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These cute Easter mason jar crafts are the perfect way to decorate for the spring season. Not to mention, they also make great and memorable DIY gifts.

Mason Jar Easter Crafts

Turn your mason jars into cute Easter crafts that are sure to wow your guests or those who receive them as gifts.

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Adorable Easter Mason Jar Ideas – Perfect for Easter Gifts and Decorating!

If you’re like me, you can become quite the craft supply hoarder, especially of jars and bottles. Before you think about tossing them or passing them on to someone else, consider these ideas of turning them into seasonal decor.

At the very least, all you need are the jars, some paint, fabric, and other supplies you most likely already have lying around your craft room.

Where can I find mason jars?

If you’re not the canning type or don’t find yourself doing many crafts with glass jars, then it’s totally understandable why you may not have some on hand.

Luckily, you can find mason jars or any type of glass jars just about anywhere. For starters, check out what you have in your refrigerator. Foods like banana peppers, pickles, and olives typically come in glass jars that can be used for crafting. I actually used a spaghetti sauce jar for this nautical stripe chalk painted jar craft!

The branded mason jars can always be found at Walmart, Amazon, or even your local Dollar Store. Don’t worry about trying to secure the ones with labels because bare jars will do just fine for the craft ideas highlighted below!

Easter Mason Jar Crafts, Gifts, and Decorations

I searched high and low for the easiest and cutest crafts. Here are my top picks!

1. Easter Treats in a Jar (with a FREE printable gift tags)

Easter Treat Jars

Source: Printable Easter Treat Labels from The Crazy Craft Lady

Make these Easter mason jars and bunny paper bags – complete with printable Easter Treat Labels. These candy jars make a great Easter gift or Easter basket alternative.

2. Mini Easter Bunny Terrarium – Dollar Store Craft

DIY Easter Bunny Mason Jar Terrarium

Source: Bunny Mason Jar Terrarium from The Crazy Craft Lady

3. Painted Easter Bunny Jars

Painted Easter Bunny Mason Jars

Source: Painted Easter Bunny Mason Jars by Crafts by Amanda

If you’re looking for a festive way to give a gift of candy, these painted Easter bunny mason jars are the perfect option. Pastel chalk paint and bunny stickers make this an easy-to-do project.

Fill your jars with jelly beans… or any other Easter candy of your choosing.

Easter Mason Jar Crafts

4. Glass Easter Jars with Ribbon Ears

Glass Easter Jars with Ribbon Ears

Source: Glass Easter Jars with Ribbon Ears by So Much Better with Age

Jam jars, mini clay pots, green moss, and few other embellishments come together to make these beautiful glass Easter-themed jars with rabbit ears made of ribbon. Easily decorate any table or pass them along as little gifts.

5. Mason Jar Succulent Planters

Mason Jar Succulent Planters

Source: Mason Jar Succulent Planters by A Pumpkin and a Princess

Pastel painted mini mason jars with succulents make for the perfect upscale this Easter and spring season. These can be used as table decor or given as cute little gifts.

6. Bunny Top Jars

Bunny Top Jars

Source: Bunny Top Jars by Torie Jayne

Small jelly, jam, and/or pastry jars work best for this bunny top jar craft project. All you need are little bunnies, super glue, and a few cans of spray paint. You’ll have bunny top jars in no time. These are perfect for filling with different assortments of candy.

7. Easter Napkin Jars

Easter Napkin Jars

Source: Easter Napkin Jars by Down Redbud Drive

Rustic meets fresh and chic with these Easter napkin jars. The highlight of this craft is the use of napkins to give a perfectly finished look. These are too cute to not try!

8. Painted Peeps Jars

Painted Peeps Jars

Source: Painted Peeps Jars by Mason Jar Crafts Love

You know those Peeps… the colorful marshmallow candy that fills the shelves and Easter baskets? Have a go at making some mason jar-themed peeps with this tutorial. They’re cute, bright, and perfect for the Spring (and Easter) season.

9. Mini Mason Jar Easter Baskets filled with Easter Candy

Mini Mason Jar Easter Baskets

Source: Mini Mason Jar Easter Baskets by A Night Owl

Switch things up a bit with these mini mason jar Easter baskets. The best part is the jars are recyclable and can be used in other crafts!

10. Easter Fairy Garden in a Jar

Easter Fairy Garden in a Jar

Source: Easter Fairy Garden in a Jar by Legally Crafty Blog

If you’ve ever wanted to do something totally unique with your extra mason jars, this is one project to try. You’ll end up with a terrarium-like fairy garden that is sure to be the topic of conversations by your guests.

11. Recycled Glass Jar Bunny Vases

Recycled Glass Jar Bunny Vases

Source: Recycled Glass Jar Bunny Vases by Weekend Craft

Bunnies scream all things spring so it’s no wonder why they would be cute to make for this Easter season as well. A jar, white paint, twine, and fresh flowers of your choice are all it takes to make your own recycled glass jar bunny vase.

12. Bunny Jars with Fabric and Felt Ears

Bunny Jars with Fabric and Felt Ears

Source: Bunny Jars with Fabric and Felt Ears by Flamingo Toes

The simplicity, yet multi-fabric bunny ears is what gives this mason jar craft its special touch. Once you’ve turned your jar into a super cute bunny and made the fabric and felt ears, all you have to do is add spring flowers.

13. Easter Bunny Mason Jars

Easter Bunny Mason Jars

Source: Easter Bunny Mason Jars by Lake Life State of Mind

These bunny painted mason jars are cute, bright, and take very little artistic ability. These also use burlap twine which makes them accommodate just about any decor theme.

14. Mini Jar Easter Craft

Mini Jar Easter Craft

Source: Mini Jar Easter Craft by KA Style Co.

This project may be small but it’s super cute and perfect for children to try as well. It’s also the perfect size for holding little Easter candies.

15. Easter Terrarium Jars

Easter Terrarium Jars

Source: Easter Terrarium Jars by Raggedy Bits

Here’s another terrarium craft project that’s a bit more simple but cute and chic. Add these to your dining room table as a centerpiece or place in random places on end tables, bookshelves, or other areas.

16. Spring Mini Nest with Easter Eggs Mason Jar

Spring Nest Mason Jar

Source: Spring Nest Mason Jar by Gimme Some Oven

Create a bird’s nest terrarium in a jar with a bit of moss, mini bird’s nests, and mini artificial eggs (or wood beads). It will add an earthly appeal to any space!

17. Easter Chick Mason Jar

Easter Chick Mason Jar

Source: Easter Chick Mason Jar by Weekend Craft

Paint mason jars as little chicks to use as decor this spring and Easter season. Get creative by choosing different colors and adding matching colored flowers inside the vase.


Easter Mason Jar Craft Ideas
Creative Mason Jar Easter Craft


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