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If you’re looking for a unique craft project to try, these Wooden Spoon Crafts are sure to give you lots of inspiration. From seasonal to gift ideas, pick up a pack of wooden spoons and give some of these crafts a go.

Wooden Spoon Crafts


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The next time you’re at the Dollar Store, pick up a pack of wooden spoons to give some of these craft ideas a try.

These kinds of crafts are fun and easy to make, especially if you have kids. They can make a set to give grandma, their favorite teacher, or just because.


Depending on what kind of craft you do to the wooden spoon will determine whether or not it is safe to use or should be used for display only.

My Wooden Spoon Snowmen are only for decoration purposes but you’ll see some ideas below that will allow you to use your spoons for cooking.

Christmas Wooden Spoon Crafts

Use wooden spoons to creatively decorate your home this holiday season.

1. Christmas Character Wooden Spoons

Christmas Character Wooden Spoons

Source: Christmas Character Wooden Spoons by Hallmark Channel

Use a set of wooden spoons to easily and festively create a few iconic Christmas characters. Place them in a decorative bowl to be used as a centerpiece or tablescape.

2. Easy DIY Christmas Painted Spoon Craft

Easy DIY Christmas Painted Spoon Craft

Source: Easy DIY Christmas Painted Spoon Craft by DIY N Crafts

This painted spoon craft features three of the most popular characters of the holiday season. It’s easy to make and is a unique way to decorate for Christmas.

3. Snowman and Snowflake Painted Wooden Spoons

Snowman and Snowflake Painted Wooden Spoons

Source: Snowman and Snowflake Painted Wooden Spoons by Pinterest

You can’t go wrong with this wintery wooden spoon mix. All you need are just a few wooden spoons and a couple of colors of paint, and that’s it! Finish the look with a glass vase and fake snow (or cotton balls pulled apart).

4. Wooden Spoon Snowmen

Wooden Spoon Snowmen Craft

Source: Wooden Spoon Snowmen by The Crazy Craft Lady

These wooden spoon snowmen aren’t only cute, but they are super easy to make. This is a craft project you can enjoy doing with your kiddos!

5. Painted Spoon Ornaments

Painted Spoon Ornaments

Source: Painted Spoon Ornaments by Pinterest

Turn ordinary wooden spoons into ornaments with unique designs to match your desired look. This is a craft that is super versatile and allows you to get pretty creative.

Halloween Wooden Spoon Crafts

These wooden spoon crafts will help you add the perfect creative touch to your Halloween decor.

1. Monster Painted Wooden Spoons

Monster Painted Wooden Spoons

Source: Monster Painted Wooden Spoons by Hometalk

Not too scary and adds just the right spooky to your Halloween setup. These monster-painted wooden spoons are sure to be the topic of conversation with your guests.

2. Jack-o-Lantern Painted Spoons

Jackolantern Painted Spoons

Source: Jack-o-Lantern Painted Spoons by Pinterest

Add these jack-o-lantern-painted wooden spoons to your pumpkin decorations. They are painted, distressed a bit, and added to a dark-colored mason jar to top off the entire look.

3. Candy Corn Painted Wooden Spoons

Candy Corn Painted Wooden Spoons

Source: Candy Corn Painted Wooden Spoons by Discover Hubpages

This wooden spoon craft is for candy corn lovers. Once you have them painted, consider using them as decor in a bowl full of candy corn.

Wooden Spoon Gift Ideas

Believe it or not, painted wooden spoons can make for some pretty unique gifts. Here are some ideas to try.

1. Elaborate Wooden Spoon Painting

Elaborate Wooden Spoon Painting

Source: Elaborate Wooden Spoon Painting by Pinterest

These spoons are certainly a unique gift to give someone for any occasion, especially if they enjoy unique things.

2. Santa & Elves Painted Gift Idea

Santa and Elves Painted Gift Idea

Source: Santa & Elves Painted Gift Idea by Creating Really Awesome Fun Things

These half-painted wooden spoons will allow the cook in your life to use a hand-crafted gift, especially during the holiday season. Give the gift of Santa and his elves!

3. Wood Burned Sayings on Wooden Spoons

Wood Burned Sayings on Wooden Spoons

Source: Wood Burned Sayings on Wooden Spoons by Pinterest

Put your wood burner to use by creating a set of wood-burned spoons that can be used as an incredibly cute gift. Use the sayings as shown or create your own.

4. Solid Colored Painted Spoons with a Bow

Solid Colored Painted Spoons with a Bow

Source: Solid Colored Painted Spoons with a Bow from Pinterest

Painting wood spoons a solid color and adding a bow is one of the cutest ideas! This would make the perfect gift for the cook or check in your life.

5. Family Painted and Framed Wooden Spoons

Family Painted and Framed Wooden Spoons

Source: Family Painted and Framed Wooden Spoons by Pinterest

Get the entire family involved with this gift – which makes it perfect for a grandparent. Have each child paint a part of the handle and then finish it with a letter that collectively spells “family.”

Unique Wooden Spoon Crafts

If you’re looking for unique – these wood spoon crafts are just the thing you need to try!

1. Glitter Painted Wooden Spoon Favors

Glitter Painted Wood Spoon Favors

Source: Glitter Painted Wooden Spoon Favors by Something Turquoise

Calling all glitter lovers! Creating glitter-painted wooden spoons is the perfect party favor! Design them any color to match your party’s theme.

2. Wood Burnt Wooden Spoons

Wood Burnt Wooden Spoons

Source: Wood Burnt Wooden Spoons by Brit

Another wood-burnt wooden spoon craft for you to try! Brit shows you how to create lots of different designs that can turn regular wooden spoons into something super creative.

3. Fabric Covered Wooden Spoons

Fabric Covered Wooden Spoons

Source: Fabric Covered Wooden Spoons by Alice & Lois

Fabric-covered wooden spoons are a nifty way to use up any fabric scraps you may have lying around in addition to turning something simple into a unique gift. Different fabric patterns all in the same color family works best.

4. Wooden Spoon Wind Chime

Wood Spoon Wind Chime

Source: Wooden Spoon Wind Chime by Hometalk

If you’re looking for a cool windchime idea, try using several painted wooden spoons attached to a rolling pin. This idea is definitely one for the cook in your life.

5. Decoupaged Wooden Spoons

Decoupage Wooden Spoons

Source: Decoupaged Wooden Spoons by Pinterest

These decoupaged wooden spoons create a gift set that is sure to be loved by the receiver. Follow the in-depth YouTube tutorial to see just how easy these are to make.

6. Stripe Painted Wooden Spoons

Stripe Painted Wooden Spoons

Source: Stripe Painted Wooden Spoons by Mod Podge Rocks Blog

Give wooden spoons a quick upscale by adding colored stripes. The only supplies you need are wooden spoons, tape, paint colors of your choice, and a paintbrush. Easy peasy!

7. Plant Markers

These wooden spoon plant markers are painted and the sealed with Mod Podge, making them perfect for spring herbs or your summer vegetable garden. Make your own DIY garden markers.
Wooden Spoon Plant Markers

Source: Plant Markers by The Crazy Craft Lady

Remember what you’ve planted by using a set of DIY plant markers. These are perfect for gardens of any and every size.

8. Patriotic Painted Wooden Spoons

Patriotic Painted Wooden Spoons

Source: Patriotic Painted Wooden Spoons by The Keeper of the Cheerios

Red, white, blue, and twine scream all things patriotic. These wooden spoons are sure to spruce up your Memorial Day and Fourth of July decor.


Creative Wooden Spoon Craft Ideas

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