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These beach themed bedroom ideas are sure to inspire you to create a cozy and calming sleep space you can be proud of. Not to mention, they are all do-it-yourself and can be made without breaking the bank.

Beach Bedroom Decor DIYs

Whether you live near or far from the coast, bringing the beach vibes into a space in your home can be super easy.

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Through a variety of colors, furniture pieces, and accessories, you can pull off your very own bedroom style that takes you to the beach every day.

I’ve got plenty of beach-themed bedroom ideas for any size bedroom space.

Regardless of your bedroom’s size, you can totally pull off the beach theme. When it comes down to it, using colors and upscaled furniture pieces is all you need.

These types of projects are always fun because it’s surprising what you can do, especially with the inspiration of others.

Is it expensive to pull off a beach-themed bedroom?

Depending on the extent of your makeover or upscale, turning your bedroom into an ocean-front sleeping space doesn’t have to cost a lot.

In most cases, you can use items you already have on hand, or go for simple craft projects like some of these seashell craft ideas. Things you’ll need to pull off this theme can be found in a variety of places from your local craft store to the beach itself!

Coastal Bedroom Decor Ideas


Beach Bedroom Vibes + Beach Bedroom Decor

Bring the beach vibes into your bedroom with these cool color combinations. Most of them can be purchased at your local paint store.

1. Calming Bedroom with Mixed Ocean Colors

Calming Bedroom with Mixed Ocean Colors

Source: Calming Bedroom with Mixed Ocean Colors by Life on Virginia Street

This ocean-themed bedroom idea showcases the perfect blend of mixed ocean colors and neutrals that offer a calming effect. It also shows that you do not need lots of furniture or decor to pull off a costal, beachy vibe in a bedroom. Here, natural light is the star of the room.

2. Bohemian Style Meets the Beach

Bohemian Style Meets the Beach

Source: Bohemian Style Meets the Beach by Beach Life Bliss

An ocean and beach-themed feel can come through many styles like with this bohemian take by Beach Life Bliss. A few pieces of furniture can be used in combination with ocean-like colors to create a soft and subtle beach vibe bedroom.

3. Coastal Inspired Beach Bedroom

Coastal Inspired Beach Bedroom

Source: Coastal Inspired Beach Bedroom by Houzz

Different shades of blue come together in this coastal-inspired bedroom. The use of furniture and accessories to bring about different pops of blue color is what gives this bedroom all the beachy feels.

4. Find Relaxation in this Unique Coastal Master Bedroom

Coastal Master Bedroom

Source: Galveston Master Suite from Beth Lindsey

This relaxing space is filled with plenty of natural elements – hello natural fiber headboard and driftwood bench!

5. Casual Beachy Bedroom

Casual Beachy Bedroom

Source: Minted Decor

This room proves you don’t need to spend a ton of money on a full bedroom set to create a cohesive space. Upcycle old shutters to serve as a headboard, and keep an eye out at thrift stores for a cane side table. Toss in some natural-fiber linens, and you’re in business.

6. California Coastal Guest Room

California Coastal Guest Room

Source: California Coastal Guest Room Reveal from Champagne Colored Glasses

If you want to add a dramatic or bright color to your bedroom, go with just one accent wall. Then tone down the rest of your decor – like this room, sticks to navy and white to keep the room from feeling too busy or cluttered.

Beach Themed Color Schemes

Choosing the perfect colors to match a particular theme can sometimes be overwhelming. The finds below give you a few color codes to work with as well as some inspiring ideas using natural elements.

1. Coastal Paint Palette

Coastal Paint Palette

Source: Coastal Paint Palette by Simple Made Pretty

Easily recreate a beach sunrise with colors like pure white, rain, sea salt, and perfect greige. A simple idea would be to paint the bedroom walls white and have the perfect greige color come through furniture with rain and sea salt accent decor.

2. Calming Beach Shades of Blue

Calming Beach Shades of Blue

Source: Calming Beach Shades of Blue by Snap Your Colors

Blue is known to be a calming color. Using a variety of blue shades in addition to a few colors that resemble sand is the perfect way to create a beach getaway bedroom whether you live near the ocean or not.

3. Color Scheme Inspiration from Seashells

Color Scheme Inspiration from Seashells

Source: Color Scheme Inspiration from Seashells by Beach Bliss Living

You can’t go wrong with using natural elements for choosing a beach-themed bedroom color scheme. The next time you’re at the beach, pick up a few seashells, collect some sand, and even some ocean water to get inspiration like above your next beach-living bedroom upscale.

4. Ocean Color Palette Idea

Ocean Color Palette Idea

Source: Ocean Color Palette Idea by Beach Bliss Living

Depending on what you find at the beach, the color selections are vast and plentiful. Beach Bliss Living shows us, yet again, how you can bring the coastal feel to your bedroom by using the ocean itself and tese perfectly paired blue colors.

Beach Bedroom Furniture

The beach-inspired furniture ideas below are inexpensive do-it-yourself projects that can easily help you put together an ocean-themed bedroom in no time.

1. DIY Reclaimed Wood Headboard

DIY Reclaimed Wood Headboard

Source: DIY Reclaimed Wood Headboard by Beach Bliss Living

Before tossing your wood scraps, consider turning them into a unique headboard that screams all things beach living. Making this is super easy and only takes minimal supplies. Finish them off with a string of lights or other beach-themed decor.

