dollar store bathroom organizing

Dollar Store Bathroom Organizing

I was feeling a little extra OCD the other day as I browsed the aisles of my local dollar store.   I stumbled upon a great selection of organizing stuff – tubs, little bins, etc.  Lots of the containers were in teal, and since I have been wanting to incorporate teal as an accent color in the upstairs bathroom… I bought about $20 worth of organizing supplies and went to town!

Ok, ok.  I cheated a little bit.  I bought one item from Michaels – a large basket on sale for $10.  But everything else came from the dollar store.  I swear.

Dollar Store Bathroom Organizing

I filled the basket with extra towels (while simultaneously freeing up a TON of space in our bathroom closet).  Win!  I also threw my bubble bath supplies in a little dollar store tote to keep the bottles from getting lost in the sea of towels I had created.

Prepare for a gratuitous cute dog picture in 3… 2… 1…

Dollar Store Bathroom Organizing

Please, someone, explain to me why he was indifferent to all of the organizing.  But as soon as the camera came out, he was right under foot.

OK, on with the organizing…

Next, I tackled the bathroom closet with various bins and baskets.

Dollar Store Bathroom Organizing

Dollar Store Bathroom Organizing

Dollar Store Bathroom Organizing

Items like sheets and hand towels went in these cute teal baskets.  Of course, everything was given a label and the labels attached with a ribbon.

Dollar Store Bathroom Organizing

Bigger items like bath and beach towels were neatly folded and stacked on the shelf, with the label attached directly to the shelf with more ribbon.

I found labels here, from  They have a pretty great selection of free downloadable labels.

Dollar Store Bathroom Organizing

Cleaning supplies, ironing, and dog bath supplies went in separate tubs, all labeled, of course.

Next, I emptied my chaotic make-up drawer, with the hope of restoring order.

Dollar Store Bathroom Organizing

The dollar store had these great teal and white drawer organizers – Perfect!  Everything now has a place: lip gloss, hair clips and ties, eye shadow, little tubes of moisturizer and lotions.

Dollar Store Bathroom Organizing

I used a bit of tape on the bottom of each container to keep my drawer organizers from sliding all over when I open and close the drawer.

Last step: under my bathroom sink.

Dollar Store Bathroom Organizing - put your everyday essentials in a caddy for easy access

I started with a little caddy for all of the items I use at least daily: toothbrush, toothpaste, and floss, hair product & brush, Claritin, face wash, cotton balls.

Dollar Store Bathroom Organizing - put your everyday essentials in a caddy for easy access

Next, I tackled all of the other “crap” that I use, just not as often.

Dollar Store Bathroom Organizing

Three little stacking containers went on the right side of the cabinet.  Here’s a break-down of what each contains.  Top: tall bottles of lotion, nail polish remover, mouth wash, perfume.  Middle: nail polish, files, clippers.  Bottom: “extras” – razors, cotton balls, etc.  I hid my travel toiletry and makeup bags behind these three containers.

Dollar Store Bathroom Organizing

On the left side of the cabinet, I put another stacking container filled with headbands and lesser-used little bottles of hair product. I also placed a basket filled with all of my travel-sized products behind this stacking container.  I know, I accumulate a ridiculous amount of little bottles.  Thank-you Birchbox!  Then I placed my “everyday” caddy on top of this stacking container.

Dollar Store Bathroom Organizing

That’s what everything looks like, all put together under my sink.

“What about J?” you may ask.  “Doesn’t he get any bathroom space?”  The answer is yes.  He has a drawer.  I didn’t even bother to tackle it.  I wasn’t feeling quite that ambitious.  Also, we use the space under his sink for storing extra tp, paper towels, and tissues.

That’s it!  Thanks for taking this dollar store bathroom organizing tour with me.  I am so glad I stumbled upon these great, and inexpensive, organizers.  To sum it all up…

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UPDATE:  I got really tired of moving around tons of bottles whenever it was time to clean the tub.  Plus, when I got really huge (preggers with twins and all), it was impossible for me to scrub the tub. J had to do the honors, and I got tired of him putting all the bottles back in the wrong spot.  So… I made a trip back to the dollar store for two hanging shower caddies.  I bought two 3M hooks at Target – don’t buy hooks at the dollar store, you will be greatly disappointed.

