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Grab a plastic pumpkin from the craft store and a fall mum from the grocery store or your local garden center, and make this easy and adorable fall mum pumpkin planter!

Easy No-Mess DIY Fall Mum Pumpkin Planter

Fall Pumpkin Planter for Grocery Store Mums


How to make a pumpkin planter, without the mess of carving a real pumpkin.

Grab a few basic supplies…

Supplies needed to make a fall mum pumpkin planter

and watch this video below:

Here’s a quick written tutorial as well:

First, gather a few basic supplies: rocks, potting soil, a mum plant, foam pumpkin, sharp knife, and water.

Start by cutting a circle in the top of your pumpkin. A serrated knife really helps. I found it easier to poke slices straight up and down with my knife, instead of trying to cut a circle all at once. I just kept going in and out with the knife, very carefully, until I had formed a complete circle.

Remove the top of the pumpkin, and discard.

Place a few handfuls of rocks in the bottom of the pumpkin. This is for two reasons: 1 – to add weight and 2 – for a bit of drainage. You could also drill holes in the bottom of the pumpkin, but I opted against this.

Then remove the mum plant from its plastic pot and push it down into the pumpkin. My plant’s pot was a bit taller than my pumpkin, so I had a little extra coaxing to do here.

Add potting soil to fill in any gaps around the edge of the pumpkin. Keep pressing down on the soil until the plant is at the right height. Give your new plant a drink of water, pouring slowly to keep from overflowing.

Clean up any spilled dirt, and set your plant in a sunny location to enjoy.

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