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Peel and stick tile stickers are a super easy, budget-friendly choice to makeover just about any area in your home. Here’s how easy they are to apply!

quick update with tile stickers

Keep reading to learn how easy it is to install peel and stick tile in your home!

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I decided to use these stickers to update my fireplace area in our living room. Not only were they easy to install, but the end result also turned out incredibly beautiful.

Why use tile stickers?

Moment of transparency here. It’s not that there was anything wrong with the fireplace area in my living room per se… I just didn’t care for the particular style. It had a bubblegum pink colored, out-dated tile in the small space directly in front of the fireplace. And yeah, no – yuck!

I originally thought I was going to paint over it, but as you’ll see in my tutorial below, I stopped at the gray primer. Not to mention, my kids are always moving furniture across the living room. Over time, the paint would get scratched and worn too quickly.

living room fireplace before picture

Looking for a temporary solution, I came across some peel and stick tiles while shopping at Hobby Lobby. They had several patterns and varieties, so I ended up settling on a blue and white trendy pattern.

shopping for tile stickers
black and white Peel + Stick tile options from Hobby Lobby

My thoughts were that it should last at least a few years – until I’m ready to hire a pro and completely re-tile.

When it comes to your home, you may want to use peel and stick tile to:

  • cover an ugly spot
  • install semi-permanent decor
  • update a small area
  • opt for a more affordable option

The possibilities are endless!

How to Install Tile Stickers

Measure the area where you’re planning to add the tile.

Make sure you measure the length and the width of the entire area. If you’re worried about not covering the entire space, give yourself a little extra on all ends.

Find the midpoint of the space.

If you’re installing the tile stickers in your fireplace area, you’ll be able to use the fireplace itself to make sure you’ve found the midpoint of the area. If you are applying it to other areas, use your measurements to help find that center (or midway) point.

Begin applying the tile pieces.

installing stickers on a fireplace - start in the center and work your way out

For my fireplace area, I was able to start by laying an entire sheet. From there, I started laying one square at a time. In my personal opinion, if you overlap the grout lines just a bit, I believe you’ll be able to get your tile pieces to hold up better.

Smooth down the tiles really well with a flat hand. Of course, this will work best on a flat surface. Since I had a pretty bumpy tiled surface (including some tiles that are beginning to sink in). With this in mind, I did not expect perfect results. I just wanted that terrible pink tile covered up ASAP!

smoothing down stickers on a tiled surface

Cut the edges as necessary.

Once you start working toward the edge of the workspace, you will want to measure and cut the tiles before you lay them down. The tile is thin enough to use scissors on so it. This makes it super easy to measure, cut, and apply. It’s thick enough to be heavy-duty (and waterproof!), which is why it’s an awesome decor option.

how to install edge pieces with tile stickers

Important Things to Note

You may find some areas are not quite square. This can make cutting edge tile a bit tricky. In this case, you’ll want to measure from each corner to get as close to an exact measurement as possible. Mark the measurements directly on the tile with a Sharpie. Then make your cut.

Some areas may require some trial and error so give yourself time (and grace).

Frequently Asked Questions about Tile Stickers

Why didn’t you paint the tile?

I’ve seen several people paint over their tile and have great success with it. I just didn’t think that was a good option for my tiled area.

What about the heat from the fireplace?

Full disclosure: my fireplace is not a working one – and my jaw hit the floor when I got a quote to repair the clay tiles to make it safe to use. In my research, I did find that Smart Tiles (peel and stick) were heat resistant; however, you’ll want to read the package to ensure the kind you purchase actually are. This is also important for other heat-prone areas such as stoves.

How well does the peel and stick tile hold up?

At the time of writing this tutorial, it had been about two months since I had done the project, and the tiles were still holding up quite nicely. I’ve used vinyl tile in our kitchen and I’m really happy with how the peel and stick has turned out.

How much did this project cost?

I used three packets of tile at $12 each, so it was about a $36 project. You may be able to find some cheaper depending on where you’re shopping.

What other projects can you use this on?

Keep in mind that using peel and stick tile is not typically a decades-long commitment. However, it’s totally a go if you want to follow the trends or try a new style. The particular tiles I used would be great for:

  • backsplash in a kitchen
  • small project areas
  • smooth surfaces

What’s the difference between tile stickers and peel-and-stick tile?

A vinyl (tile) sticker is just that. It’s a sticker (albeit a heavy duty one) that looks like a tile. A vinyl tile is a bit thicker and needs to be cut with a razor blade. It’s a heavier-duty option great for high traffic areas – think kitchens, baths, entryways.

Where can I buy tile stickers?

You’re in luck: I gathered my favorite tile stickers and peel-and-stick tile in this blog post. Just be aware of what you’re shopping for – a sticker or a peel-and-stick tile. I separated the two categories into separate shopping sections in the blog post to help avoid confusion.

Want to quickly and easily change the look of your floors? Shop all of my favorite self-adhesive floor tile and tile decal stickers.
fireplace update with tile sickers

Final Thoughts about Tile Stickers

Using peel and stick tile is a fun way to give parts of your home a new look for a fraction of what a “professional upscale” would cost. It’s also a project that can last several years and be somewhat easy to change. Use the tips and ideas mentioned in this post to easily add peel and stick tiles to your fireplace area, kitchen backsplash, bathroom spaces, and more!

Oh, and I think our dog approves of this project as well:

Our dog laying in front of our updated fireplace

Looking for MORE Peel-and-Stick Options? I’ve got you covered!

  • How to make a faux shiplap wall (completely temporary & damage-free) using realistic peel-and-stick shiplap wallpaper. Get the farmhouse look without construction!
  • Watch this video to learn all about how to install vinyl floor tile – it’s budge-friendly, easy to install, and comes in a TON of patterns. Give this weekend home DIY project a try!
  • Flooring can be expensive and messy to install. Give vinyl floor tile a try for a mess-free, quick, easy, and inexpensive flooring solution. Just cut, peel, and stick them in place! No special tools required.


  1. Thanks for sharing your idea, Aimee. This inexpensive idea looks really nice. I have horrible wallpaper in my kitchen and want to install a backsplash and maybe if I only buy one pack of this product and don’t like it, I wouldn’t have wasted a lot of money. Again, thanks for sharing your cost cutting/money saving ideas.

  2. I live in a rental property and was considering the FloorPops FP2945 Noteby Peel and Stick tile for my bathroom. I’ve read the tiles are easy to install, durable, etc. My question is,…Do the tiles remove easily?

    1. If you’re installing on tile, I would think a little goo gone would remove any adhesive left behind. If installing on walls or painted surface, probably not so much.

  3. Love this tutorial! I’ve been wanting to update my fireplace for a while now, and these tile stickers look like the perfect solution. Can’t wait to give it a try! ❤️

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