Easter Egg Art {A Dollar Store Craft}

DIY Easter Egg Art - A simple craft using mini foam eggs from the dollar store.  #dollarstorecraft  #easter

I’ve got a super easy, and super inexpensive Easter craft to share with you all today.  No lie.  If you have a dollar (plus tax, I suppose) and 10 minutes, you can make some great Easter egg art! [Read more…]

Simple Easter Bunny Garland {PB-Inspired}

Bunny Garland made from Scrapbook Paper & Cotton Balls - with a free printable template.  What a fun Easter craft!

PB Kids has new Easter decor out, and no surprise here… It’s pretty darn cute.  I saw this adorable Bunny Garland and thought to myself, “That’s really adorable, but I’m pretty sure I could make that with things I have in my craft closet.”  So I did. [Read more…]

Why I Put My Children on Leashes {Mommy Confession}

Mommy Confession: Why I Choose to Put my Children on Leashes

I have a confession to make.  I put my kids on leashes.  I am unashamed.  Judge away.   If I had to pick two words to summarize my mommy motto, that would probably be it: “Judge Away.”

I see it in some people’s eyes when we’re out in public.  I should know.  I used to be one of those people.  In my pre-kid days, I (silently) judged parents of little kids.  After all, how difficult can it be to control one small human being?  Is it really that impossible to keep most of your kid’s food on the table when dining out?  Or, why on earth would you choose to have three kids under the age of three, AND have the audacity to take them out in public?   [Read more…]

Red Velvet Oreo Truffle Bark

Red Velvet Oreo Truffle Bark

In case you missed this monumental announcement, Red Velvet Oreos were released earlier this week.  Oreo has done it again.  And unlike that watermelon Oreo fiasco, the Red Velvet flavor is legit. I taste-tested several times just to make sure.

Also, I would like to apologize to the people at Oreo who created the Watermelon Oreo.  Like I tell my kids: You are not a bad person, you just did a very bad thing. [Read more…]

Valentine Craft for the Grandparents

Valentine's Arts & Crafts - a Valentine for Grandparents

This project is a bit of a craft fail.  Proof that not all crafts turn out picture-perfect over here in blog world.  This one really is my fault.  After all, I was the one who gave a pair of two-year-olds paint and potato stamps.  What did I really expect?  Fine art?

Don’t get me wrong.  We had a TON of fun.  I cut a potato in half, and carved two heart-shaped stamps into each half.  Then, I taped a roll of craft paper to the dining table, and the twins went to town. [Read more…]

Valentine Wine Tags

Free Printable Valentine Wine Tags

This project is a bit of an “un-Valentine” idea.  I was initially inspired by these mugs when I decided to make wine tags – something a bit cheeky and not so sappy.

This printable would make a perfect addition to any wine bottle for just about anyone, especially any single friends, or for an un-Valentine party.  [Read more…]

A Spring-Inspired Valentine’s Mantle

A Spring-Inspired Valentine's Mantle

I am seriously chomping at the bit for Spring to be here already.  Over the weekend, I was within inches of going for it and updating my mantle with new Spring decor.  I have never been one to decorate for Valentine’s day, but I have changed my ways this year.  Plus, I had this garland that I made last week in need of a home. [Read more…]

All You Need is Love – a Valentine’s Printable

All You Need is Love - a Free Printable

Happy Monday everyone!  I had a productive, but scattered, weekend.  I spent the weekend starting three different Valentine’s projects – and finished this one first.  Oh, and I went to the new Bradley Cooper movie.  Nothing says mommy’s night out quite like Bradley Cooper!

[Read more…]

DIY Concrete Dining Table Top and Dining Set Makeover

DIY Concrete Dining Table Top using Henry FeatherFinish - full tutorial from The Crazy Craft Lady

Two weeks ago, I was the owner of a very sad dining set: el-cheapo Ikea table and chairs, and a bench I ordered online from Target.  Poor, sad, mismatched dining set.  I desperately wanted to update our kitchen look, with something lighter and brighter.  This post contains some affiliate links.  Click here to read my full disclosure policy. [Read more…]

Valentine Garland Paper Craft

DIY Simple Valentine Garland Paper Craft

It seems like we are barely wound down from Christmas, and I’m already seeing some super cute Valentine’s Day crafts on Pinterest.  Don’t get me wrong, I am still adamantly opposed to most instances of holiday creep.  But in this case, I’m pretty OK with it.

I’m ready to fast forward through the rest of January.  The first couple of weeks for 2015 have been rough. I don’t think we have had a complete, healthy family since before the 1st.  Seriously.  My kids are little petri dishes, and they don’t even go to daycare!  As I write tonight, I’m curled up on the couch with a feverish and coughing 2-year-old, watching Pitch Perfect and getting in plenty of extra snuggles. [Read more…]