A Spring-Inspired Valentine’s Mantle

A Spring-Inspired Valentine's Mantle

I am seriously chomping at the bit for Spring to be here already.  Over the weekend, I was within inches of going for it and updating my mantle with new Spring decor.  I have never been one to decorate for Valentine’s day, but I have changed my ways this year.  Plus, I had this garland that I made last week in need of a home. [Read more…]

All You Need is Love – a Valentine’s Printable

All You Need is Love - a Free Printable

Happy Monday everyone!  I had a productive, but scattered, weekend.  I spent the weekend starting three different Valentine’s projects – and finished this one first.  Oh, and I went to the new Bradley Cooper movie.  Nothing says mommy’s night out quite like Bradley Cooper!

[Read more…]

DIY Concrete Dining Table Top and Dining Set Makeover

DIY Concrete Dining Table Top using Henry FeatherFinish - full tutorial from The Crazy Craft Lady

Two weeks ago, I was the owner of a very sad dining set: el-cheapo Ikea table and chairs, and a bench I ordered online from Target.  Poor, sad, mismatched dining set.  I desperately wanted to update our kitchen look, with something lighter and brighter. [Read more…]

Valentine Garland Paper Craft

DIY Simple Valentine Garland Paper Craft

It seems like we are barely wound down from Christmas, and I’m already seeing some super cute Valentine’s Day crafts on Pinterest.  Don’t get me wrong, I am still adamantly opposed to most instances of holiday creep.  But in this case, I’m pretty OK with it.

I’m ready to fast forward through the rest of January.  The first couple of weeks for 2015 have been rough. I don’t think we have had a complete, healthy family since before the 1st.  Seriously.  My kids are little petri dishes, and they don’t even go to daycare!  As I write tonight, I’m curled up on the couch with a feverish and coughing 2-year-old, watching Pitch Perfect and getting in plenty of extra snuggles. [Read more…]

Flip-Top Family Board Book

Family Flip-Top Board Book DIY

The twins love pointing to pictures and objects and naming them.  I mean, love!  We have plenty of board books with objects and animals, but I wanted to make a book with family pictures.  Miss B especially loves seeing pictures of Grandma (“Gamma”) and twin brother Robert (or sometimes, “Rah-Wah”).

I decided to try my hand a making a board book that combines the twins’ love of naming things as well as their fascination with the flip-top lids on the wet wipes containers. [Read more…]

Snowmen Fall From Heaven Unassembled

Snowmen Fall From Heaven Unassembled - Free Printable

The hustle and bustle of the holidays are over, so now we are left to settle into the heart of winter and wait for spring.  In an effort to embrace the rest of winter, I am focusing on a few winter crafts.

I love snowmen crafts and saw this sweet quote on a sign at the craft store the other day.  I immediately thought it would make a great printable. [Read more…]

Home Office in a Closet

Home office in a closet from The Crazy Craft Lady

Great new!  My home office is complete!  These are words I never thought I would never be able to write.

This project has been a work-in-progress since the summer.  I finished the important stuff (installing and painting the desk and painting the back wall) pretty quickly, and then I spent months tinkering around with the details.  I am glad to say that after more trips to Ikea, the Container Store, Office Max, and Bed Bath & Beyond than I would like to admit, I am satisfied… for now.  Knowing me, I will be tinkering with this space for quite a while! [Read more…]

The Best of 2014

The best of 2014 - my top blog posts

Holy Cow!  It’s almost 2015!  This year has been a whirlwind.  The twins turned 2.  I went back to school.  And most importantly for you, I’m getting into a routine with this whole blog posting thing.

I thought I would take a moment here to share some of my most popular and personal favorite projects from this year. [Read more…]

My 100 Item Challenge

Take the 100 item challange - donate, recycle, or throw out 100 items today!

It’s that time of year, people.  Time to clean house.  Out with the old, and in with the new!

Today I’m sharing with you the single greatest way to jump-start your organizing and decluttering goals: The 100 Item Challenge.  I recently completed my own 100 Item Challenge, but more about that in a bit.

How does it work?  Simple.  Go through your home and find 100 items you no longer need.  100 items to get rid of and jump-start your organizing and decluttering. [Read more…]

New Year Photo Cards + Minted

New Year Photo Cards from Minted

This post was sponsored by Minted. The opinions are completely my own based on my experience.

It seems like there are never enough hours in the day during the holiday season.  There are so many wonderful projects to complete, moments to enjoy, and presents to buy.  It seems like Christmas cards are one thing that can easily fall through the cracks, or get pushed to the back burner.

That’s why I love the idea of a New Year’s Card!  Take some of the pressure off getting Christmas cards out in time. Buy yourself another week, and send out an end of the year card.  Say thanks for sharing this wonderful year with our family, and we’re looking forward to another! [Read more…]