Dollar Store caddies attached to the shower wall with 3M hooks

I was a bit concerned about the hooks sticking to the shower wall, with the moisture and all.  But, after several weeks of use, the hooks hadn’t budged a bit.

On the far right of the picture, you will notice a dish scrubber brush filled with blue liquid.  If you spend any time on Pinterest, you will recognize this at the miracle bath/shower cleaner mixture of dawn dish soap and vinegar.  Just use the dish scrubber to wipe down the shower walls and tub while you’re in the shower.

Filla dishwashing wand with a 50/50 mix of dawn dish soap and vinegar for an easy shower cleaner.  You can just wipe down the walls before you get out of the shower.

What a great idea, right?  Well, sort of.  When I first poured the vinegar into the scrubber handle, it all poured right out through the sponge.  Major disappointment.  So just make sure to store the scrubber with the handle down and you should be fine.

Thanks for stopping by!

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  1. Lynn says

    I absolutely LOVE it all! I want to order these labels and incorporate in my office shelving and pantry closet.
    Thanks for the ideas!

  2. says

    AWESOME!!! Doesn’t organizing just make you feel like you can conquer the world!? And I have those same $store bins. love ’em :)

    thanks for linking up to — featuring you tomorrow!!! :)
    lauren mills

  3. Emily says

    Great ideas! I’ve got to get my bathroom in shape. Pro-tip for re-filling the miracle wand (my shower has *never* been cleaner!): pour in the soap first, then the vinegar. The soap is thick enough that it will ‘seal’ the hole long enough for you to cap the wand and flip it back over.

  4. Deb says

    Love the organizing tips. I use some of them in my camper. But why do you put your toothbrush in a cabinet under the sink? Won’t ever do that with my toothbrush. Love the bright color plan!

    • aimee says

      Hi Deb, thanks for commenting. I read somewhere that the bathroom counter is a really germy place to keep a toothbrush, so now I keep it in the cupboard. Plus, it helps keep the counter clutter under control.

  5. Jamie Antle says

    Such great ideas! Thanks so much! Love the pic of your boxer! He looks like the boxer we once had! Love em!

  6. Cathy says

    This is brilliant! After living in our home for almost two years I finally tackled the linen closet in our bathroom but still felt like it needed more help. Thanks for these great ideas, I love the plastic bins and you cute labels…I need those for my husband too, he gets a little lost when putting things away. I wonder if he would be offended if I labeled everything in the house! LOL

  7. says

    Hello There. I found your weblog using msn. That is
    an extremely neatly written article. I will be sure to bookmark it and return to
    learn extra of your helpful info. Thanks for the post. I will definitely return.

  8. says

    Thanks for all the tips on what to get from the dollar store (and what not to get). I really like your color scheme!

    Also, it’s just amazing how much little baskets and totes can improve organizing and still give you easy access to everything – like everything you have under the sink- you would never be able to fit all that there without them!
    Taiss recently posted…Remington Smooth & Silky EP7030 Epilator ReviewMy Profile

  9. says

    Wow!! You did a fantastic job organizing the bathroom. I love the little bins for the drawer! I totally need to get those because we have a million hair ties and usually me and my girls end up fighting over the one we have in the drawer because we don’t know where the others are. ha ha ha! Thank you for the inspiration. I must get organized :)
    Lisa B. recently posted…I am a Soccer Mom (Literally)My Profile

  10. says

    I like this post..because it is really important that we put some baskets for our little stuff in the bathrooms put them in an organize look more pretty and pleasant for the eyes.

  11. says

    I’ll be using the Target 3M hooks for holding shower caddies. Great idea!

    Can you please tell me what proportion Dawn Dish Liquid and vinegar for cleaning tub and tiles? And I assume white vinegar? Thank you!

  12. says

    Dollar stores seem a great place to find useful storage holders for places like the bathroom! Thanks for the ideas. I think that having a well organized bathroom helps keeping it clean! :)


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