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Whether you’re wanting to add a library wall in your living room or create a custom built-in for a small room, these Ikea Billy Bookcase Hacks are the perfect way to add the extra storage and display space you need.

Ikea Billy Bookcase Hacks

There’s so much you can do with Ikea furniture. These brilliant Billy bookcase hacks offer inspiration for creating a custom look in your home.

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It’s truly amazing how Ikea bookcases can be used to transform an entire room. The best part is it doesn’t have to cost an arm and a leg. And honestly, the hardest part will be keeping yourself from wanting to remodel every room in your home.


Using Ikea furniture to create functional pieces isn’t new to me, which is why I love sharing different hacks and ideas with you. One of my easiest do-it-yourself storage solutions was when I turned an Ikea Trofast frame and Linnmon tabletop into a train and activity table.

I also turned a Tarva dresser into a TV stand. Simple hacks like these give you the ability to be creative on a budget.


It’s common to be intimidated by furniture hacks. After all, some of them do require tools and supplies that can get pretty expensive or even hard to use.

Those are the very reasons why I would choose an Ikea hack every time. Ikea furniture is pretty easy to assemble. And by starting with a piece of Ikea furniture, you can create really custom pieces without having to build furniture totally from scratch.

Most of the projects I’ve selected in this blog post involve simple assembly, some heavy-duty gluing, or a bit of basic drilling/screwing. And don’t forget the paint to create a truly custom piece!

Ikea Billy Bookcase Hacks – DIY Custom Shelves

I searched high and low, here are my top picks! Be sure to click the link below each image to read the full tutorial to each project listed.

There are some pretty inspiring tutorials and tips. These bloggers cover it all: how to make cuts with a miter saw to add totally custom molding. Or tips for the best paint methods and swapping out hardware. These tutorials cover it all!

Ikea Hacks with Billy Bookcases

Brilliant Billy Bookcase Hacks

1. Cane Storage Bookcase

Cane Storage Bookcase

Source: Cane Storage Bookcase by Blushing Bungalow

This simple, yet stylish, upscale is an easy way to bring a versatile look to any space. It’s especially ideal if you’re working with a small space but need ample storage.

2. Arched European Inspired Cabinet With Fluted Doors

Arched European Inspired Cabinet With Fluted Doors

Source: Arched European Inspired Cabinet With Fluted Doors by City Farmhouse

Three Billy bookcases come together with paint and homemade leather pulls to give these bookcases an modern European look. The best part is there’s no extra assembly required, simply painting.

Use a contrasting paint color for the arches to make the accent really pop.

3. Navy Bookcase with Shiplap Back

Navy Bookcase with Shiplap Back

Source: Navy Bookcase with Shiplap Back by Angela Marie Made

Easily pull off this bookcase look by adding paint, Oxberg doors, and shiplap boards. There’s a bit of assembly required with a saw and drill, but nothing too complicated.

4. Billy Bookcase High-End Cabinet Makeover

Billy Bookcase High-End Cabinet Makeover

Source: Billy Bookcase High-End Cabinet Makeover by Our Acacia Grove Home

Easily achieve the panel look by adding Oxberg glass doors. You can also achieve different looks and styles by choosing other door types. Regardless, this high-end look is easy to accomplish and will look good in any space.

5. Arched Cabinet Doors Billy Bookcase Hack

Arched Cabinet Doors Billy Bookcase Hack

Source: Arched Cabinet Doors Billy Bookcase Hack by Alice and Lois

If you like the arched look, this is a design worth recreating with your Billy bookcase. Alice and Lois used glass-paneled doors with an earthy moss green paint finish. Of course, you can choose any color of your choice to match the space your bookshelf will go.

6. Billy Bookcase Kitchen Island

Billy Bookcase Kitchen Island

Source: Billy Bookcase Kitchen Island by Golden Boys & Me

You can’t go wrong with adding extra storage space and a functional solution in the kitchen area. Ikea’s Billy bookshelves with a few extra additions will help you achieve this kitchen island and have a space you can be proud of.

Ikea Billy Hacks

Billy Bookcase Built-In DIY Projects

1. DIY Corner Bookshelf

DIY Corner Bookshelf

Source: DIY Corner Bookshelf by 1930s House Revamp

If you have more books than you do space, this do-it-yourself corner bookshelf will help you put them all in one spot. Grab a couple of bookcases along with some baseboards and crown molding to recreate this home library space.

2. Playroom Bookcase Built Ins to Keep the Kids Organized

Playroom Bookcase Built Ins

Source: Playroom Bookcase Built Ins by Blesser House

Playrooms can easily become cluttered and overwhelmed with toys. Instead of stepping over the mess, add a few bookcases to create a built-in that doubles as storage and organization.

3. Billy Bookcase Pantry Makeover

Billy Bookcase Pantry Makeover

Source: Billy Bookcase Pantry Makeover by Confessions of a Serial DIYer

You don’t need a large space to recreate this Ikea hack. Confessions of a Serial DIYer walks you through a step-by-step tutorial of how they took the closet space behind their staircase and turned it into a fully functional (and organized) pantry using Billy bookcases.

4. Glam Mudroom Storage Cabinets

Glam Mudroom Storage Cabinets

Source: Glam Mudroom Storage Cabinets by Stacie’s Spaces

Easily add extra storage to your mudroom with this simple storage cabinet hack. Use textured wallpaper, paint, and gold hardware to create the mudroom of your dream.

5. Built In Bookcase with Matching Wall Color

Built In Bookcase with Matching Wall Color

Source: Built In Bookcase with Matching Wall Color by Heather Rosie Olive Home

If there’s one thing Heather knows it’s bold colors. Creating a built-in bookcase and matching it to the wall color is a great idea for keeping a color scheme going in a room. It also helps everything to flow.

6. Ikea Billy Bookcase Traditional Home Storage

Ikea Billy Bookcase Traditional Home Storage

Source: Ikea Billy Bookcase Traditional Home Storage by A Beautiful Mess

Having traditional storage space in your home can be a lot easier using the Ikea Billy bookcase. In this tutorial by A Beautiful Mess, they’ll walk you through how to build this floor-to-ceiling custom built in. It’s the perfect storage space that holds all your necessities and then some.

7. Billy Bookcase Closet Update

Billy Bookcase Closet Update

Source: Billy Bookcase Closet Update by Blesser House

Need more space and storage in your closet? This is an Ikea hack you’ll want to try. You’ll need several bookcases, extensions, hooks, racks, and hangers – but it’s definitely worth every bit!

8. Built in Floor-to-Ceiling Bookshelves with a Rolling Library Ladder

Ikea Billy Bookcase hack with library ladder

Source: The Lily Pad Cottage


Ikea Billy Bookcase Hacks




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