A Neutral Winter Mantle

A Neutral Winter Mantle

I typically have a “no Christmas decorations until after Thanksgiving” rule.  Actually, that’s usually my Thanksgiving Eve tradition – Christmas decorations.  But this year, shortly after Halloween, I started feeling the holiday creep itch. The Cartwheel App (from Target) had a special 40% off holiday decor.  I caved. [Read more…]

Winter Ideas House 2014

Winter Ideas House 2014

My mom and I went to the Bachman’s Winter Ideas House over the weekend, and boy did we leave with a TON of inspiration!  Oh, and a few amaryllis bulbs… Let’s see if my brown thumb can get those buggers to bloom in a few short weeks.  [Read more…]

DIY Soapstone Decorative Letters

DIY Soapstone Decorative Letters

I know I’ve been teasing you with projects for my new office space.  I promise it is almost ready for the big reveal!  I just can’t stop perfecting the space and doing new projects.  I love finally having a designated  space for work, school, and most importantly, crafting.

The latest craft I made are these decorative soapstone letters to put on the floating shelves above my desk.  [Read more…]

PB-Inspired “Joy to the World” Globe

Pottery Barn Inspired "Joy to the World" Globe from the Crazy Craft Lady

I was on mommy vacation the other day (wandering the mall with a cup of S-bucks) when I stumbled upon this gorgeous globe in Pottery Barn’s Christmas decor section.  I didn’t even bother checking out the price tag.  I mean, let’s get real people.  It’s a knick-knack from PB that will get used for 4-6 weeks per year.  Not going to happen!

Instead, I went home, hopped on Amazon, and ordered a $12 globe.  I wasn’t entirely confident in my DIY abilities on this one.  The curve of the globe seemed like a stencil/transfer nightmare, and I literally had nightmares about free-handing this thing. But, I forged ahead anyway, and I’m sure glad I did! [Read more…]

Two Thanksgiving Chalkboard Printables

FREE Thanksgiving chalkboard printables

Happy snow day!!!  I’m just going to maintain that level of false enthusiasm about the arrival of Winter in the hopes that it will eventually become real enthusiasm.  My 2-year-old daughter, on the other hand, still doesn’t quite understand the concept.  This morning, she stood by the window, pointing and proclaiming “Nose! Nose!” – we will work on the pronunciation of “Snow” later, I suppose.  She then refused to wear anything other than a diaper and a pair of crocs as she stood by the door waiting to go out and play.  That girl…

I’m excited to share two FREE chalkboard Thanksgiving printables with you today! (scroll all the way to the bottom of the post to download)

I made these two printables in Picmonkey, using graphics designed by the oh-so-talented Mandee Thomas from Designs by Miss Mandee.  If you want to play around with these graphics, go check them out here.  She designed an entire set of laurel wreath graphics that are available for free!  She also has a whole host of downloadable graphics and printables, so go check out her homepage too!

[Read more…]

DIY painted tree slice

DIY Painted Tree Slice with tutorial and template from The Crazy Craft Lady

I’m going to let you guys in on a little secret: I’m in the middle of a really big project.  I’m re-doing my teeny-tiny home office/craft space.  I can’t wait for it to be finished and share it with you all!  In the mean time, I thought I would share a quick tutorial for a DIY painted tree slice that I made to decorate this teeny-tiny home office.  [Read more…]


The Twins are Two

Well, we made it through year two.  The twins turned two earlier this month, and I just finished up editing some of their two year pics.  Also, Happy Halloween from Sir. R. and Miss. B.!!! [Read more…]

November Computer Desktop Background

Nov Desktop Background

Hey there everybody.  Can you believe there is only one day left in October?!?  Where did my favorite month go?  With November just around the corner, it’s time to share a computer desktop background for the month.  I kept things pretty simple this month, and opted to share a quote.  I’m hoping that this little phrase will help me keep everything in perspective over the next 30 days. [Read more…]

Fall Paper Leaves Garland

Paper Fall Leaves Garland from Cardstock and Twine - with free printable template from www.thecrazycraftlady.com

Happy Fall Y’all!  I know, I know… Christmas decorations are out in full force in the stores, but I started this garland like two weeks ago.  So, I’m going to share it!  I picked out five scrapbook cardstock paper colors: red, purple, green, olive, and orange. I like the addition of the bright green and purple to really make the colors in my garland pop.  [Read more…]

Twins Room Phase 1: Giraffe Striped Feature Wall

Giraffe Striped Feature Wall using removable wallpaper

Now that the twins are TWO, I felt that it was time to transition into a more “big kid” room.  I chose a safari theme, and plan on doing a bunch of neutrals and soft fabrics.  I don’t want there to be anything too busy, especially as we transition to toddler beds.  This means a calm space with few distractions at nap and bedtimes.

I saw a new line of removable wallpaper at Target a few months back, and have been dying to try it out on something.  Lucky me, this project is on the front burner.  I really wanted to do a “feature wall” in the twins room that incorporated a giraffe pattern, but painting is out.  Enter my secret weapon: Devine Color removable wallpaper from Target.  Holler!  I bought two rolls of the weave wallpaper in the color “Mirage & Silver.”  [Read more…]

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