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Shop my “Secret Source” for Insanely Inexpensive 18×18 Pillow Covers. Where to find the BEST throw pillow covers without breaking the bank.

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Shop my "Secret Source" for Insanely Inexpensive 18x18 Pillow Covers. Where to find the BEST throw pillow covers without breaking the bank.

The price tag on these 18×18 Pillow Covers will blow you away!

Why Throw Pillow COVERS?

I typically prefer to change up my decor with pillow COVERS, not actual pillows. I prefer throw pillow covers for two reasons:

1. Space: Storage for seasonal items is always limited, and we just don’t have room to house 20+ extra pillows that only get used for a few months of the year. I save space by changing out the covers.

2. Kids: Where kids go, dirt and messes tend to follow. When you use decorative pillow covers, cleaning is so much easier. Just unzip the cover and toss it in the laundry!

fall pumpkin throw pillow cover

Come tour this cozy farmhouse style bedroom filled with plenty of winter bedroom decor inspiration. How to decorate after the holidays with neutral tones, DIY decor, and budget-friendly buys.

Some of my Favorite Throw Pillow Covers (for all year long)

Drum-roll, please…. My “secret source” is… Amazon! I don’t know why it took me so long to get comfortable shopping for home decor on Amazon.  Now it’s quickly becoming one of the first places I look. Heck, I ordered my new bed and mattress there recently.

I especially enjoy buying smaller home decor items (like pillow covers) because they often come with Prime shipping. The only thing better than finding a deal online is finding a deal that arrives with two-day Prime shipping 🙂

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My Favorite Holiday and Seasonal Pillows

And if DIY is your style, here are some Pillow Tutorials For you:

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