18 months old!

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The twins are 18 months old!  Let me try to convey just how exciting this is for me without sounding like a terrible mother.  Confession time: I don’t really like babies.  I mean, I LOVE my babies, but I’m not one of those women who get a sudden urge to have more children every time they see a newborn at the grocery store or on Facebook.  Sure, babies are adorable, but they don’t really DO anything… aside from eat, sleep, poop, repeat.  And after having TWO babies at once, I’m pretty much over the whole baby phase.  I’ve gotten enough newborn snuggles and coos to last me for a lifetime, and enough spit-up and dirty diapers to last two lifetimes.  I’m babied out!

This brings me to my general feeling of elation over the twins reaching their 18-month-old milestone.  Every day, they look/think/act like little people.  They are starting to talk.  They feed themselves.  They play and dance.  They even play with each other.  People ask me all the time (without trying to sound insensitive) when having two starts to “pay off.”  When do the perks of a two-for-one outweigh the cost and workload?  When does it start to get easier? [Read more...]

Indoor Snow Play

Indoor Snow Play

I think I speak for everyone in the Midwest when I say, “I am so over this winter.”  Being outnumbered by the twins, I haven’t felt up to playing in the snow.  Snowsuits, boots, mittens, hats… and then hoping they don’t run off in opposite directions.  But I did feel a bit bad about R&B not being able to experience snow.  So, I brought the snow indoors for a fun sensory activity.   [Read more...]

Puzzle Organization

Puzzle and Shape Sorter Organization

Greetings from 10,000 feet!  I’m on a flight to LA to visit my sister and my 6-week-old niece.  I can’t wait to meet her, but I’m also a bit terrified – this is the longest and farthest I have ever been away from R&B.  Luckily, I have picmonkey and in-flight WiFi to keep me distracted.   Now seems like a perfect time to share an organization solution I came up with a few days ago.

R&B love puzzles and stacking toys, but each one of these toys comes with half a dozen pieces, and they are never all in the same spot.  I started stacking the puzzles on the kitchen table, so I could try to monitor where all the pieces went.  This only resulted in me having a pile of toys on my kitchen table.   Not exactly easy on the eyes.  So I devised this $3 solution. [Read more...]

No Mess Finger Painting

No Mess Finger Painting

No Mess Finger Painting, or maybe this post would be more appropriately titled “Pinterest doesn’t always work in Minnesota.”  More on that in a minute…

The twins are now 15 months old!  What does this mean for mommy?  It it going to take a whole different group of activities to keep these two entertained.  It seems like overnight they have mastered blocks and puzzles, and taken a whole new interest in books.  This is super exciting for me, because now I can finally test out  all of these toddler “busy activities” that I have seen on Pinterest over the last year and a half.

[Read more...]

Birthday Cake Oreo Truffles

Oreo Birthday Cake Truffles 1

As of yesterday, I am officially one year older… and hopefully wiser too!  I (along with the rest of the city) have been a little preoccupied with questioning my sanity for living in the absolute coldest major metro in the world.  Seriously.  I heard it on the radio this morning, so it must be true.  Minneapolis, on average, is colder than even Moscow.  But since it was unimaginably cold outside, I spent a quiet evening at home with the twins.  However, I did make myself a little treat.  [Read more...]

Short Drapery Rods

Short Drapery Rods A very chilly Hello to everyone out there.  I hope you are all staying inside and warm today.  I ran all of my errands yesterday, so the twins and I are inside all day today.  We are deep cleaning, re-arranging, and working on blog projects all day.  What a great way to keep our minds off the sub-zero temps outside!

I have been wanting to hang curtains in the living room for a few months, and now seems like a safe time.  The twins are walking on their own – no longer holding on to anything within reach as they stumble around.  But here’s the challenge: my budget.  Under no circumstance was I willing to spend more than $60 on this project. [Read more...]

Baby Party Hats and Template

baby party hatsHappy New Year everyone!  I hope everyone rang in the new year safely and happily.  I followed an early dinner with an early bedtime, with a small interruption by a midnight fireworks show near our home.  Luckily, I’m the only one who was woken up by the festivities.

Yesterday morning before work I whipped up a couple of party hats for the twins, and cuteness ensued. [Read more...]

Copy That: Anthropologie Gradient Mountain Print

knock off anthropologie print

Every once in a while I browse through the Anthropologie website looking for unique home decor items that I would probably never buy, but could definitely make.  I think this Anthropologie Gradient Mountain Print is so unique, but with a $100 price tag, is definitely out of my decorating budget.  Luckily, I have a pile of pictures from a trip to Alaska a few years back, a Picmonkey account, and a spare frame lying around.  This means that for $10.99, I got a knock-off print to hang on a very blank wall in my bathroom.   [Read more...]

Winter 2013 Ideas House

 2013 Winter Ideas House - thecrazycraftlady.com

Last weekend, I was able to visit the Bachman’s Ideas House.  I was supposed to go a few weeks ago with my mom, but I got sick.  I think Patrick ended up taking one for the team and used my ticket.  Thanks Patrick… I owe you one!  I always enjoy visiting the Ideas House, and then browsing through the Bachman’s store (the Ideas House ticket usually comes with a $5 coupon to the store).  Add a trip to the bakery in the store, and you have a recipe for a mini mommy vacation. [Read more...]

Toddler-Proof Christmas

Toddler-Proof Christmas

I love, love, LOVE Christmas decorations.  Sadly, so do my children.  And if there is one thing I know, it’s that 14-month-olds and most home decor do not mix.  The dilemma: how was I to go about decorating for the holidays while keeping my children (and my decorations) safe.  I know there are plenty of options for gating off your tree, but I have two toddlers on my hands.  They may be little, but they are smart.  One will distract me while the other quickly and quietly gets into something they know they aren’t supposed to have.  I didn’t want to leave anything to chance. [Read more...]