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If you’re looking to decorate your bedroom with Christmas decorations this holiday season, be inspired by these beautiful Christmas Bedroom Decor ideas. This is sure to get you into the holiday spirit!

DIY Christmas Bedroom Decor


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Most people don’t consider creating a winter wonderland in their bedroom. It seems to be more common with the guest bedroom, but not the master bedroom.

Creating a festive feel can be done with a miniature Christmas tree on bedside tables or stringing Christmas lights along the wall. The ideas below are sure to inspire you to do whatever will help you get into the festive spirit.


As with any online inspiration, you have to take into consideration your real life situation. In this case, if you’ll be working with small spaces, you’d want to stay clear of something that needs a larger space.

Since I live in a smaller home, I needed to be strategic with my Winter Bedroom Decor. I opted in for faux greenery at the end of the bed, accent pillows, throw blankets, and a bed tray.

Mix and match what you like from the ideas below to create a cozy space you can enjoy.

Christmas Headboard Decor

Decorating your headboard is a great way to add holiday decor to your sleeping space.

1. Holly Headboard Garland

Holly Headboard Garland

Source: Holly Headboard Garland by Kristin Vald Photography

Add a splash of red to your holiday bedroom decor by adding a garland of holly. It’s something you can easily create yourself or pick up from a local craft store like Hobby Lobby.

2. Pinecone Garland with String Lights

Pinecone Garland with Lights

Source: Pinecone Garland with String Lights by Shades of Blue Interiors

String lights compliment this pinecone garland to add a touch of winter to the bedroom. This is perfect for high headboards.

3. String Lights Headboard

String Lights Headboard

Source: String Lights Headboard by The Frugal Homemaker

Use a white sheer curtain to cover string lights and cover both with an evergreen wreath to create a unique festive look above your bed. This is especially perfect if you don’t have a headboard.

4. String Beads, Lights, and Greenery

String Beads Lights and Greenery

Source: String Beads, Lights, and Greenery by Sugar Maple Notes

If you want to incorporate a farmhouse theme, one of the best ways to do it is to add a string of wood beads along with an evergreen garland and add some lights.

Christmas Wreaths for the Bedroom

Adding a Christmas wreath to your bedroom is a great idea to spread Christmas cheer. These ideas are an easy way to add the perfect festive touch.

1. Simply Snow Covered Wreath

Simply Snow Covered Wreath

Source: Simply Snow Covered Wreath by Sincerely Marie Designs

Easily add a wintery touch by hanging a snow-covered pine wreath. These are easy to make using Dollar Store supplies or you can purchase one from a place like Michael’s or Joann’s.

2. Snowflake Wreaths

Snowflake Wreaths

Source: Snowflake Wreaths by Source Unknown

You can make snowflake wreaths like this using Dollar Tree snowflake hangers or purchase a set from Etsy, Hobby Lobby, or some place similar.

3. Simple Cotton Wreath

Simply Cotton Wreath

Source: Simple Cotton Wreath by Source Unknown

Similar to cranberries and pinecones, cotton is another accent that is perfect for decorating during the holiday season. It also meshes will with other accents as shown above.

4. Greenery Wreath Trio

Greenery Wreath Trio

Source: Greenery Wreath Trio by Blesser House

This greenery wreath trio adds a subtle, yet beautiful, touch to this blue bedroom theme. This is a look that can stay up well beyond the holiday season.

5. Oversized Pine Wreath

Oversized Pine Wreath

Source: Oversized Pine Wreath by Liz Marie Blog

Oversized pine wreaths are the highlight of this look. It’s not too much and adds the perfect addition to the buffalo check bedding and tan curtains. A perfect farmhouse theme combination.

Christmas Festive Feel

Whether you’re working with a white bedroom, want to decorate with traditional colors, or with a specific color palette – these ideas will help you create a Christmas festive feel.

