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Bring the beach vibe indoors with these creative seashell crafts and DIY decor projects filled with coastal and style.

seashell craft ideas

These seashell crafts and decor are full of coastal style

Prepping your home for summer can be fun and exciting if you’re the crafty type. One of my favorite ways to decorate for the warm season is using sea shells. They give a beachy vibe to the home and there are so many wonderful ways to use them!

If you have collected some sea shells over time or plan to do so on your next vacation, here are some of the best crafts & DIY décor using seashells. The items you create with them will remind you of your beach visits and add a bit of coastal style to your home.

This style is easy to pull off and you have plenty of seashell crafts to choose from. Most of these projects are inexpensive but you wouldn’t guess that when looking at them. To be honest, I think you might find quite a few similar items for sale in stores at ridiculously high prices.

With that said, let’s welcome summer with some gorgeous seashell DIYs for the home!

16 DIY and Craft Ideas Using Seashells

1. DIY Seashell Décor Cones

DIY Seashell Décor Cones

I don’t think you could go wrong with this craft. You simply need some Styrofoam cones, hot glue, and an assortment of seashells to make these seashell décor cones from Design Improvised.

2. Easy DIY Seashell Artwork

Easy DIY Seashell Artwork

Who would have thought framing a seashell could look so amazing? This DIY seashell artwork from Atta Girl Says would look great on my mantel I’m tempted to try it myself.

A watercolor paper background is used which you can download and print or you can create it yourself using real watercolors. It definitely makes the seashell art pop!

3. Make Your Own Seashell Vase

Make Your Own Seashell Vase

Transform a plain wood craft box into a beachy seashell vase that can brighten any room!

Pro tip from Consumer Crafts: start gluing the larger seashells and the use the smaller ones to fill in the gaps.

4. DIY Seashell Basket Planter Idea

DIY Seashell Basket Planter Idea

Petticoat Junktion came up with a simple DIY seashell basket planter that has a charming coastal style. You just need to apply some seashells and sisal rope on the rim after spray painting the basket.

Feel free to fill it with other seashells, a potted plant, cooking tools or any other items you think will fit the theme.

5. DIY Seashell Frame Art

DIY Seashell Frame Art

Here’s another fun way to create seashell art created by the talented Artsy Chicks Rule. Gluing broken pieces of seashells is an easy task so the kids might want to help you with this one.

6. DIY Shell Garland

DIY Shell Garland

Confessions Of A Serial DIYer created a gorgeous nautical mantel for summer décor and it includes an easy DIY shell garland that helps frame everything else.

Keep in mind you will need a drill with a small drill bit to make holes in the seashells before tying them with a fishing line.

7. Simple Seashell Shadowbox Craft

Simple Seashell Shadowbox

Filling a plain shadowbox with seashells is stupid easy and as you can see, it looks like expensive art. If you’ve been searching for a quick beachy wall art idea to fill your walls make this simple seashell shadowbox from Lovely Etc. Everyone will love it!

8. Oyster Shell Candles

Oyster Shell Candles

Add a few of these glam-looking shell candles to your summer décor for elegant, beachy accents! Atta Girl Says came up with these easy oyster shell candles that would also make great gifts or even party favors.

9. DIY Window Cork Board & Sea Shell Thumbtacks

DIY Window Cork Board

Refresh your office for summer with a subtle coastal vibe by making this DIY window corkboard with sea shell thumbtacks from Mom 4 Real. Even more, this is an upcycled project as it uses an old window.

10. DIY Seashell Beach Wreath Craft

DIY Seashell Beach Wreath Craft

Do you have a huge collection of seashells waiting to be used? Make a beachy seashell wreath as shown by Up To Date Interiors.

It’s a basic project using a plain Styrofoam wreath, seashells, and a hot glue gun. You simply can’t go wrong!

11. DIY Beach Tray With Seashells

DIY Beach Tray With Seashells

Resin crafts are so fun! If you never tried them, this gorgeous beach tray with seashells from Country Hill Cottage makes the perfect place to start. The result is mesmerizing to look at.

12. Anthropologie Style DIY Oyster Shell Trinket Dish

Anthropologie Style DIY Oyster Shell Trinket Dish

Seashells can be easily turned into glam designer décor that would be super expensive to purchase otherwise. A Piece Of Rainbow came up with a simple Mod Podge and paint tutorial for these Anthropologie style shell trinket dishes basically anyone can follow.

They look so fabulous you could also give them as handmade gifts!

13. DIY Underwater Seashell Candles

DIY Underwater Seashell Candles

Gelly candle wax can be used to create these underwater seashell candles from Dream A Little Bigger. This is the kind of craft you can impress people with but certainly not a difficult one.

14. DIY Seashell & Bead Wind Chime

DIY Seashell and Bead Wind Chime

I’ve always found wind chimes so charming and soothing but the handmade ones are even better. Artsy Chicks Rule show us how to make a coastal seashell & bead wind chime you can use to style your porch for the warm season.

15. Seashell Treasure Box Craft

DIY Seashell Treasure Boxes

This pretty seashell treasure box from All MY Good Things seems so versatile. It’s practical, decorative, and you can also make it as a gift for friends or family. Feel free to use whatever wooden boxes you have available and of course, your favorite paint colors!

16. Sea Urchin Specimen Art

DIY Sea Urchin Specimen Art

This upcycle craft project uses old wooden toy boxes turned into shadow boxes. Fill with sea urchin shells for creative nautical wall decor.

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