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Check out these Ikea Kallax hacks that can completely customize this classic white cube shelf into beautiful decor for any home or style.

Ikea Hacks with Kallax Cubes

Creative ways to customize an Cube Storege Kallax unit from Ikea

The IKEA Kallax cube shelving units are simple and affordable shelving option, which makes them immensely popular. And with a quick tweak – like adding drawer fronts, custom legs, or even a coat of paint – you can totally customize these storage shelves to suit your decor style.

If you’re in need of some inspiration, these creative Ikea Kallax hacks are worth checking out.

A note from Aimee: This blog post first appeared on The Crazy Craft Lady in July 2021. It has since been updated to bring you the best, most current creative content.

Ikea Expedit vs. Kallax: What’s the Difference?

Hint: there really isn’t a difference.

Note: The Kallax shelves used to be called Expedit. Ikea made a small design tweak, but they’re basically the same. The dimensions changed a bit, but (most importantly) the configuration of the cubes, and the insert sizes still remain the same!

SO… if you have an old Expedit shelf lying around, you can still give one of these hacks a try.

Ikea Kallax Hacks

Formerly known as Expedit, the Kallax shelving units have been successfully used to create all sorts of storage solutions such as filing cabinets, sideboards, work tables and even TV stands and bar carts.

Now let’s take those Kallax shelves to the next level!

Beautiful Ikea Kallax Hacks

Whether you’re looking to display a collection of books or knick-knacks, or simply want more storage space, I’ve got you covered. Here are my favorite Kallax hacks:

1. Modern Library Card Catalog Ikea Hack

Modern Library Card Catalog Ikea Hack

Source: The Savvy Heart

Library-style card filing cabinets are very functional and really pretty to have in the office but they’re not cheap either.

The Savvy Heart came up with a modern library card catalog Ikea hack that’s to die for. Putting everything together is an easy task and the results are stunning.

2. DIY Rustic Cube Shelves

DIY Rustic Cube Shelves

Source: Home Made Lovely

Home Made Lovely really pulled off the rustic industrial look with these amazing DIY cube shelves Ikea hack. The distressed texture of the doors is made using a hammer and a screwdriver. That’ll be fun!

3. Ikea Kallax/Expedit Bookcase Hack

Ikea Kallax Expedit Bookcase Hack

Source: Delia Creates

Adding hardware to a plain piece of furniture can transform it completely as demonstrated by this Ikea Kallax Bookcase hack from Delia Creates. She used a set of mid-century modern furniture feet and gave her Kallax bookcase an easy but noticeable upgrade.

4. Office Storage With Kallax Shelves

Office Storage With Kallax Shelves

Source: Tory Stender

I’m absolutely in LOVE with how these shelves are styled – proving that a *hack* doesn’t always need to involve anything complicated. These white cube shelves are the perfect blank palette – they can be totally customized using accessories to suit your style.

5. Dining Room Sitting Bench

Dining Room Sitting Bench

Source: Grillo Designs

If your kitchen and dining are are on the smaller side, this storage bench option is for you. Fill the cubes with beautiful wicker baskets for extra storage.

Plus: by having one side of your table seating pushed against a wall, more space is created on the other sides of the table for traffic flow.

6. How to Add Sliding Doors To Your Ikea Kallax Or Any Other Bookshelf

Add Sliding Doors To Cube Shelves

Source: Deeply Southern Home

Sliding doors make this Ikea Kallax bookshelf hack look very classy and they are also perfect for hiding items that are not for display. Follow the link for a detailed tutorial that can be used to transform pretty much any bookshelf, Ikea or not.

Bonus: If you want to change up or refresh the style, just swap our the baskets for a whole new vibe.

7. How To Turn A Cube Shelf Into Farmhouse Style Lockers

Turn A Bookcase Into Lockers

Source: Little House of Four

Who said family storage can’t be pretty? If your enrty needs a makeover check out this Ikea Kallax Lockers Hack from Little House Of Four. They have all the steps and details you need to make this amazing locker unit without any hiccups along the way.

This faux locker storage unit would work great in entryways or mudrooms storing shoes, jackets, hats, etc. Or in a basement basement recreation or play room for storing away games, toys, etc..

8. Ikea Bar Cart DIY Stylish Ideas

Ikea hack bar cart

Source: Sugar & Cloth

Place the Kallax on wheels and you have a mobile storage solution that can be used for so many things. Sugar & Cloth turned it into a bar cart Ikea hack and it looks super pretty!

9. Craft Room WorkSpace Ikea Hack

Craft Room Work Table Ikea Hack

Source: Landeelu

Kallax shelving units are super easy to join in simple shapes so you can get really creative with them. Landee See Landee Do came up with a practical DIY Ikea work table hack that would upgrade any craft room.

All supplies for this project come from Ikea, so one trip is all it takes to get the items you need.

