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Make your own sustainable holiday decor and make DIY soda can bells. Transform aluminum pop cans into antique gold bells.

soda can upcycle DIY brass holiday bells

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Let’s transform some pop cans from the recycling bin into high-end holiday bells!

transform soda cans into holiday bells

The holidays are the perfect time to get creative and crafty, especially when it comes to decorating your home. If you’re looking for a unique and eco-friendly way to add some festive flair to your space, look no further!

In this DIY project, I’ll show you how to transform ordinary soda cans into stunning gold holiday bells.

DIY bells from soda cans

Video Tutorial

Watch this quick video to see how this craft came together:

DIY holiday gold bells from soda cans

DIY Soda Can Bells

Yield: 3 bells
Active Time: 30 minutes
Total Time: 30 minutes
Difficulty: easy

Make your own sustainable holiday decor and make DIY soda can bells. Transform aluminum pop cans into antique gold bells.


  • 3 soda cans, empty and clean
  • black spray primer
  • 3 1/2-inch wood beads
  • rub n buff, antique gold
  • gold floral wire
  • nautical jute rope, dollar tree



  1. Watch the video tutorial before you begin. Let that be your visual guide for this project.
  2. Cut the cans. Use a utility knife to carefully cut the top off each soda can. Cut the three cans at varying heights for added visual interest. Use craft pliers to fold over the cut edge of each can. Then (protected by a silicone fingertip protector) smooth each folded edge down, making sure no sharp edges remain. use utility knife to cut tops off soda can gently fold over cut edge of soda can
  3. Distress the cans. Use a hammer to gently dent each can. You can also use the hammer handle to push the can bottom out.
  4. Paint the bells. Apply a coat of black spray primer to the both the inside and outside of each can, and let dry. Use a pouncer brush to apply gold paint all over the outside of each can. Also paint the 3 wood beads. use pouncer brush to add gold rub n buff paint
  5. Add bell hardware. Use a hammer and nail to poke 2 holes in the bottom of each can. Run floral wire down through the first hole, and secure a wood bead at the end. Then run the other end of the floral wire down through the 2nd hole. Run that same end back up through the 1st hole, so the wood bead end is secure. Coil the wire 6-7 times at the top of the can, forming a loop for hanging. Then run the wire end through the 2 holes one last time. Wrap the wire end around the loops to secure them. Trim away excess wire. Repeat with 2 remaining bells. poke two holes in soda can bottom with hammer and nail
  6. Hang the bells. Run jute rope through the wire loop at the top of the bell. Fold the rope over, and wrap to secure with floral wire. Repeat with 2 remaining bells.

The Finished DIY Soda Can Bells

I simply hung my 3 gold bells with some nautical jute rope from the dollar store. Then, I displayed them in a plain faux greenery wreath. Feel free to get creative and display your bells however you like!

DIY gold bells made from pop cans

Creating your own DIY gold holiday bells from soda cans is not only a fun and eco-friendly project, but it also adds a touch of personal charm to your holiday decor.

By upcycling materials you already have on hand, you can enjoy a budget-friendly and sustainable holiday season while making your home sparkle with the magic of the holidays. So, grab your soda cans and get crafting!

DIY holiday gold bells from soda cans

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how to make soda can gold bells


  1. Unbelievable! I was Just on Amazon looking for large bells and I thought these were bells from Amazon! I seriously did!!! Amazon’s start at 15$ and go up and heck I’m gonna try making some! I want to hang some in a wreath on my front door! Just like your finished picture! These are great! Thank you so much! You are Awesome!!! Keep up the hard work! I watch all your videos and love them all!

  2. I had asked one of the sights, if anyone knew of a good project using soda cans..No response and as I looked for plastic bottle bells, I ran across this..Voila…So cute and I saved the cans so will farmhouse rustic decorate…MERRY CHRISTMAS TO ALL !!!!

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