.

12. Easy DIY Driftwood Letter

DIY Driftwood Letter

Letter crafts are so fun and they are perfect for decorating shelves. The Happy Housie made one using a plain wood letter and driftwood that turned out amazing. You can even make multiple letters to create a word!

13. DIY Driftwood Wall Hanging

DIY Driftwood Wall Hanging

These wall hangings will add lots of texture to your beachy décor!

Dans Le Lake House had only larger pieces of driftwood so they had to be cut to size. You can do the same if you didn’t find small pieces of driftwood during your nature walks.

14. Driftwood Pineapple Pallet Wall Art

Driftwood Pineapple Pallet Wall Art

Made In A Day whitewashed a piece of pallet with blue paint for this cute driftwood pineapple wall art. It really adds to the rustic feel of this piece!

15. DIY Coastal Christmas Ornaments

DIY Coastal Christmas Ornaments

Driftwood crafts are not just for summer. Sustain My Craft Habit created a unique coastal Christmas tree using driftwood. Truth be told, I would be happy to use it for my summer décor as well!

16. How To Attach Driftwood To A Wall Weaving

Yarn Hanging with Driftwood

A Pretty Fix came up with the brilliant idea of adding a driftwood hanger to a wall weaving. This method should work for any weaving as long as you have a piece of driftwood of adequate size.

17. Driftwood DIY Mirror

Driftwood DIY Mirror

Driftwood mirrors are gorgeous, but store-bought ones don’t come cheap. Luckily, Consumer Crafts made one and it’s as easy as can be – just attach a ready-made driftwood wreath to a plain mirror.

Of course, you can always make the driftwood wreath yourself instead of just purchasing one which would lower the cost of this craft even more.

18. Driftwood Crafts Letter Art

DIY Driftwood Letter Art

Colorful driftwood letter art will add a lovely summery accent to any empty wall and it’s such a fun craft to make! The Happier Homemaker shares all the details and you can choose to hang your letter art or simply prop it on a shelf.

19. Driftwood & Starfish Nautical Art

Driftwood & Starfish Nautical Art

Combining driftwood and a starfish results in gorgeous nautical art for your home. Crafts By Amanda used purchased supplies but if you can find any of these materials during your beach walks don’t hesitate to take them home. Sometimes the prettiest art is also inexpensive!

20. How To Make Denim Feather Wall Décor

Denim Feather Wall Décor

Pillar Box Blue created a boho denim feather wall hanging that has a lovely beachy feel thanks to the driftwood hanger. Take out a pair of old jeans and enjoy this simple upcycled craft: your guests will surely love your DIY wall décor.

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