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Transform a simple dollar store wood pumpkin sign & a piece of cardboard into a beautiful piece of fall decor: a corrugated cardboard pumpkin craft.

Dollar Store Corrugated Cardboard Pumpkin Craft

A quick and easy fall upcycle craft: a corrugated cardboard pumpkin craft

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These 3-section wood pumpkin cutouts from Dollar Tree are so much fun to craft with. You can embellish them with faux tin tiles. You can make a sheet music pumpkin.

Today, I’m decorating a pumpkin with corrugated cardboard and chalk paint. And it will the be perfect addition to this fall cheese box lid wreath!

Corrugated Cardboard Pumpkin Craft

Video Tutorial

Watch this quick video to see how this craft came together:

Corrugated Cardboard Pumpkin Craft

Corrugated Cardboard Pumpkin Craft

Yield: 1 pumpkin craft
Active Time: 20 minutes
Total Time: 20 minutes
Difficulty: easy

Transform a simple dollar store wood pumpkin sign & a piece of cardboard into a beautiful piece of fall decor: a corrugated cardboard pumpkin craft.


  • Wood pumpkin cutout, from Dollar Tree
  • Sheet of paper, to make a template
  • Piece of corrugated cardboard
  • Tacky glue
  • Chalk paint, dark green and off white
  • Raffia


  • Pen
  • Scissors
  • Pen blade
  • Paint brush
  • Hot glue gun and glue sticks


  1. Watch the video tutorial before you begin, and let that be your visual guide for this project.
  2. Prepare your pumpkin cutout. Remove the topper that comes with the wood pumpkin cutout. Once removed, scrape away and remaining hot glue marks using a pen blade.
  3. Trace the sections of the pumpkin to make a template. Press a piece of printer paper on top of the pumpkin cutout. Using your fingers, make a crease to trace the sections. Do the middle section first then repeat it for the side section. Since the sides mirror each other, you only have to make two templates overall.
  4. Cut Out the Cardboard Pieces. Lay your paper templates onto the cardboard piece. Then trace the patterns with a pen. Cut out the cardboard pieces with scissors.
  5. Separate the Cardboard Layers. Use a pen blade to carefully peel away the top layer from the cardboard pieces, leaving the corrugated layer exposed.
  6. Paint. Use olive green paint on the three cardboard pieces as well as the dividing areas on the wood pumpkin cutout.
  7. Weather the Pumpkin Pieces. Use a small piece of a dish sponge (or a dry paint brush) to add a but of white chalk paint. Layer on as much or little paint as you like to achieve a distressed finish. Let the paint dry. distress the paint finish with white chalk paint
  8. Assemble the Pumpkin Craft. Glue the cardboard pieces to the wood pumpkin cutout tacky glue. Then hot glue raffia around the pumpkin stem. glue cardboard pieces to the wood pumpkin cutout

The finished cardboard pumpkin craft

Creating a corrugated cardboard pumpkin is a delightful and cost-effective way to add some seasonal decor to your home. Plus, it’s an excellent opportunity to recycle cardboard boxes and reduce waste. With just a few simple materials and some creativity, you can make a charming fall decoration that will impress your family and guests.

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Cardboard Pumpkin Fall Craft

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