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Whether you need to organize a home office or any other room in your home, these Ikea Alex drawer hacks are here to save the day!

Genius Ikea Alex Drawer Hacks

Who doesn’t love a good Ikea hack? The popular Ikea Alex drawer units are a frugal way to create great-looking furniture with plenty of storage space.

Alex is a series of storage and desk units that are super easy to customize. They are very simple pieces of furniture, so they’re highly versatile in terms of function. Alex units are perfect for DIYing your own desk, but you can also use them as they are and simply give them a different look.

Ikea furniture is perfect for decorating your home in a modern style although you might be surprised to find out it can successfully transition to other styles such as farmhouse, industrial, mid-century, and many others.

If you don’t feel like tackling a complex project, you’ll also find easier hacks using Ikea Alex drawers. A quick paint job, adding hardware, and using contact paper are just a few methods you can use to completely transform an Ikea Alex drawer unit with very little effort!

Check out these amazing Ikea Alex drawer hacks to find the perfect project for your home!

1. DIY Modern Wood Desk With Drawers

DIY Modern Wood Desk With Drawers

Who said making a gorgeous desk is impossible? This Ikea Alex hack from The Merry Thought proves it can be done. It has a super simple design and I’m loving the black, white & natural wood combination. But as with any DIY project, you can use whatever colors you want.

The desktop is plywood which is great since it’s relatively inexpensive and easy to find. The trick to giving plywood this polished look is to add edging around it. So smart!

2. Extra Office Storage with Alex Drawers

Extra Office Storage with Alex Drawers

If you have a shared home office or co-working space, this setup is for you. Add Alex drawers at the end of your desk for extra storage that’s out of the way. This minimalist office design is just stunning!

3. Ikea Alex Hack Upgrade

Ikea Alex Hack Upgrade with Midcentury Modern Legs

Custom-made drawers can easily solve your office storage problem but not everyone has the budget for this. Try a frugal Ikea Alex Hack Upgrade from Tara Lenney Design that keeps things simple with beautiful results.

Three Alex units, a plywood or MDF for the top and a set of cute mid-century modern legs make a modern and classy drawer setup you will be proud to show in your office or home.

4. DIY Faux Brass Drawer Fronts

DIY Faux Brass Drawer Fronts

Here is a truly brilliant (and super cheap) hack that works for Alex drawer units – but also any other drawers. Just add gold accents to some of your drawer fronts using reactive gold foil or metallic adhesive gold vinyl to get the look of this DIY Faux Brass Drawer Fronts that Sugar And Cloth pulled off perfectly.

5. Rainbow Ikea Alex Drawers Hack

Rainbow Ikea Alex Drawers Hack

The white Alex drawers might work in some spaces, but if you love colorful furniture you might want to give this cool hack a try.

The Rainbow Ikea Alex Drawers Hack from Smart Fun DIY is jaw-dropping and easier than it seems. It was done using decals designed specifically for Alex units so they fit perfectly! Add heavy-duty wheels ot the bottom of the unit for extra versatility.

6. Ikea Hack / Slim Desk

Ikea Hack : Slim Desk

Do you desperately need a desk but are lacking office space? This hack from Undeclared Panache uses the Ikea Ekby Alex shelf to create a slim desk with hairpin legs that will fit even in a small room or corner.

This kind of ingenuity reminds me of my old office in a closet. Hey, with this work-from-home movement, we’ve all got to get creative!

7. Easy Ikea Alex Table Top Desk Hack

Easy Ikea Alex Table Top Desk Hack

When your dream desk doesn’t fit the space you are designing, it’s time to DIY it! The desktop is made from durable pine board and attached to two Alex drawer units for this easy Ikea Alex desk hack from Emily Every Day.

The super glam results speak for themselves. And if you are not a fan of white, you can always give it a paint job or attach colorful knobs for a fun accent.

8. 30 Min Ikea Alex Drawers Hack

30 Min Ikea Alex Drawers Hack

Do you have an Alex unit in your home that still has the plain look? Use contact paper to give it an upgrade with this 30 minute Alex drawers hack from Grillo-Designs. The cork tabletop also adds a bit of texture to this desk – and I’m seriously crushing on this look.

9. Hack an Ikea Alex Into An Apothecary Cabinet

Hack an Ikea Alex Into An Apothecary Cabinet

Apothecary cabinets can be incredibly expensive. Hack this look with this Alex-Turned-Apothecary Tutorial from Dainty Dress Diaries.

Just glue strips of thin plywood to the drawer fronts. Then add some hardware, and you’re in business.

10. DIY Desk Built-in With Ikea Alex Desk & Drawer Hack

DIY Desk Built-in With Ikea Alex Desk & Drawer Hack

Staying organized is so much easier when you have plenty of storage space. Custom solutions can be pricey but this Ikea Alex desk & drawer hack from Hydrangea Tree House is definitely the opposite.

You can rely on the Alex drawer units to create a built-in desk with plenty of drawer storage and enough leg room to work comfortably.

11. Alex Drawer Upgrade With Wood (Ikea Hack)

Alex Drawer Upgrade With Wood

Painted Ikea furniture can look really pretty but the wood finish is certainly an amazing option to have. This Alex drawer upgrade from If Only April takes a bit of work although it is totally worth it.

You will need to create wood versions of the original drawer fronts and have a matching wood tabletop. Adding hardware will also help give a finished, professional look.

12. Simple DIY Ikea Desk Hack Tutorial

Simple DIY Ikea Desk Hack Tutorial

Ikea desk hacks with a high-end look are super popular right now. Jessica Wellington Interiors used stained plywood as the desktop for this simple Ikea desk hack even though you’d never guess it.

13. Creating A Custom Art Studio Table

Creating A Custom Art Studio Table

An art studio station on casters sounds like a dream come true for creatives. It’s spacious, it has ample amounts of storage, it looks stunning. The best part? It’s an Ikea Alex hack from Deeann Rieves you can DIY yourself!

I could get lost for hours crafting and making in a space like this…. sigh!

14. Painting Ikea Alex Drawers

Painting Ikea Alex Drawers

The rainbow look never gets old. If you don’t want to use decals you can always try these painted Ikea Alex Drawers from Just My Little Mess.

The main drawback here is you need to remove the drawer fronts for painting, assuming your cabinet is already assembled. But if you’re starting with a new purchase from Ikea, just paint before you assemble.

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  1. Can the alex drawer unit that includes one large/file drawer be rearranged so the large/file drawer is in the center or top of the set of drawers. I have arthritis and back issues and so frequent bending for files is a challenge.

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