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Puzzle and Shape Sorter Organization

Greetings from 10,000 feet!  I’m on a flight to LA to visit my sister and my 6-week-old niece.  I can’t wait to meet her, but I’m also a bit terrified – this is the longest and farthest I have ever been away from R&B.  Luckily, I have picmonkey and in-flight WiFi to keep me distracted.   Now seems like a perfect time to share an organization solution I came up with a few days ago.

R&B love puzzles and stacking toys, but each one of these toys comes with half a dozen pieces, and they are never all in the same spot.  I started stacking the puzzles on the kitchen table, so I could try to monitor where all the pieces went.  This only resulted in me having a pile of toys on my kitchen table.   Not exactly easy on the eyes.  So I devised this $3 solution.Organized Puzzles

Sadly – this picture is the organized version of the problem.  On a typical day, none of the puzzle pieces would be in the right spot, and the puzzles would be filled with cheerios.

I really wanted a shelf for the puzzles.  I have seen wire ones, but I wanted something a bit… cuter.  I opted to make my own shelf from an Office Max file box.

Organized Puzzles 1

My supplies included:

  • A cardboard box – I used a file box, but you could easily use a large diaper box.
  • Extra cardboard for the shelves
  • Clear packing tape
  • Duck tape
  • Wrapping paper
  • X-acto knife

Step 1: line three sides of the box with duck tape.

Step One

Step two: line the bottom of the box with wrapping paper.

Build your first shelf.  Cut out a piece of cardboard to match the dimensions of your box.  Decide the height of your shelf and secure the cardboard with small pieces of packing tape.  I used the packing tape first to make sure the shelf was level and where I wanted it to be.  When the shelf is in the right position, line the corners with duck tape.

Step Two

Step Three: line your new shelf with wrapping paper.  I bought my paper at Target on the day after Christmas.  It was on after-Christmas clearance, but it doesn’t seem very Christmas-ey to me.

Pro-Tip: If you scout the after-Christmas sales, you can find great paper products that can be used year-round!

Step Three

Repeat: build as many more shelves as you would like.


Wrap it up: cover the outside of your box with wrapping paper, and cover the edges with duck tape.

Kids Puzzle and Shape Sorter Organization

That’s it… You’re finished!  For the cost of a roll of tape and some wrapping paper, you can make just about any organizational shelf you would like.  And the best part: since I invested a whopping $3 and 45 minutes into this project, I won’t be too upset then the twins inevitably tear it apart 🙂

Make a shelf for all of those puzzles and stacking toys using cardboard, duck tape, and wrapping paper.


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