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Upcycle a tin can into a stunning fall floral arrangement with this tutorial for a DIY dollar store faux tin tile vase.

Faux Tin Tile Vase an Upcycled Tin Can Craft

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Why I love this craft

One of my newest and most favorite craft supplies to work with has been these faux wall adhesives that Dollar Tree sells.

Let's craft with dollar store wall tiles

I’ve been amazed by the things crafters have come up with. I knew it’d only be a matter of time before I jumped on the bandwagon as well.

And the only thing I love as much an a high-end-looking dollar store craft is an upcycled craft. And this project combines the best of both worlds!


You only need a few supplies to make this craft: a faux tin tile, a tin can, paint, and some greenery stems.

supplies to make a faux tin tile vase

Video Tutorial

Watch this quick video tutorial to see how this craft came together:

dollar store faux tin tile fall vase

Fall Faux Tin Tile Vase

Yield: 1 floral arrangement
Active Time: 15 minutes
Additional Time: 30 minutes
Total Time: 45 minutes
Difficulty: easy
Estimated Cost: $3

Upcycle a tin can into a stunning fall floral arrangement with this tutorial for a DIY dollar store faux tin tile vase.


  • empty tin can, cleaned and dry
  • 1 faux tin tile, from Dollar Tree
  • E6000 glue
  • chalk paint: white, dark green, and light moss green
  • small piece of a clean dish sponge
  • floral styrofoam
  • greenery and fall leaf stems


  • pen
  • scissors
  • pouncer brush
  • hot glue gun and glue sticks


    1. Watch the video tutorial before you begin, and let that be your visual guide for this project.
    2. Remove the adhesive backing from the faux tin tile piece.
    3. Lay the tin can flat on the tin tile piece and use a pen to make guide marks.
    4. Then, cut the tin tile piece down to size. cut faux tin tile down to size
    5. Use a pouncer brush to base coat the tin tile piece white. Let dry.
    6. Apply E6000 to the back of the cut tile piece, in the center. Then apply hot glue around the edges. apply glue to back of tile piece
    7. Work quickly, and smooth the tile piece onto the tin can.
    8. Use a small piece of a clean dish sponge to distress the tile surface with light and dark green paint. Apply as much or as little paint as you like, until the desired finish is achieved. Let the paint dry. sponge green paint onto tin can
    9. Hot glue a piece of floral foam into the tin can. glue a piece of styrofoam into the tin can
    10. Add faux greenery and leaf stems to the foam piece. add faux greenery and leaves into tin can
    11. Display your new fall flower arrangement anywhere you like.
dollar store faux tin tile fall vase

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dollar store faux tin tile fall floral arrangement

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