10. Ikea Hack For Expedit Bookcases

Ikea Hack For Expedit Bookcases

Source: Dans le Lakehouse

This Ikea bookcase hack from Dans Le Lake House uses Expedit units but works just as well with the newer Kallax.

The bottom row of cubbies has “swinging” doors made out of canvases which I find really creative and also practical. Display your “pretty” items on the upper shelves in a stylish way, and tuck your less visually-appealing items out of sight in storage cubes. It’s the best of both worlds.

11. Ikea Hack Shelving Unit To TV Stand – Living Room Media Shelf with Storage

Ikea Hack Shelving Unit To TV Stand

Source: Infarrantly Creative

You have to appreciate how great this frugal TV stand Ikea Hack from Infarrantly Creative turned out. The natural wood accents are very stylish, not to mention budget-friendly by using plywood.

And of course, you can paint the TV stand instead of keeping it white to really customize the piece.

12. DIY Ikea Banquette Seating

DIY Ikea Banquette Seating

Source: At Home with Ashley

If you didn’t know it was a hack, you’d think this Ikea banquette seating was a professional custom project. At Home With Ashley used 2 Kallax bookcases and a sheet of plywood to create a gorgeous banquette on the cheap!

And if you’re pinched for storage space, be sure to make hinged lids. This will allow you to make the most of all that storage space inside the benches.

13. Mid-Century Modern Kallax Hack

Mid-Century Modern Kallax Hack

Source: Hawthorne and Main

Create a lovely mid-century modern Kallax hack using DIY wooden legs. They are made from 2×3’s and all the instructions are included in the post to avoid any guesswork.

14. Creative storage units with baskets

ikea Kallax closet storage with baskets

Source: Ashlina

The ultimate clutter killer – with baskets. I’m not sure this would be the most practical solution on a day-to-basis, but I love this idea for storing items that are only used seasonally or once in a while.

15. Kallax Ikea Hack In Neon Yellow

Kallax Ikea Hack In Neon Yellow

Source: Flax and Twine

You have to admit this piece of furniture has daring colors and definitely makes a statement.

If you like the idea of this neon yellow Kallax Ikea hack from Flax And Twine but the color is not exactly your style you can follow the same method and use a different shade to make it your own.

16. Ikea Kallax Nightstand Styling

Ikea Kallax Nightstand Styling

Source: The Every Girl

Sometimes less is more when it comes to an Ikea hack. Skip the painting and power tools. For this pretty nightstand setup, it’s all about the accessories and decorative storage solutions.

17. Wood Topped Cube Shelf

Wood Topped Cube Shelf

Source: Instagram

Add a plank of wood on top of a plain cube unit to give it a more upscale look. Stain the wood any hue you like to match your decor style.

18. Vintage Dish Display Kallax Hack

Vintage Dish Display Kallax Hack

Source: Petal and Ply

If you’re handy with power tools, this Vintage Dish Display Shelf is for you. After adding strips of wood to the front edge of the shelves, antique bronze label holders add a charming finishing touch to these gorgeous shelves.

19. Custom Entryway Storage

Ikea Kallax Entry Storage

Source: Remodelaholic

Entryways are notorious for piling clutter that seems to come back time and again. Use a large Kallax unit to create a storage piece that is both beautiful and functional.

20. Kids Room Seating Bench + Storage

Kids Room Cube Bench

Source: Project Nursery

Cube storage is a fantastic option for keeping kids bedrooms and playrooms organized. By using two smaller cube units, you can create a bench that serves double-duty with extra storage.

21. Kallax Kitchen Island Hack

Ikea Kallax Kitchen Island

Source: Ikea Hackers

22. Window Seat with Bench Cushions

Ikea Kallax Window Seat with Basket Storage

Source: The DIY Mommy

Add foam cushions onto a set of Kallax cubes, and you’ve got an instant seating nook for a tween bedroom. Plus, all of those baskets have plenty of space to store clothes, toys, books, and everything else.

23. Bathroom Vanity Update

Ikea Kallax Bathroom Vanity Storage

Source: Maria Nordic House

If you have a small bathroom, extra storage space is often hard to come by. This bathroom sneaks in a bit of extra space under an open sink. So smart!

24. Hidden Toy Storage

Kallax Hack with Doors and Overlays

Source: The Pink Dream

If you’re lacking extra space in your home for a dedicated playroom, hide toys away in your living room. This way, toys are easily accessible and the parents don’t have to sacrifice home decor style.

25. Office Storage with Fabric Covered Bins

Cube Storage with Fabric Covered Bins

Source: At Home with Abbi on Instagram

Baskets and bins for cube storage units can get expensive. If you’re on a budget, consider covering bins in your favorite fabric patterns and covers to create a more cohesive look that matches you style.

PS – you can even cover cardboard boxes with fabric if you’re pinching pennies.

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