1. Winter Greenery Paired with Plaid

Winter Greenery Paired with Plaid

Source: Winter Greenery Paired with Plaid by Nesting Blissfully Interiors

Greenery paired with plaid makes for a beautiful holiday look. It doesn’t take much to pull this off. All you need are a few greenery pieces and a few plaid pillows.

2. White & Silver Bedroom Christmas Tree

White & Silver Bedroom Christmas Tree

Source: White & Silver Bedroom Christmas Tree by Randi Garrett Design

White and silver are two colors that scream Christmas season. Randi wanted these colors to stand out by putting a white and silver Christmas tree in the bedroom.

3. White Christmas Decor Style

White Christmas Decor Style

Source: White Christmas Decor Style by Blesser House

White is such a beautiful color to decorate with. With this idea, everything is white which makes the accent of the bed, side table, and throw pillows stand out.

4. Plaid Christmas Decor

Plaid Christmas Decor Style

Source: Plaid Christmas Decor by Four Generations One Roof

Although plaid is a year-round pattern, it is especially popular during the winter months. It tends to keep you warmer when temperatures have dropped and doubles as cute holiday decor.

5. Modern Farmhouse Christmas

Modern Farmhouse Christmas

Source: Modern Farmhouse Christmas by Source Unknown

What makes this a modern farmhouse look are the unique throw pillows, winterized deer hanger above the bed, and oversized pinecone and acorns made from yarn turned into garland.

6. Greenery Accents

Greenery Accents

Source: Greenery Accents by Source Unknown

Greenery accents are one of the easiest ways to add Christmas decor to your bedroom setup. From the headboard to the footboard, these are ideas are easy to duplicate.

7. Grey Tone Christmas

Grey Tone Christmas

Source: Grey Tone Christmas by New Year Lights

Grey may not seem traditional but it is certainly a color trend that is becoming increasingly popular for decorating during the holidays.

8. Christmas Bells & Bows Accents

Christmas Bells & Bows Accents

Source: Christmas Bells & Bows Accents by New Year Lights

Christmas bells and bows aren’t just for the tree. In this idea, they are used to create a unique look for the end of the bed, as well as for little trees on the side tables.

DIY Christmas Bedding Ideas

From decorative pillows and pillow cases to throw pillows and a red throw blanket – these Christmas bedding ideas will spark unique ways to decorate your bed for the holidays.

1. Plaid Accent Pillows

Plaid Accent Pillows

Source: Plaid Accent Pillows by Thrifty and Chic

These plaid accent pillows add the perfect touch to the all white bedding. It’s certainly a low-maintenance way to add holiday decor to your bedding.

2. Classic Red & White Bedding

Red & White Bedding

Source: Classic Red & White Bedding by Faith and Chloe Designs

Red and white are classic holiday colors, which means you can’t go wrong by incorporating them into your bedding. They can also easily be complimented by other Christmas colors such as green and grey.

3. Rustic Christmas Bedding Accent

Rustic Christmas Bedding Accent

Source: Rustic Christmas Bedding Accent by Jodie The Design Twins

Sometimes all you need are just a few rustic accents to pull off a Christmas-style bedding look. In this case, it’s the accent pillows and wooden tray filled with just a few pieces that complete this look.

4. Buffalo Check Bedding

Buffalo Check Bedding

Source: Buffalo Check Bedding by The Design Twins

Adding buffalo check bedding can easily give a holiday look to any bedroom. A combination of colors pulled through the bedding and accent pillows are super easy to pull off.


Oh so Cozy Christmas Bedroom Decor


  • These Dollar Store Christmas Decorations will help your money go a long way this holiday season. Take your extra savings and use them for more gifts or extra decor for your bedroom.
  • Create a DIY Winter Scene with bottle brush trees, yarn, and a grapevine wreath. Your bedroom would be the perfect place to add this festive decor.
  • Pompom garland and Pompom Wreaths are a unique way to decorate for the winter season. It’s the kind of decor that can stay up before and after the holidays.

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