2. How to Paint Ocean-Themed Accents on Furniture

How to Paint Ocean Themed Accents on Furniture

Source: How to Paint Ocean Themed Accents on Furniture by H2O Bungalow

Although this idea is shown painted on a sitting bench, you can instantly add an ocean animal (or two) to a headboard or space on a bedroom wall.

3. Coastal Style Dresser Makeover – Makes a Great Nightstand!

Coastal Style Dresser Makeover

Source: Coastal Style Dresser Makeover by Confessions of a Serial DIYer

Turn an old dresser into a coastal-style furniture piece with a little sanding, spray paint, regular furniture paint, and Cricut cutouts. Recreate it as is or get creative with your own beach-themed style.

4. Beach Themed Bookcase Upscale

Beach Themed Bookcase Upscale

Source: Beach Themed Bookcase Upscale by Crafts by Courtney

A little paint, a beadboard, and a few ocean-themed accessories can easily turn an old bookcase into one that adds a nice touch to a beach-themed bedroom. Choosing an accent color helps to create a focal point while also adding a splash of color to your decor. Painting thrift store furniture finds in a cohesive color is a great way to make a custom bedroom set on a shoestring budget.

5. Beach Inspired Coat Hanger

Beach Inspired Coat Hanger

Source: Beach Inspired Coat Hanger by Aimee Weaver

Another rustic scrapbook project that can add a coastal touch to your bedroom. Aimee went with a black and white color theme but you could use any ocean-inspired colors of your choice.

DIY Accessories and Accents for Beach Bedrooms

Accessories always have a way of adding additional appeal to any space, especially in bedrooms. Check out the roundup of ideas below that you can do yourself!

1. No Sew Nautical Curtains

No Sew Nautical Curtains

Source: No Sew Nautical Curtains by DIY Divas

Sewing not your forte? No worries! These nautical-style curtains don’t require any needle and thread and are ready to be hung in minutes. They’re topped off with nautical rope ties for an overall coastal touch to any bedroom.

2. Coastal Lamp Makeover

Easy Coastal Lamp Makeover

Source: Coastal Lamp Makeover by Up to Date Interiors

Spray paint and jute rope can quickly transform any lamp into a beach-themed accessory that subtly adds a nice decor touch. Up to Date Interiors went with a soft blue; however, you could use any color to match the theme you want for your bedroom.

3. Easy Seashell Wall Decor

Easy Seashell Wall Art

Source: Easy Seashell Wall Decor by H2O Bungalow

This idea has all things texture, style, and color. All you need to make this easy seashell wall decor are picture frames, paint, sand dollars, starfish, and old cane (pulled from an old bench). Add the color to the frames, hot glue to the cane and shells, and you’re done!

4. Framed Shell Art

Framed Shell Art

Source: Framed Shell Art by Sand and Sisal

You can’t go wrong with using real elements of nature, especially seashells. They are beautiful decorations all on their own. When added in a strategic way like with this framed shell art idea, you’ll have a beautiful mural of nature to showcase.

5. Starfish Button Wall Art

This little starfish craft is so cute! Learn how to make button art on canvas. This easy canvas craft made with old buttons is the perfect nautical addition to a gallery wall.

Source: Starfish Button Wall Art by The Crazy Craft Lady

Talk about what makes the project special – easy to make, trendy, inexpensive, unique, etc.

6. Shades of Blues Ombre Painted Bottles

Shades of Blues Ombre Painted Bottles

Source: Shades of Blues Ombre Painted Bottles by Flea Market Trixie

This subtle touch of blue ombre-painted bottles is a nice, easy, and inexpensive way to create an additional beach-themed feel in your bedroom.

7. Nautical Rope Mirror

Nautical Rope Mirror

Source: Nautical Rope Mirror by The Lily Pad Cottage

Just a few supplies are all you need to pull off this nautical rope mirror. It doesn’t take up too much space but helps to create a coastal theme with ease.

8. Sea Urchin Specimen Art

DIY Sea Urchin Specimen Art

Source: Sea Urchin Specimen Art from The Crazy Craft Lady

Grab an old wooden bow to upcycle. Just add a collection of similar shells to make a totally custom piece of specimen art.

DIY Driftwood Beach Decor Ideas

Driftwood is a natural element that when used to decorate, can create an earth-grounding feel to any space in your home. Below are a few suggestions for how to use it in your beach-themed bedroom.

1. Calming Driftwood Candle Holder

Calming Driftwood Candle Holder

Source: Calming Driftwood Candle Holder by Live Creatively Inspired

Bring the beach feel directly to a space in your bedroom by creating a driftwood candle holder. Live Creatively Inspired added coastal embellishments like seashells and a starfish.

2. Floating Driftwood Orb

Floating Driftwood Orb

Source: Floating Driftwood Orb by Creative in Chicago

Bring pieces of the sea into your coastal bedroom by making this floating driftwood orb. It’s such a unique piece and easy to make.

3. Driftwood Crab Art

Driftwood Crab Art

Source: Driftwood Crab Art by Remodel and Delocasa

Make a bold statement with this driftwood crab art. A crab made of driftwood is fixed on a white pallet making for a super cute and trendy bedroom wall centerpiece.

4. Seahorse Wall Decor

Driftwood Seahorse Wall Decor

Source: Seahorse Wall Decor by Creative in Chicago

Similar to the creative crab art idea, driftwood can be used to make all types of sea creatures, including this seahorse. It’s sure to add to your beach-themed bedroom once hung on the wall.

Some of my favorite beach-themed decor buys:

Coastal Throw Pillows:

Natural Fiber Area Rugs

Nautical Wall Art


Beach Themed Bedroom DIY Decor



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