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Follow this tutorial and turn a Dollar Tree bamboo cutting board into a cute patriotic Cutting Board American Flag decor piece in just a few easy steps!

make a 4th of July craft with a cutting board

How to make a scrappy American flag sign embellished with lace ribbon and wood beads.

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Why I love this craft

I love how the Dollar Tree has really expanded their wooden craft supply section, but the bamboo cutting board used in this craft can be found in the “kitchen” aisle. They are easy to work with and make for some of the cutest finished decor pieces.

What if I can’t find a bamboo cutting board?

Don’t worry, you can still make this craft. You could easily swap out a piece of unfinished wood from any craft store, or even a piece of scrap wood. The creative possibilities are just about endless!

The inspiration for this 4th of July craft:

For this craft, we’re going to create something you can use for the 4th of July season. You may be familiar with a similar spring craft I created using this very same cutting board.

mini hanging wildflower sign made from a cutting board

I just changed things up a bit to take this craft idea from spring into summer. Let’s get crafting!

supplies for a dollar store American flag

Video Tutorial: Cutting Board American Flag

Just watch this quick video to see how this craft came together:

cutting board american flag hanging sign

Cutting Board American Flag

Yield: 1 flag
Active Time: 30 minutes
Additional Time: 1 hour
Total Time: 1 hour

Turn a Dollar Store bamboo cutting board into a festive 4th of July decor piece with this Cutting Board American Flag craft.



  1. Watch tutorial video. Watch the video for a step-by-step walkthrough before creating your own cutting board American flag.
  2. Dry fit wooden half balls. These will be the "stars" for the flag. Start by dry fitting them first so you know what background paint color to paint where. Use a pencil to mark where the star area will be. mark off area around wood half balls
  3. Paint the stripes area white. Using the 1" flat paintbrush, paint the stripes area white. Also paint the edge of the cutting board as well. This will give the final project a finished look. paint cutting board white and navy blue
  4. Paint the stars area. Then, paint the stars area blue. Let both areas dry completely.
  5. Paint the half balls white. I use the Ziploc bag, water, and splash of paint method to easily paint the balls. Give the bag a good shake to ensure complete coverage. Let the half wood balls dry on a piece of parchment paper.
  6. Dry fit ribbon. Dry fit and cut strips of ribbon down to size. You'll notice I used white lace, but I will be painting them red. Feel free to use red ribbon instead. cut ribbons and paint red
  7. Paint the ribbon red. (skip this step if you have red ribbon) Lay the ribbon pieces on a sheet of parchment paper. Paint full coverage on one side of your ribbon and set them aside to dry.
  8. Dry fit ribbon and beads. You'll want to dry fit first so you can get everything into position before securing.
  9. Hot glue attachments. Secure all embellishments in place with hot glue. Use tiny dabs of hot glue for the stripes and a nice dab for the wood beads.
  10. Make pilot holes in the top of the cutting board for hanging. Use a pin vise or screwdriver tool to make 2 holes in the top of the cutting board.
  11. Attach the screw eyes. Screw the eye hooks into the holes you created in the top of the cutting board.
  12. String beads onto twine. I strung on about 16 beads onto the twine. If the twine end begins to fray, wrap it with a small piece of tape. Once the ends are cut, run them through the screw eyes and double knot them.
  13. Hang your sign! Now you have a festive 4th of July sign for the holiday season! Enjoy!

The Finished American Flag

cutting board american flag hanging sign

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dollar store cutting board American flag craft
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