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Make your next football party extra festive with a football popcorn bar and hydration station. Creative ideas for DIY football decorations.

DIY Popcorn Bar and Football Party

Today I’m sharing my favorite tips for hosting the perfect football party and popcorn bar, just in time for the Big Game!

This Football Party and Popcorn Bar is centered around making football-themed snack mixes. 


I bought microwave popcorn bags to get my popcorn party started, along with additional mix-in ingredients:

  • mini marshmallows
  • chocolate chips
  • bacon (that I cooked)
  • raisins
  • mini caramel bites
  • peanuts. 

My mix-ins paired perfectly with the buttery microwave popcorn, making a tasty snack mix to enjoy while watching your favorite football team!

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DIY Football Party Decor Tips

Get Your DIY On

Party decorations don’t need to be over complicated or time consuming.  You should be spending more time with friends and family watching the game and eating popcorn snack mix than stressing over party details. Here are two quick headache-free DIYs the add a little bit of football flair to your party:

Football Snack Labels

First, make snack labels using two things you probably already have in your craft stash: craft paper and clothespins.  Simply cut little football shapes out of craft paper.  Then tape the paper to the clothespin. 

Since I used black craft paper (to coordinate with my chalkboard menus) I wrote on the labels with silver marker.

DIY football tags

DIY Football Table Runner

Second, DIY a super simple table runner with a permanent marker.

Lay down a plain green party tablecloth and then roll out plain white craft paper.  I was a little bit uncertain about what to draw, so I will gladly admit that I did an internet image search for “football plays.”  If these are not accurate, I don’t think I want to know!

DIY football table cloth

DIY football table runner

Football Popcorn Bar – Chalkboard Menu Displays

Instead of making separate menus, I made use of something I already owned – chalkboards!  I wrote out the popcorn bar “menu” on our large kitchen chalkboard

Football Party Popcorn Bar

… and I labeled our “hydration station” with a mini chalkboard.

football popcorn bar and hydration station

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Making Popcorn Snack Mix

Football Theme Popcorn Bar

I displayed my snack mix recipes on a chalkboard – to inspire guests when creating their own mixes.  People can follow a suggested recipe, or they can create their own.

Here are the four recipe mixes:

DIY Football Theme Popcorn Bar Chalkboard Menu

Guests can fill up their bowls with popcorn:

Football Popcorn Party

Then they just add the toppings of their choice:

Football Popcorn Bar

Here’s the “Fair Weather Fan Mix” with marshmallows and chocolate chips:


Making Football Popcorn Snack Mix

popcorn snack mix bar and football party


Don’t forget to pin football popcorn bar for later:

Football Theme Popcorn Bar Idea

make this easy DIY Football Play Table Runner



  1. I love your tablerunner! How fun to give your guests a marker and let them plan their football game strategy!

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